Godly Model Creator Chapter 304

Gmc Chapter 304

Chapter 0304    Youre self-centered!

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A party of three.

They didnt even mask their aura at all!

Fang Lin, the top student of the repeaters from the previous batch; possessing a plant control ability. He had confronted Su Hao before in a battle of glory, where Su Hao and others were instantly killed. He was at 18 points in origin ability during that fight. Now after half a year, Fang Lins strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

Even that trash Guan Yuanzhong had been a peak of beginner esper, let alone Fang Lin.

Fang Lin, level 2 esper!

Yi Tiangqing, second ranked from the previous batch of repeaters, he was also a level 2 esper!

The other student, who didnt seem to be from the previous batch, was slowly leading in front. What was more important was

He is a level 4 esper!

When countless data regarding repeaters flashed within his mind, Su Hao soon remembered the identity of this student. Lin Wei, a repeater who had stayed for three years! Out of these repeaters, a number of them were those who had repeated for several years. Previously, Su Hao thought that these people were ones who are weak and was not able to be admitted into Zhanzheng College; however, it seemed that

He was clear of their motive

These students who had stayed for a couple of years were the true old foxes! Not to mention the others, to be able to keep Fang Lin and Yi Tianqing, these two prideful men as his underlings, how could he be average?

Youre Su Hao?

Lin Wei smiled as he stepped forward, I agree with your betting battle.


Without any hesitation, Lin Wei went to the public platform and entered 1,000 points which signified that the battle between both had been certified.

Damn you...

Su Hao cursed.

This grandson was too shameless. When he noticed Su Hao was about to leave, he quickly transferred his points without even giving Su Hao any chance to disagree. Right now, no matter how unwilling Su Hao was, he had to fight. Additionally, Lin Wei was only betting 1,000 task points. Even if he accidentally lost or something, at least it wont be a great deal.

Compared to Feng Xing

Lin Wei was much smarter.


Su Hao frowned.

It would have been the perfect moment to leave after concluding that successful challenge and collecting enough task points. Yet, the appearance of Lin Wei was so on point.

Trying to play with me?

Su Haos heart wasnt really happy about this. These veterans had really stepped on his tail now.

Since you want to play, I shall play with you!

Alright, I agree!

As always, Su Hao nodded with a wide smile.


Both of them entered the machine and soon appeared in the arena. The crowd was once again lively.

The three seconds countdown passed.

I will let you make a move first.

Lin Wei arrogantly said.


Without any hesitation, Su Hao directed countless thunderbolts from the sky towards him as a thunderbolt sword appeared from his hand. Pointing at Lin Wei, the next attack he made was an origin technique with a wide range.

Thunderbolt purgatory!




The arena was filled with golden thunderbolts.

What a joke, such attacks yet youre dreaming of defeating me with them?

Lin Wei sneered.

Guarding himself with a defense posture, he looked quite relaxed.

Thunderbolt purgatory, such a large scale technique had sealed off all of Lin Weis escape routes! Fortunately, it was only a strength of level 3 esper. For someone like Lin Wei with level 4, he could easily cope with them but

Just that, what was different from last time was this thunderbolt purgatory seemed to have been lasting for a long time a very long duration!




A minute had passed. The golden thunderbolt was still there, causing Lin Weis face to darken.




Three minutes had passed; the golden thunderbolts were still as majestic. Lin Weis face began to pale.




Five minutes had passed; the golden thunderbolts hadnt decreased in power! Lin Weis face had turned completely pale. Not only him, but even the crowd was dumbfounded.

What was going on?

Even if he had a lot of energy, he should have exhausted it all by now!

The energy consumption of such a large scale technique must be demanding. Even a level 9 esper wouldnt have such capability to continue this attack for such a long time. Everyone felt goosebumps forming as they stared at the majestic golden thunderbolts. This Su Hao, was he planning to continue this attack until Lin Wei died?

Fortunately, at this moment, the golden light finally began to dim!


The golden thunderbolts finally disappeared!

Lin Weis pale looking face started to regain color. He subconsciously wanted to use his best move right now; however thinking of Su Haos cunning moves, he only used an ordinary light ray on Su Hao.


The light ray landed on Su Haos body.

Right on the center of Su Haos chest.


Su Haos figure disappeared into thin air.

Lin Wei, victory!


Everyone was at a loss.

Lin Wei won?

Not to mention them, even Lin Wei was stunned. He was clear that the move he just used didnt have much power and its speed wasnt fast either. He mainly did so to gauge the remaining amount of energy Su Hao had, but the result


Both of them came out from the machine.

Su Hao looked at Lin Wei and said with an admirable tone, Brother Lin Wei is indeed worthy to be the leader of the repeaters. Such strength really made this little brother embarrassed. After I become stronger, I will challenge you again!

After uttering some rubbish, Su Haos face seemed to be disappointed.

Sadly shaking his head, Su Hao turned to Zhao Feng, Lets go. There are indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers within the repeaters. Wait until my strength increases, I will challenge you again!


Zhao Feng nodded and they both left the scene.


Lin Wei was still dazed.

The figure of Su Hao and Zhao Feng completely disappeared; then he realized something which caused his face to turn pale green.

Damn you!

Did he win?

Win his ass!

He wasnt here for the 1,000 task points. As a repeater who had been here for three years, was there any need for him to care about a mere 1,000 task points?

What he wanted was a grand victory!

He wanted the respect from the other repeaters!

What he wanted was true confidence in his strength!

He had been keeping a low profile during these three years. Just like Feng Xing, he secretly hid and waited for the right moment to make a name for himself. The battle right now was what he was waiting for!

But the result?

Yea he won.

But from start to finish, he didnt make a move at all.

The moment Su Hao came, he used all those eye-catching techniques on him. Although they werent strong to him, at least they were enough to hold him in place for five minutes!

Then, Su Hao committed suicide.

Lin Wei won like that.

As for Su Hao?

He only lost 1,000 task points. Previously, he had gained more than 20,000 task points. All of them were taken away by him. No matter how Lin Wei thought, it was a fact that Su Hao had not acknowledged him in his eyes.


Lin Weis expression was very ugly, Dont let this daddy find an opportunity or else...

Lin Wei was so hateful that he grit his teeth. At this moment, Su Hao and Zhao Feng were enjoying their meal at the cafeteria. The atmosphere wasnt even showing a hint of sadness from failure.

You lost in such a clean cut fashion.

Zhao Feng praised, I guess Lin Weis face shouldnt be looking great now.

Not only glum.

Su Hao smirked, It must be super ugly.

However, I remember Lin Wei wasnt this strong... Zhao Feng frowned, Also, that Feng Xing. I remember he was extremely weak. Why do I feel that they had turned into entirely different people?


Su Hao faintly smiled, Not only them. Take a look those repeaters who had stayed for several years are all old foxes. Especially that Bai Xiaosheng who had been repeating for five years!


Zhao Feng felt something wasnt right and asked in disbelief, Youre saying, these people they were hiding their true strength all along?

Su Hao then repeated what Bai Xiaosheng said to him. The conclusion was those who stayed longer would probably be more powerful. Those who had repeated a year wouldnt have much difference from the freshmen.

It was like this!

Zhao Feng felt it was hard to believe and immediately smiled bitterly, No wonder I could never see them. Besides the battle of glory, they are usually hard to see. We have been despising them for failing all these years. Never would we have thought that we are the weakest...

Dont worry about it...

Su Hao was being frank, Those who had stayed for a year or two have such strength. But the ones who stayed for four or even five years, arent they even more powerful?

True, thats true.

Zhao Feng bitterly smiled.

Most of the students still worked hard.

As long as he had quite a talent, even if he was a pig, if he stayed five years in the natural selection class, naturally he would be able to advance into a specialized esper. This is after all the place with the most abundant resources in Jianghe City. Of course, if he was only a level 1 esper after staying for five years, naturally he wont be qualified to enroll in Zhanzheng College.

Repeating five times, the passing mark for the college entrance exam must be an astronomical figure!

Dont think too much!

Su Hao smiled indifferently, Today its my treat. This is one of the few moments we can be easy-going as the exam draws near. The next time we meet will perhaps be during the exam. Good luck!


Zhao Feng laughed happily.

Both of them chatted while enjoying their meal. It was such a happy atmosphere.

Su Hao then chatted about his recent adventures which amazed Zhao Feng. To be able to survive the ancient ruin, it was really an admirable feat!

At this moment, Su Hao quietly activated his ability.

Model analysis!


Card reading - Phantom charge!