Godly Model Creator Chapter 305

Gmc Chapter 305

Chapter 0305    The Final Battle of Honor

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Phantom charge!

Card selection completed Phantom charge Card model analysis in progress Establishing card model Constructing card model

A light flashed.

A new card appeared in Su Haos mind.

Name: Phantom charge

Level: 3 stars

Description: An origin technique that creates an illusion at the users original position; merges users into the environment causing opponents to be unable to detect them. Charge forward while invisible and only reappear when the illusion is destroyed.

Oh, now I know how this card works!

Su Hao had a great interest in this new technique.

Quite interesting.

He originally thought this origin technique had a fixed range. However, he didnt expect the illusion to hide oneself while merging with the environment, and the effect would last until the illusion disappeared. If the illusion wasnt destroyed, perhaps the opponent wouldnt notice anything until he was attacked.

What a horrifying skill!

Zhao Feng was not an easy opponent.

Most origin techniques were not compatible with his ability talent. However, this technique was a match made in heaven!

He now had a good direction for his growth.

After reading the card, the two of them exchanged their opinions with each other.

They went home after finishing their meal.

Todays battle made Su Hao famous again! From today onwards, all of Su Haos techniques were completely analyzed by others.

The golden thunderbolt and thunderbolt sword was his energy weapons.

Meanwhile, the last technique, illusion reality was categorized as a prediction technique that Su Hao had learned.

Why did Su Hao have so many mysterious origin techniques?

It was obvious!

As the only survivor of the ruined relics, it was normal for Su Hao to have a few origin techniques!

There were some reporters who interviewed Su Hao regarding this matter.

However, Su Hao told them that he only managed to get a few origin techniques from the ruined relics. The other origin techniques and Nitai artifacts were buried in the desert due to the sudden explosion. He was fortunate enough to escape by using an item given by his teacher.

After the news was released, some people began to lose interest in Su Hao.

A few days later.

An esper found a Nitai artifact in the desert of the ruined relics. Everyone was shocked and fully believed what Su Hao said. Meanwhile, the citizens of Jianghe city launched a treasure hunt in the ruined relics.

At the moment, the person who caused all this commotion was focusing on his training.

In the training room.

Su Hao sat in a cross-legged position.

A gentle light was radiating from his body, making him attractive. He spent a week to completely master the light refinement that cost him 30,000 task points.

Upon learning the skill, a new card appeared in Su Haos mind. Compared to the complicated description of light refinement, the contents of the card was much simpler!

Name: Light refinement

Level: 3 stars

Description: Energy refinement; it could drastically increase energy purity!


Su Hao waved his right hand, a golden thunderbolt appeared in his hand.

The golden thunderbolt appeared to be denser and rich in color than previously. He felt it was even easier to control his energy now and it was much stronger than before. Even the temperament of Su Hao had changed.

Su Hao walked in front of the measuring instrument.

He clenched both of his fists hard and used mountain crash!


Mountain crash struck the measuring machine. A row of the number was displayed; Origin ability level: Level 4 esper!

I improved!

Su Hao was impressed.

He was still level 3 esper. However, by casting mountain crash he could match a level 4 esper. It would be even stronger if it was cast together with water split!

Of course, it would be another story if he was to use an origin model...

In conclusion

It was totally worth spending 30,000 task points.

Light refinement has such a significant effect when I just learned it. If I can master it, I will become a level 4 esper!

Su Hao thought deeply.

There was still half a month before the college entrance exam. He had to make good use of the available time to brush up his light refinement and phantom charge.

After a week of progress, the 3 star card phantom charge was finally completed. With the huge amount of energy inside Su Haos body, it was now easier to complete level 3 stars cards.

Origin technique-- Phantom charge!


A gentle flow of energy was released by Su Hao. He sprinted with his body surrounded by half transparent light.

His body merged with the environment. Su Hao couldnt see himself in the mirror; however, there was an illusion of himself at his original position. Everything seemed to be normal.

Synchronous replay!

An observation that covered 360 degrees of vision.

Su Hao could feel his existence. However, he couldnt see himself despite his best efforts. If one didnt know about the effect of phantom charge, this technique would be extremely powerful.

Especially during a melee battle.


Su Hao attacked the illusion causing it to disappear.

At the same time, Su Hao could feel his body turn visible. Through synchronous replay, Su Hao could easily see himself slowly reappear

Such a great invisible skill

Su Hao quietly thought about it.

It could be considered as a type of invisible technique.

However, there were different types of invisible technique. There was direct invisibility, camouflage, shielding and etc. However, the invisible skill he was using had the same concept as an invisible car. It merged the user with the environment and created an illusion to make him invisible.

However, what about heat detectors

Su Hao tried the technique again.

It was as he expected.

The invisible skill didnt hide him from heat detectors.

Everyone in the natural selection class would have a heat detector. If that was the case, the invisible effect did not seem as great.

Its cons are too obvious.

Su Hao said, However, it can be useful. If I didnt test it with a heat detector, I would not learn the weakness. Other than people who know about this skill, it would be powerful against others!

The test of phantom charge was finished.

Su Hao was satisfied with the skills effect. With this technique, even when he didnt have an origin model, he would still have the ability to fight.

Su Hao improved again!

Upon mastering phantom charge, Su Hao didnt leave the room. He continued to master light refinement.

Half a month later.

People slowly lost interest with Su Hao. Every day there would be a student who advanced into a specialized esper.

The students who advanced were all repeaters.

As the college entrance exam drew closer, people no longer hid their capability. Upon unleashing their potential, everyone was shocked.

There was a shocking news that a level 3 esper was badly injured because he owed a gambling debt. From then onwards, people started to realize how strong the repeaters were, especially those who had repeated for five years.

As time went on, everyone got used to it.

Meanwhile, as the repeaters advanced into the specialized level, the day for the battle of glory arrived!

1st of June!

The final battle of glory!

It was the ninth battle among repeaters and freshmen. The repeaters had already won eight consecutive times. Both of the sides had only one last chance.

The battle of honor was more meaningful this time.

But it was also right after so many repeaters made their advancement!

It strongly affected the morale of the freshmen.

This is no joke; to fight against so many specialized espers?

Nonetheless, the school wouldnt let their students give up. These battles were the best trials for everyone before the college entrance exam. It tested the students on their improvement throughout the year. As usual, the school would be announcing tasks for this battle.

It was as everyone expected.

One day before the battle of glory.

Everyone received a task from the school. It was similar to their initial task, but the contents were totally different. It was the last reward provided by the school.

Task Name: The Final Glory

Participants: Freshmen and Repeaters

Task Level: 3 stars

Task Description:

It is the final battle of glory. Your seniors have already won eight consecutive times; this is the last chance for you to take revenge on them. Who will be the winner?

Your honor is in your hand!

Task Target: Defeat everyone and obtain the final victory!

Task Rewards:

Free origin cultivation technique

Beginner origin recovery drug x 10

Intermediate origin recovery drug x 10

Advanced origin recovery drug x 10

Origin fusion drug x 1

Origin characteristics drug x 1

1,000 task points

Such a simple task had brought great excitement among the students.

The rewards were so attractive! Since when was the school so generous?

This was simply an unprecedented situation!

The most important thing was the task did not overlap with the other task. No matter who won, they would receive a lot of resources.

Once the task was announced, all the students at the beginner level were very excited.

For those who were at the peak of the beginner level, they werent even afraid of the specialized esper now. Although they couldnt defeat a specialized esper in a fight, they had alternative plans.

All of a sudden, everyone was so excited to start the competition.

For the students who were already a specialized esper, the task wasnt attractive enough to them. However, they changed their mind when a second task was announced.