Godly Model Creator Chapter 31

Gmc Chapter 31

Chapter 0031 Mysterious black box

After class ended, Su Hao went directly to the school laboratory.

The scope of the laboratory was huge. Each and every cold apparatus was filled with herbs preserved with a special liquid. Almost all possible samples on this Earth were available there.

Naturally, he came here last time to study for the theoretical foundation examination as well.

He would almost never miss paying a visit here in preparation for the exam. However, this time his aim was different than the previous ones.

Su Hao, you came.

A few laboratory teachers nodded at Su Hao as Su Hao greeted each of them.

Many of the herbs were here as specimens or as ingredients for drug production. Su Haos goal was neither of those. After bypassing the student laboratorys main door, Su Hao walked directly towards the corridor behind the laboratory. After reaching the end of the corridor, Su Hao smiled and pushed open the door in front of him.

The moment the door was opened, a burst of herbal aroma permeated in the air.

Inside, there was a sun-like warmth and an atmosphere that was as if one were at a hot spring. What Su Hao now saw with his eyes was a beautiful garden.

This was the base where all sort of herbs were planted and fully emulated the natural environment and habitat of the herbs.

In general, students werent actually allowed to be there, but due to Su Haos frequent visits to the laboratory starting two years ago, coupled with his theoretical foundation score of 180 points, he was naturally popular among the teachers there. Thus, later on, he was allowed and gained the permission to access the garden.

Su Hao quickly walked in front of the first herb. He muttered to himself, Ill start from you then..

Model analysis, start!


A model of the herb was established in his mind. Without any hesitation, Su Hao selected the option for permanent model. After completion, he went straight to the next one.

Like a madman, Su Hao stared at each and every herb with a serious expression. Within his mind, countless models of herbs were established.

When the energy within his body had been completely depleted, Su Hao finally snapped out of it. When he looked at the space in his mind, there were a total of 78 models!

78 herbs were floating within his mind. Those herbs were messily appearing all over the place. This scene made Su Hao frown as he was a bit worried.

The state of his mind was very strange. Although Su Hao could see many things which seemed to be normal, the overall environment of his mind space was grotesque and varied. There were numerous strange rays of light, purple spots, and also some complicated mixtures of colors. It wasnt like the state of mind which scientists had claimed to exist, an endless hollow of darkness.

Such a mess!

Su Hao sat cross-legged. A bottle of beginner origin ability energy restoration was consumed. Silks of golden rays flashed around his body; the origin ability energy within his body began to restore.

This bottle was from yesterday, where class teacher Zhang Ziqing prepared a few bottles for him after training. These were all regular and legal drugs to ensure that he would be in the perfect condition for the examination.

Very soon, Su Hao recovered completely.

Its too messy within my mind!

If this continues, Im afraid Ill become crazy before I finish establishing the models!

Su Hao pondered for a moment. Looking at the surrounding herbal garden, his mind suddenly moved. Since establishing more herb models would be too difficult, why not start from this herbal garden then?

Model analysis, start!


The establishment of model began. Soon, within the space inside Su Haos mind, a model of the herbal garden with a radius of only about 1 meter appeared. Yes, with such small model, Su Hao had madly established a model of the entire herbal garden.

A small herbal garden was more than enough for Su Hao to place all the 78 herbs established in his mind neatly.

Instantly, the space in his mind became very clean.

Su Hao nodded with satisfaction and once again resumed his herb model establishment.

Su Hao immersed himself there the whole day.

Establishing models, restoring origin ability energy, and then continuing to establish models. In a day, ten whole bottles of beginner recovery drug were depleted. When Su Haos origin ability energy depleted more than halfway, only then did he stop his actions.

A total of 360 herbs!

The herbal garden is already saturated! Su Hao looked at the little herb models packed together within the garden and nodded with satisfaction. For now, he would have to settle with this amount.

This was the last day for any effort.

When he came out of laboratory, the sky had already turned dark.

The students in the campus had gradually left. They were all back home preparing for the big exam tomorrow. Walking alone in the open space of the campus, Su Hao felt a sense of loss which was hard to explain.

While wandering aimlessly, without knowing, he had reached the nearby park.

How come I came here again.

Su Hao smiled bitterly. All the events that happened these past few days had caused him to subconsciously avoid this place, but at this moment, right now, he was shaken. By the lake there was a young girl with white clothes, hugging her own shoulders while sitting there.

When the breeze passed by it seemed to be quite cold, as she tightened her skintight clothes.

Chen Yiran

Su Hao whispered to himself. Despite having heavy injuries, he didnt feel bitter at all because he knew very well that that person was suffering more than him.

Su Hao wanted to reveal himself but he knew that he shouldnt do so.

There must be guards besides Chen Yiran. If he went ahead revealing himself to others, he might even bring more trouble for her.

Revealing a bit of his smile, Su Hao picked up four stones from the ground. He weighed the stones with his hand for a bit before throwing them towards the direction of Chen Yiran.


It was strong like a tornado!

Of course, with Su Haos physical fitness of 300, the stones that shot out were extremely powerful.


Chen Yiran shouted with her cold voice, the four stones directly passed beside her body and slammed into the lake.

A man in black suddenly appeared at the side of Chen Yiran, rushing out from within the woods. Su Haos figure flashed and disappeared into the woods. The man in black quickly gave chase.

Chen Yirans figure didnt move at all. Although the figure had disappeared extremely quick, she still managed to catch a glimpse of it. Without doubt, it was Su Haos figure.

With Su Haos ability of 10.8, he was telling her in his own way that hes progressing at a rapid rate!

A trace of a sweet smile appeared on Chen Yirans lips. 4 years, really? Fool, I will wait for you then.

Regardless of how indifferent or strong Chen Yiran was, she was after all still a young girl who was starting to experience her first love.

Inside the woods, Su Hao fled as fast as he could.

After several twists and turns, he was finally able to shake off the man in black. When he exited the woods, he was in quite a sorry state. That short moment where he appeared pathetic soon disappeared into thin air completely.

Tomorrows exam, hell definitely rush into natural selection class!

Sun Yaotian, see you at the natural selection class. At that time, Ill use my absolute advantage and let your heart sink into the shadow of despair! What Sun family brought upon me, Ill definitely return it all back to you!

When he got home, a nice aroma filled his nostrils.

For tomorrows mock exam, his mother Li Xiaoru prepared a lot of nutritious dishes for him.

Mom, Im back.

En, go wash your hands quickly. The rice is ready and waiting for you.


Su Hao replied and after washing his hands, the family of three soon sat at the dining table and enjoyed their meal.

Mom, this must have taken quite a sum of money. Su Ling wrinkled her little nose, muttered to herself, When other people have exams, Ive never seen you giving such nice treatment. This is unfair.

Su Hao automatically took a few pieces of meat and put them in his sisters bowl. Now you must be satisfied, right?

En en, Bro is indeed the best. Su Ling nodded.

Su Hao and his mother Li Xiaoru smiled at Su Lings childish behaviour.

As the family of three ate, Su Hao feel that the atmosphere was a tiny bit different. His mother seemed to be hesitant and wanted to say something.

Mom, do you have anything you want to say? Su Hao took the initiative and asked.

Li Xiaoru sighed, I thought you didnt have talent. Accompanying me in the future, doing some small business and peacefully living within the city during your lifetime. Never have I expected that you would still insist walking down such road too.

Su Hao put his chopsticks on the table, laughed, Mom, isnt sister a genius?

Li Xiaoru shook her head, Ling Er is different. She will be married off to another family in the future and has the chance to get into a good family. But you.

Hey, you two, the person involved is still here, you know! Su Ling tapped on the table with dissatisfaction. Li Xiaoru smiled and rubbed Su Lings head, You never grow up.

After going to her room, Li Xiaoru quickly returned. She took out an item and gave it to Su Hao.

There was a little bar shaped box, with the whole body inscribed with a mysterious dark blue pattern. When Su Hao held the box, a heavy, icy feeling was transmitted to his palm.

Mom, what is this?

Li Xiaoru replied, I am not sure either. Your dad left a message that if you have the opportunity to enter Zhanzheng college, I was to pass this box to you.


In the middle of the little box, there was an area with circular pattern. When Su Hao put his finger on top of it, suddenly a burst of mechanical sounds came from the box itself.

Fingerprint verification..Fingerprint verification failed..Origin ability detection..Condition has not been met: Activation failed.

What kind of situation is this?

Su Hao was surprised, with his origin ability of 10.8, unexpectedly he couldnt even activate such small box?

In their eyes, his father was someone whos a kind, ordinary martial art instructor. Occasionally he loves bragging about himself but the truth is that he failed to keep up with others strength,  so hes just joking with everyone.

Where did he get this mysterious item?

Dont think too much about it. Just concentrate on your exam. When you improve your strength, naturally youll be able to open it. While facing her son, Li Xiaoru said, Eat the rice first. The dishes are going to get cold.


After Su Hao recovered from the shock, he seriously seriously.

Such a mysterious box was a gift to his son. This had changed the ordinary image of his dad into a mysterious one in Su Haos eyes. However, he knew that once his origin ability has improved, the secret will be revealed!

After dinner, Su Hao accompanied his mother and talked a bit.

Soon, Su Hao went back to his own room. Sitting cross-legged, he immersed himself in cultivating his origin ability.

Why did dad say that only if I have the chance to enter Zhanzheng College, Im to be given this item? Dont tell me that Zhanzheng College and my dad have some relation?

Zhanzheng College, now Su Hao had one more reason to enroll in it!

But before that..

Natural selection class, Ill definitely enter it!


Smooth Haos mum appeared again after awhile and even his dad was mentioned in this chapter. Things are getting more interesting.

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