Godly Model Creator Chapter 306

Gmc Chapter 306

Chapter 0306    Xinghe sword!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Task name: King of glory

Participants: Freshmen, repeaters

Rating: 4 stars

Description: The days in high school passed just like that. You might have felt dejected before, you might have been the top student before, but who is truly the strongest esper in the end? 

Struggle for it!

And become the last remaining participant!

If you cant even become the strongest esper in this school, what qualification do you have to aim for being the strongest esper in the world? Taking the title of strongest esper here and the college entrance exam will be your stage!


  1. Leading freshmen or repeaters to victory

  2. First rank in personal points

Task reward: Xinghe sword


What task is this?

Those who saw the task were stunned. Only the strongest people in the natural selection class could complete this task. Perhaps there is high chance that nobody could fulfill it because one needs to satisfy two conditions at the same time!

What is this Xinghe sword?

Everyone frowned.

Nobody had heard of it before. Could it be a Nitai artifact?

As they had a closer look through the schools system, they were stunned.

Xinghe sword, a universal origin technique, ignoring feature and type of origin ability, drawing out energy from the universe to condense into an energy weapon.

An origin technique!

Not just any ordinary origin technique but an energy weapon!

And the most crucial fact about universal origin techniques?

Anyone could use a universal origin techniques regardless of what type of origin ability they possess. For those who had a poor grade in their ability, this was simply the best solution!

Thus, when everyone finally understood what this Xinghe sword was, they went crazy.

Almost every student who had advanced into specialized esper was eagerly waiting for the battle of glory. Once they managed to obtain this Xinghe sword, their strength would increase drastically during the college entrance exam. Plus, those wordings used in the task by school fired up the students heart. True, if you cant even become the strongest esper in the school, on what basis you are aiming to be the strongest esper in the world?

If one managed to complete this task and obtain Xinghe sword, he would be able to maintain the best condition during the college entrance exam. Perhaps even an earth shattering-performance wont be a problem.

Because by being powerful, you will have confidence!

By having more confidence, you would be more powerful!

As the school was in a ruckus, in the schools training room, Su Hao was still as hardworking as always.

There was a faint golden light flashing inside the room.

The sky had long ago turned dark.

Even the light in the training room was not lit.

However, at this moment, Su Hao was sitting cross-legged at the center of the room. While closing his eyes, his whole body was filled with a golden light, causing the room to be extremely bright. Those rays of golden light seemed to merge, slowly becoming even more mighty.


Su Hao could feel the energy in his body erupting.

Suddenly opening his eyes, two golden lights shot out from his eyes. It was such a dazzling sight within the dark room!



The energy in his body instantly erupted, yet Su Hao immediately suppressed it back into his body. His right hand moved, forming a golden circle. It was such a fantasy sight. It was such a fantasy sight.


Su Hao directly punched the measuring tool.


The measuring tool gently trembled.

A row of figures emerged, energy intensity: level 4 esper!

Oh yes!

Su Hao was delighted. After half a month, he finally managed to master the light refinement technique completely. His energy intensity had also reached the next step!

During the previous test, he relied on his mountain crash, only to reach level 4. Right now, without relying on this origin technique, with just his energy alone, it was sufficient to reach level 4! If he used mountain crash now, how strong would he be?


Mountain crash!

Su Haos figure moved as he hit hard on the measuring tool.

New data appeared.

Energy intensity: Level 5!

Haha, just as I expected!

Su Hao didnt conceal his joy.

As his energy intensity changed, his aura had also transformed, reaching level 4. Compared to the time when Su Hao just advanced, the current him was more stabilize and solidified.

Previously, when he defeated Sun Batian, he used the advantage of origin model eruption to create an opportunity. Lastly, with his illusion reality activated, he managed to grab victory with his hands. By relying on his mountain crash and water split, he was able to inflict a severe injury to Sun Batian, causing him to flee. During that fight, even the slightest mistake would have been fatal to Su Hao.

And now, with his strength improving again and mastering phantom dash if he was to face Sun Batian again, it would be much easier.

"Too bad. Currently, I only mastered a small amount of this origin technique."

After Su Hao inspected himself, he could only bitterly smile.

His origin model was too unstable, and it could collapse anytime. Plus, he couldn't be using Sun Batian's origin model all the time. A level 6 ability talent, after conversion by Su Hao, it could only produce an effect equivalent to a level 5 esper. If he was to face certain people, it should be fine. 

If he were to face an esper equivalent in strength, he wouldn't even know how he died!

Just like the moment when he faced Sun Batian, even if he had unlimited energy, he always was on the verge of being cut off by Sun Batian! With Sun Batian's strength and mastery, how can it be something which Su Hao could comprehend under such a short period?

When experts faced off each other, even the slightest difference would be enough to kill him.

"Universal origin technique..."

Su Hao pondered for a bit. Tomorrow will be 1st of June. There were still seven days left. Perhaps he could still find any potentially suitable origin technique...

By the way...

Su Hao's eyes suddenly lit up!

Tomorrow was battle of glory!

He had not participated for such a long time that he nearly forgot about it.

As for the task points, he wasn't interested in them anymore. What made him excited was this time, everyone would be back! Everyone would return!

Who had mastered a universal origin technique, he would be able to know at one glance!

In the battle of honor, he would find his target by analyzing the character model, just like what he did with Zhao Feng. This was such a perfect plan.

Su Hao smirked as he opened the system.

However, the moment he entered, Su Hao was stunned.

All kinds of information appeared, it was such a dazzling scene. Most of the information was notifications when he absent.

However, unusually pinned at the very top list were two messages sent today.

After Su Hao read the messages, he was speechless for a moment. After searching for more information, he was instantly stunned! This year, the school was too generous!

Xinghe sword!

Universal origin technique!

Energy weapon!

Wasn't this task specifically for him?

Su Hao's heart moved.

Such origin technique, one could safely say it would tempt everyone. It was the same even for those who already had an energy weapon! Universal origin techniques were so rare and expensive. Even with hundreds of millions star dollar, one could hardly find one. And this energy weapon of a universal origin technique was even more priceless!

This item, he must obtain it!

Su Hao's eyes turned dark green. They were like the wolves at night.

Just that...

It was good to have a goal, but reality was harsh.

If it was a chaotic battle and everyone aimed to be first, so what?

Su Hao had no fear!

However, whenever he thought of the fragileness of the freshmen, Su Hao became slightly depressed.

From all freshmen, including himself, only ten managed to advance into specialized esper! As for the repeaters? Not to mention those few who managed to breakthrough recently, that dozens of old foxes already brought them huge trouble. Not to forget Bai Xiaosheng, he was a level 6 esper!

With Bai Xiaosheng's behavior, he definitely would participate in this battle of honor! This glorious war, he will undoubtedly attend!

In short...

To get first in personal points, it would be a bit difficult. However, if he was to move carefully, it might still be possible if luck was on his side. It is not impossible. But to achieve victory as a team...

That, he couldn't do anything.

"What to do now?"

Su Hao was anxious.

After thinking for a moment, he still couldn't come up with a solution! The strength gap was too huge! In front of these veterans, the freshmen were just like cannon fodder.


"Forget about it!"

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

At worst, he just had to wait for someone to obtain it, then he would think of a way to get it from him. Just that, the price...

The night quietly passed.

The next day.

The battle of glory officially started!

All the students were present. Excluding those who died in an accident, it should be the first time for everyone to appear here. The atmosphere became very lively.

"Su Hao, here."

Chen Yiran sweetly waved her hand to Su Hao.

Su Hao walked over. Chen Yi Ran had arrived early there, waiting for him, "You're so early."


Chen Yiran mischievously looked at him, "This time, there would be the Xinghe sword as a reward. You... master asked are you tempted by it? Honestly report, is there no temptation?"


Su Hao smiled, "So what if I am tempted? There is such a huge gap in strength."

"We'll see about that."

Chen Yiran smiled and said, "Battle of glory had been happening eight times. So far, five times were group battles and three times were personal battles. Based on the system, it should be a personal battle this time. In other words, this fight should be similar to the first time."

"A purely personal battle!"


Su Hao's eyes lit up, "Something like the dark forest?"

If it was the dark forest, with his strength, perhaps there might be a chance for him to appear victorious. At most, he would kill them one by one.

"Stop dreaming."

Chen Yiran rolled her eyes, "The same map would never appear again."


Su Hao had forgotten about this fact.

It was at this moment that his eyes shined again!

New map!

A new map meant that everyone would be unfamiliar with it. But for him, this new map was a joke! Under model analysis, he would be well aware of every corner!

If this was the case, then it might be possible that he still had a chance!

"New map, personal battle."

Su Hao's eyes shined, "Perhaps..."