Godly Model Creator Chapter 309

Gmc Chapter 309

Chapter 0309    Acting behind the scene

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


"It is done?"

"WTF, this is too fake!"

"Is this legit?"

Silence filled the team channel.

In just a moment, Chen Yiran only described a bit of her surrounding, and Su Hao almost instantly knew her position. He could even identify the safety of the place. In the eyes of everyone, such feat seemed a little too ridiculous. Su Hao and Chen Yiran were a couple. Couldn't they be teaming up together and deceiving everyone?

But what was there for them to cheat?

With Su Hao's strength, this was completely unnecessary. Even if he wanted to obtain the Xinghe sword, they still needed to win first. Thus, it was meaningless to trick everyone.

Everyone was half-doubting all the time.

Perhaps what Su Hao said was true?

"Shut your mouth!"

Su Hao coldly grump, making everyone silent again.

"Everyone, time is running out. Stop uttering nonsense. If you want to doubt me, do so after we're done. I will be honest with you all here now. I aim to win the Xinghe sword. So this battle, we must win! Everyone's aim is for victory. Please stop worrying about anything else."

"Now, who feels that he is in danger, please report your position."

Su Hao's calm voice once again could be heard.

After cooling the panic and suspicion of everyone, for Su Hao to be able to handle this situation calmly, his action did impress most of them.

"Let me do so!"

A familiar voice could be heard, causing Su Hao's mind to move.

It's him?

Wang Lian, his ability talent is transformation. Previously during the first battle of honor, they fought together after encountering a repeater. As for his ability, that left quite an impression within Su Hao's mind.

"I'm a bit further away from the big volcano. But I can vaguely see a small volcano, distance about 3,000 meters. There is no lava river in front. I am now hiding behind a five-meter tall boulder. I do not see any human figure, but inexplicable, I always feel in danger."

Wang Lian's voice was not calm.

"There is nothing else except a glimpse of the volcano..."

Su Hao pondered for a bit.

Wang Lian's position was quite a distance away from those thirty-six volcanoes. There was even no view of a lava river. It seemed pretty hard to pinpoint his location. However, the spot which met the two conditions on this island wasn't a lot, about ten positions!

"Five-meter tall boulder..."

Su Hao quickly recalled those ten positions. Finally, he locked his eye at a particular spot. Wang Lian's location became crystal clear after comparing the spot with the red dot on the 2D map.

"Wang Lian, X-axis: 05.66. Y-axis: 88.22."

Wang Lian, locked!

Taking a quick look at Wang Lian's position, Su Hao was shocked. He was about to reach the border of the island!

No wonder he couldn't see the volcano.

As for Wang Lian feeling danger, that should be his sixth sense. Just that... There wasn't any red spot around him. How could there be any danger?

Unless the topography Wang Lian was standing around was dangerous!

Recalling the topography around Wang Lian, Su Hao became alarmed!

According to his memory, the bottom of the boulder had unusually active magma that was ready to erupt! Once the magma erupted, it would destroy the boulder. This huge shelter was a death trap!

"Wang Lian, immediately leave the place!"

Su Hao quickly warned, "The danger is nearby, leave at least five meters away!"

"Leave the rock?"

Wang Lian's voice was a bit hesitant.

How could the boulder be dangerous?

Not to mention, the surrounding uninhabited region, this boulder was his only cover! Once away from the boulder, his figure would be completely exposed. If a repeater came...

He couldn't imagine how he would die!

But Su Hao's warning still echoed in his ears!

Remembering the unbelievable feat of Su Hao previously, as well as his strength, Wang Lian grit his teeth while looking at the boulder in front of him. Then, he quickly left the boulder.

"Have you left?"

Su Hao asked.


Wang Lian was somewhat worried, "I am now ten meters behind the boulder but this position, I have been completely exposed. If a repeater comes, I will have no place to hide..."


Wang Lian's voice suddenly stopped.

The team channel was silent again.

"What happen?"

"Don't know..."

"It can't be repeaters came."

"He shouldn't be that unlucky."

Everyone was in a heated discussion.

And at this time, Wang Lian once again spoke, but this time, his voice was filled with excitement, "Damn you, Su Hao. How do you know that boulder would be dangerous? You know, just now, a sudden burst of magma appeared and hit the boulder directly. That spot is now a bottomless pit hole!"


Everyone turned quiet.

It turned out to be real!

If Chen Yiran's words couldn't represent anything, Wang Lian's words, sure enough, let everyone believe him! The originally doubtful attitude vanished, they all stood on Su Hao's side. Because no matter what they thought, Su Hao wouldn't have a motive to hurt them.

They trusted him!

Everyone suddenly turned to panic as they were worried about the position.

"Su Hao, I am..."

"Su Hao, I am..."

"Su Hao, I am here..."

"Shut your mouth!"

Su Hao frowned, "If this continues, you guys would only delay the time. Report one by one! We will start from top to bottom. Do not interrupt unless you meet any repeater and are about to duel. Only one person can speak at a time so that I can get your location as fast as possible."


"We will listen to you."

Everyone agreed.

One by one, they began to report their position. Su Hao easily marked their location on the 2D model.

Those who had been marked by Su Hao, he would direct them to stay at a safe spot while waiting.

They must not act rashly.

Soon, dozens of the freshmen had been directed to a safe place.

At this time, the repeaters still had a hard time finding traces of the freshmen. Thus, they were extremely depressed. It was as if all freshmen had disappeared from here. Plus, they had to keep evading this endless stream of magma. This situation was really getting worse.

Everyone was in a hot discussion in their team channel.

"I can't spot any freshmen."

"Yes, I can't find any here too."

"What happened?"

"Damn. Stop worrying about them. Have you found your own men yet?" A repeater angrily said, "I guess that this volcanic purgatory is too huge! I had roamed for half an hour. But I can't see a single person. Who has managed to find another person?"


"I also haven't."

"Seems like the map is too huge."

"Boss, What to do now?"

With just a boss and everyone turned quiet. 

Compared to the freshmen, the repeaters had more respect for those with strength. This was the era of origin ability. Only strong espers would be respected! Not to forget, that level 6 strength was too much of a gap compared to them. When he revealed his power, he had become the uncrowned king of repeaters.

The number one repeaters, he deserved that position!

"Roam around more!"

After thinking for a bit, "Perhaps this map is indeed huge. If you're lucky, you would meet own men and don't separate. Remember to say so in the team channel. If you encounter a freshman, do not blindly confront them. Take a look at your surrounding to make sure nobody is around. Be careful."


Everyone replied and began to search for the freshmen.

However, they didn't realize that all freshmen had quietly left their sight. The ones who were shocked the most were the teachers in the school control center.

When Su Hao commanded in the team channel, they even laughed for a bit.

This was a joke; this volcanic purgatory was the latest map created. The system randomly selected it. Even they didn't know much about it.

The system data only indicated that this map was extremely dangerous!

But Su Hao?

Easily roaming around the map, not only did he ignored the danger of the map, but he also brought all freshmen to a safe place.

This magma eruption from the volcanic purgatory seemed became a joke.

"This this"

All the teachers were speechless.



Because even if he wanted to cheat, he needed someone to cooperate with him. Even the teachers themselves didn't understand much about this map, who could team up with him? Then, what was going on exactly?

A teacher suddenly thought of something, "I remember that Su Hao's ability is model analysis. Perhaps it has the function to create maps... The reason Su Hao went to explore ruins was because of this. Perhaps Su Hao had mapped out a model of this island..."

Such sentence stunned everyone.

Model analysis!

So that was the case here. With his ability as the explanation, now everyone could accept it.

Just that a grade E ability was this powerful?

In the eyes of everyone, for Su Hao to be able to advance into specialized esper, that was already an amazing feat. Their opinion was perhaps thanks to Master Zhang Zhongtian; he was able to do so with piles of drugs! But never would they thought that Su Hao's ability was this powerful.

How big was this volcanic island?


This map was countless times larger than the ghost castle when Su Hao and Zhao Feng had a duel! Su Hao really used his own ability to create a model of it?

At this time, all the teachers were dumbfounded.

They all graduated from Zhanzheng College, but they had never seen such a god-like ability!

Model analysis wasn't the only ability which could build a terrain mapping. The same mysterious ability talent, virtual reality had a similar function too. However, even espers at the peak of the specialized level wanting to build such a large map...

It would be just a dream!

Not enough energy!

But Su Hao easily managed to accomplish the feat!

Not only did he managed to do so, Su Hao also quickly grasped the initiative and organized all the freshmen. Like a general at war, he directed all the soldiers easily.

Su Hao's performance behind the scenes had amazed all the teachers!

What is a schemer?

This man in front of them was one!