Godly Model Creator Chapter 308

Gmc Chapter 308

Chapter 0308    Absolute control

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Is this the new map?

At the corner of volcanic purgatory, Su Hao calmly watched the scene which seemed like the end of the world.

The ground was red and cracked. Magma seemed to spurt out from underground at any time. If someone was not cautious, they could be killed by the lava. The red volcano was unstable and could erupt at any moment.



Su Hao saw a few lava bubbles popping out from the ground. He thought for a moment and concluded that the lava didnt erupt in a sequence.

There was no way to trace it.

Under such conditions, to win the battle of honor and gain the highest personal points?

Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Model analysis, activate!

Terrain modeling!


Both eyes of Su Hao shined. This terrain modeling which hadnt been used for quite some time finally reappeared. He once used it to model the ghost castle during his first battle in the natural selection class. However, it could only last for 3 seconds. What about after his energy capacity increased by thousands of times?


Model established!

A 3D model appeared in Su Haos mind.

The whole island was in a diamond-shape. Walls with infinite height surrounded the island, which was the border of the virtual map. There was a total of thirty-five mini volcanoes distributed around the island with one giant volcano at the center of the island. Thirty-six of the volcanoes were extremely unstable and explosive.


Model established!

Countless routes within the island, which were all nearby to the volcanoes, connected the thirty-six volcanoes. The river which was initially full of water had dried up and now filled with endless, boiling red magma.


Model established!

Every single object on the volcanic island was projected in Su Haos mind. He could see the exact distributions of routes and exact distance between two points.


Model established!

The model extended underground to where the magma was located.

Su Hao could detect the activeness of lava at each spot, the hidden hole under the ground, and the volcano which would explode. Although the sequence of volcanic eruptions wasnt fixed, Su Hao could easily detect which volcano was going to erupt from the model.


The temporary model of the volcanic island collapsed.

Su Hao still had half of his energy remaining. However, Su Hao purposely deactivated the model as he already remembered all the details of the map. He could easily recall all the details if he wanted to.

After closing his eyes for a moment, Su Hao opened his eye again.

Model analysis, activate!

2D mapping!


As the 2D map was built, Su Hao had a map of the volcanic island in his mind with 186 active red dots moving around. The consumption for the 2D mapping was negligible when compared to the 3D model.


Su Hao felt relieved.

The 2D model synchronized with the 3D model that Su Hao remembered. Through calculating and analyzing, he could figure out the locations of the red dots and the things around them.

Su Hao closed his eyes again.

He was doing the calculations and analysis in his mind.

He completed the calculations within a minute!

The 2D map was activated all the time. Su Hao could capture the location of everyone and the dangers around them.

However, he could not differentiate between allies and enemies.

Other than him, there were a total of 185 people on the map. All of them were identified as a red dot. However, he couldnt differentiate between the freshmen and repeaters at all.

This isnt the way.

Su Hao thought for a moment and activated the team channel.

He could see his communication device kept shining as people were spamming in the group chats. They were either being attacked or lost their way. It was a mess where no one had the idea about what to do.

Someone tried to gather and lead the team. However, they gave up.

How could they organize themselves?

How could they help?

It wasnt a team battle, but a personal battle! Although the team channel was activated, they couldnt help each other as they were far apart.

In conclusion, they could only depend on themselves in such circumstances.

Someone suggested that Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng could lead the team as they were the leaders of the previous battles. However, they soon gave up.

No way!

Gather up?

The sky was red.

The ground was red too.

Volcanoes and magma surrounded them. On this infinite volcanic island, no one even knew where they were, how could they meet up with each other?

The team channel soon became a complaint channel.

Everyone was making a fuss in the voice channel.

Su Hao listened for a moment, and then he frowned his eyebrows. If they continued to be like this, there would be a big possibility that they would lose the battle. The repeaters must have experienced these circumstances before. It wasnt too hard for Bai Xiaosheng to gather everyone with his reputation. Although the repeaters couldnt meet up, at least instructions could be given.

Meanwhile, how could the freshmen defeat them in such circumstances?

Shut up!

Su Hao shouted in the team channel. Everyone went silent.

No matter what, his peers respected Su Hao. Through a series of battles, he had made the freshmen proud.

Listen to my instructions!

Without any hesitation, Su Hao declared his sovereignty.

When there was a danger, different people would react differently. Some people would be afraid, some people would be nervous, while some would be calm. However, some people would voice out at that moment. Such individuals are what we called them as leaders.

According to psychologists, when people were nervous and had no idea what was going on, if there was a trustable person who voiced out, people would subconsciously follow that person.

Right now at this moment.

Su Hao was the one who voiced out.

The repeaters are watching us. We got no time to waste. Now, listen to my order. We should spend the least time possible to settle down!

Everyone please report your position!

We start from Chen Yiran, where are you now? What are the things around you? For example, what do your surroundings look like, how far are you from the nearest volcano, what is the shape of routes you are standing on?

Su Hao was very calm.

To let everyone report their position efficiently, he chose Chen Yiran first as the role model to others. He knew that at the moment she was the only one who would stand on his side without a doubt.

Let me see.

Chen Yiran said on the team channel. Erm There is a 50-meter tall volcano 100 meters in front of me. There is no route on the spot I am standing on. There is also a lava river in front of me about 30 meters away from the volcano.


Su Hao nodded, and his mind started to analyze swiftly.

A 50-meter tall volcano.


The thirty-six volcanoes flickered through his mind. There were only two of them which were 50 meters tall. However, just one of them had a lava river nearby!

Location of volcano checked!

Chen Yiran was only 100 meters away from the volcano. Su Hao drew a circle of radius 100 meters around the volcano, and it overlapped with the red dots nearby the lava river.

Chen Yiran was the red dot!

Chen Yiran, location confirmed!

Through the information given by Chen Yiran, Su Hao could identify her location on his map.

Over the volcanic island, Su Hao could clearly know where was Chen Yiran.

However, it was a problem to let others know their location respectively.

This was a volcanic island!

This was a virtual map!

There wasnt even a direction labeled here, how could they identify the way?

Su Hao calmly looked at the diamond-shaped picture of the map. It was in diamond-shape because some of its parts had a steep incline. However, without considering its shape, it was actually a square!


Su Hao came up with an idea.

He drafted a 2D map on the screen and labeled one vertex of the square as the origin. He planned to label the whole volcanic island in a square.


Su Hao satisfyingly nodded his head.

From the vertices of the square, he extended the two perpendicular lines and labeled them as X-axis and Y-axis. Both of the axises were divided into 100 units, and the square became a 100 unit square. Although the number was relatively big, it wouldnt affect him to find out a coordinate.

By labeling the square with coordinates, it would be much easier to find a point.


Chen Yirans location was labeled on the map as a distinct big red dot.

Chen Yiran, X: 35.05, Y: 68.22.

On the 2D map, Su Hao changed the red dot that represented Chen Yiran to her name. There werent any other red points nearby Chen Yiran; even the nearest red point was quite a distance away from her.

Considering the scene he saw while modeling underground, there was no active lava underground, so it wasnt possible for lava to burst out.

Hence, Chen Yiran was safe.

Yiran, there are no people around you, while the lava underground was stable. Stop moving and wait for us to come.

Su Hao said confidently.


Chen Yiran replied.

She would believe with anything as in Su Haos decision.


Su Hao smiled, and he said.

Good job, now who is next?