Godly Model Creator Chapter 307

Gmc Chapter 307

Chapter 0307    Volcanic purgatory

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The battle of glory was about to start as students were waiting eagerly.

At this moment, several teachers were having a heated debate in the school center.

"This battle of glory is rather special, so we would personally interfere with battle mode and map. Battle mode has already been selected as a personal battle but the map The system has randomly selected five maps. You all can have a look and decide which one to use."

"This glacier is not bad."

A teacher pointed at a map and said, "Cold and windy, filled with a storm, and covered in darkness, this should be suitable for testing the students' ability."


Su Wan shook her head, "Although the glacier seems dangerous and challenging, it won't help much in sharpening students. Let alone for those with water element talent; this is simply a paradise! Just my disciple alone, Chen Yiran, her combat effectiveness would double! Which is not fair to others!" Su Wan calmly said.

In fact, this was after all just a battle of glory and not the college entrance exam. It seems that her strength would double, but this virtual strength could easily affect Chen Yiran's judgment of herself. If she was in such a state during the college entrance exam too, perhaps she might lose badly. Thus, this seemingly advantageous situation wasn't as beautiful as what it seemed!

"Then what is Teacher Su's opinion?"

"This one!"

Su Wan did not hesitate to point to the last map.

When everyone looked over there, they were instantly stunned.

It was a small island.

Through three-dimensional projection, everyone could see what kind of place it was. From their eyes, they could see a sheet of fiery red, active volcano, leaving magma overflowing on the island. There were red crack marks everywhere on the island. It seemed like magma could be spurting out of them anytime.

Every step when walking on top of the island might potentially trigger the eruption of magma.

This place was a purgatory!

Out of the five maps, the first one which they skipped was this. Never did they expect that Su Wan would recommend this place.

"I do not agree!"

A tall, burly teacher said, "The difficulty factor for this map is too high! As of the strength of students now, it is too dangerous to go. "


Another teacher agreed, "Moreover, this map, won't it be a paradise for fire type talents? The number of students with the fire talent is the most!"

"Fire type?"

Su Wan smiled,"First of all, this is not fire but magma! Fire type talents aren't that useful here. Second, the official notice from Zhanzheng College should arrive anytime soon. Although they have not officially released the map yet, you should be able to guess the general content."

"Our Jianghe City is only an ordinary small city in the world. When they're competing globally, perhaps not even one might pass. Although their strength has always been strong, you think other cities won't have such strength? If you do not let them experience a purgatory to sharpen them, even if they manage to be lucky and enroll in Zhanzheng College, I'm afraid they would eventually accidentally die elsewhere."

"In the origin ability era, survival... is the number one main factor! This volcanic island map doesn't only judge the capability between the freshmen and the repeaters, but also their survival instincts. After graduation, regardless of whether they can enter Zhanzheng College, they would eventually meet situations of life and death. Letting them experience it now isn't a bad idea..."

"Not to mention, their strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Their strength should already prove that theyre worthy! Do you all still remember when we were in Zhanzheng College, those freshmen only entered based on the fact that they had advanced into specialized esper, but what about now? Jianghe City is still the same. What about worldwide?"

"Do not underestimate the students of this generation!"

After Su Wan finished her speech, her expression seemed to be a bit dazzled.

"The era has changed!"

"The energy fluctuation from Heaven and Earth have been gradually increased. When you trained recently, don't you feel that your training speed has significantly increased? Only two decades had passed since the turmoil of origin ability. Even we are just an ordinary life in the sea of people. As for the future, we're still just a nobody."

"Is this the conclusion we obtained while we blindly move forward?"

"Nobody knows!"

So, rather than this, it is better to leave this world to them, those who born at the extraordinary period. I have a feeling that they are the true catalyst of this origin ability era. Perhaps they will rise and change this chaotic world back to a peaceful world."

"The future is in their hands!"

Su Wan's tone was very calm, but several teachers around were swallowing saliva. They had experienced the brink of death a long time ago. They had never thought that this seemingly ordinary female teacher, Su Wan, words would shake their heart.

Was it the right choice to protect the students like this?

They asked themselves.

"I agree!"

A teacher said in a relieved tone, "I'd love to see if they could prove themselves on such a map. If what we raise are just a bunch of greenhouse flowers That would be too ridiculous! "



Soon, everyone agreed!

The highest difficulty map in natural selection class in the history - volcano purgatory!



In the martial art building, various machines vibrated slightly. At this moment, every student had entered the virtual hall. With a flash of light, a huge virtual screen appeared in front of everyone.

Name: Battle of glory

Participants: Freshmen, repeaters

Mode: Personal battle

Description: This is for personal glory and also glory for the team! Even if it is a personal battle, can you really let down the glory of your team? A true strong esper won't bring only personal victory, but will also secure victory for their team!

Team channel: Enabled

Virtual map: Volcanic purgatory

Number of participants: 186 people

Participant list: All student

Condition to win: Kill all enemies.

"Personal battle! Volcanic purgatory!"

The final battle of glory, sure enough, the battle mode and virtual map had been established. As for what is a volcanic purgatory, they weren't sure, but those few lines of information were enough to shock everyone!

"What map is volcanic purgatory?"

"Nobody knows!"

"Team channel activated? Wasn't this only enabled in team battles? Why is it still enabled even during personal battle this time?"

"After being familiar with virtual reality, this time even the team channel is open. This battle will be interesting."

"Wait! What happened to the number of participants?"

Everyone then began to notice the number of participants was only 186 people!

This battle, everyone had arrived including Bai Xiaosheng. And for those who still wasn't present, there could only be a reason those people had already died.

One year in the natural selection class, there was actually fourteen deaths?

Everyone's mind lit up.

This was a terrible figure.

For most students, their daily job was to train and complete a task. Fighting with berserk beasts, being in a fight with a schoolmate. Although the days were stressful, it was quite a happy event. This death of fourteen students, it was like a basin of cold water being slammed on their face to wake them up. One had to take note that there were a total of 200 students in natural selection class!

7% mortality?

This wasn't any college entrance exam yet!

Instantly, everyone had some lingering fear.


"The battle of glory begins!"

"Virtual map selected ...Special designation: volcanic purgatory...Virtual map selection completed...Virtual scene loading ...Virtual scene loading completed ...Volcanic purgatory activated..."



A ray of light flashed by.

All students disappeared from their spots and appeared in a virtual scene.

After entering the volcanic purgatory.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at the view in front, bitterly smiled, "This is volcanic purgatory? What a funny name!"

This was an island.

No matter where you look at, every corner was filled with lush and towering trees. One could clearly see a beautiful endless forest on the island, and at the center of the island, there was a hill surrounded by magnificent mountains. It was such a beautiful sight.

This beautiful island was actually a volcanic purgatory?

A smart computer was indeed unreliable!

The crowd was gearing up looking for opponents. However, there was a slight tremor in the ground. That big mountain at the center of the island began to erupt.  Suddenly the sky turned red from the boiling heat; the whole island seemed to be alive at this moment.


A huge fire appeared from the sky!

As flames erupted, numerous magma was spurted out, spreading around. The hill on the island was affected too and instantly erupted. The same fire appeared from the sky as magma overflowed. The crowd then only realized every mountain here were all volcanic!

In just a moment of effort, the magma covered the entire island!

When everyone was in a daze, the scene in front had already turned into purgatory!

Volcanic purgatory, it was worthy of its name.


Everyone was shocked as they looked at the scene in front.

Volcano eruption was so rapid that everyone couldn't react. Under the guidance of the system, the magma just flew on the directed path and didn't harm anyone. However, the high temperature destroyed all the woods and land along.

"Si So hot! "

Somewhere on the island, someone was scared of the scene in front and suddenly screamed. He quickly left his spot. When he had a look behind, the place he stood on earlier, traces of magma began to sip from the ground. If he were a step late, perhaps his legs would be wasted...

The same situation happened in various parts of the island.

Almost everyone encountered such situation. Even the teachers in the school control center knew about this, and they also watched in fear. However, what made them pleased was despite the danger, all the students managed to escape! This batch students, they were all high quality!

At this moment, the students then realized

This time, their opponents weren't just the enemies but also this terrible environment. A little careless and one would die without even meeting an enemy! At this moment, everyone was on high alert and quietly hid their figure.

Battle of glory, finally it was here!