Godly Model Creator Chapter 310

Gmc Chapter 310

Chapter 0310    Meeting Fang Lin again

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Everyone was busy with their own things.

Somewhere on the volcanic island, Su Hao's plan to secure the freshmens safety was coming to the last stage. As long as the final person was successfully located, every freshman would be completely safe!

As for the last person, Su Hao was familiar with him, as he was Li Xin.

"Boss, I am currently next to a volcano, there is a volcano on my left and right. The distance should be about the same. At the foot of the volcano, there is a cross-shaped intersection. Uh... I was crossing a fork of the route. Nobody is around here; this is too boring."

Li Xin said in an unhappy tone.

"Hold on a moment."

Li Xin's position was a quite special.

Almost instantly, Su Hao managed to mark his position out! At this moment, after pinpointing Li Xin's location, this meant only one thing he located all the freshmen!


Su Hao glanced at the 2D map.

186 dots were still visible!

Now, the freshmen and the repeaters could be differentiated. To distinguish allies better, Su Hao changed the color of the dots representing the freshmen to green.

The enemy was within his control!

After finishing this, Su Hao became alert because he saw a red dot not far away from Li Xin!

A repeater!

Surprisingly, there was a repeater near Li Xin. What was even more interesting was the distance between them wasn't less than ten meters!

How was this possible?

The model refreshed.

Su Hao once again recalled the position of Li Xin in his brains imprinted 3D model. At the rear of Li Xins location was a slight slope. If you hid in it, nobody would be able to spot you. But if you got ambushed from there... it would be a nightmare!

Comparing the position of the red dots again, he found that a repeater was indeed hiding in that spot.

"Such speed!"

Su Hao's mind went alert.

Although they had never dared to underestimate the repeaters, he never expected that when he was in control of the situation, the opponent managed to regain their bearings.

"Should I tell Li Xin?"

Su Hao smiled bitterly. He absolutely mustn't do that!

He knew Li Xin's character too well. Asking him to put on an act was an impossible task. He would definitely expose himself at the very first moment, causing the opponent to make his move decisively.

Perhaps he would be killed on the spot as well.

The reason the opponent not making any move was to determine whether Li Xin had any backup nearby If he wanted to hide this from the enemy, he absolutely must not alert Li Xin about this. That careless character of Li Xin, one would absolutely see through him.

After pondering for a moment, Su Hao made up his mind.

Model analysis!


Terrain modeling!


As his model analysis was activated, Su Hao purposely made a terrain model surrounding the location of Li Xin, and the latest situation came to his mind.

This time, he could clearly see the identity of the opponent.

This person... turned out to be Fang Lin!

As Su Hao could see it now clearly, he somehow felt it was funny. For Fang Lin, he was in a dilemma because he killed all the enemies like a hero in a folktale during the first battle of honor!

Because that battle was in a forest, it was basically his domain!

As someone with plant control as their ability talent, it was simply the best location for that fight. But now he wouldn't have any advantage in the volcanic purgatory.

Try finding a damn plant here!

Thus, the only thing he could rely on was the seeds he brought along. However, his strength must have been reduced by at least fifty percent due to this terrain. 

Why else would he opt for an ambush just to deal with Li Xin?

"Fang Lin..."

After Su Hao checked the surrounding topography, his mouth raised a smirk.

"Li Xin, look behind you. Do you see a small slope there?"

"Yea, I see it."

Li Xin turned his head and carelessly said. Fang Lin who was about to come out quickly retreated. Li Xin nearly spotted him with his sudden turn!

"Walk there and sit about five meters away."

"Five meters..."

Li Xin seriously measured five meters accurately and sat on that spot.


Su Hao smiled, "Now, squat down and turn around. Don't look back. This location is better than before, and others will not easily find you.""

"Oh, alright!"

Li Xin sat there and looked forward in a daze.

Not easy to be found?

WTF is this?

His location was almost completely exposed!

As long as someone passed by, they would definitely notice him!

WTF is with this reason of not being easily found?

If it were someone else, they would definitely ask why or perhaps start suspecting that Su Hao was trying to trick them. However, Li Xin didn't bother about this. He just sat there and enjoyed the scenery. As for Su Hao's words, he believed them completely.

And at this moment.

Behind Li Xin, Fang Lin once again exposed his figure.

"You actually sat there?"

Fang Lin was stunned by Li Xin's action.

Just now when Li Xin turned his back, he was shocked too. He actually thought Li Xin noticed him. He was confused for a bit before getting ready to strike again after Li Xin turned around, but he never expected Li Xin to take a wide stride over here... and then squat down in front of him.

From a glance, the distance between them was only ten meters.

This spot was definitely an ideal place to ambush others.

Just that...

Was Li Xin trying to trick him?

Was he luring out an enemy?


After cautiously staring at Li Xin for quite some time, Fang Lin was confident that Li Xin wasn't trying to trick him. As far as Li Xin's character was concerned, it would be impossible for him to deceive Fang Lin. Moreover, even if he were trying to lure out an opponent, to ambush in that position would confirm his death!

Thus, after analyzing the current situation, Fang Lin soon came up with an answer.

Li Xin really didn't know where was he.

"Seems I was worrying too much."

Fang Lin shook his head while smiling.

To deal with someone as innocent as Li Xin, was it really necessary for him to think this much?

With his current strength, he could definitely get rid of Li Xin in under a minute!

His only fear was Li Xins unstable sudden critical hit. Although the chances were very slim, hearing the news of Yang Baiming getting killed by a ten times critical hit, nobody dared confront Li Xin!

This was entirely using one's life to bet!

No matter how strong or weak...

As long as they fought against Li Xin, they would have the feeling of playing with slot machines...

Although everyone knew that the odds of winning a jackpot were minuscule, but what if it hit the jackpot!

What if it succeeds!

When people won money, they would be winning a ticket to their death!

Li Xin's strength was not weak at all. A ten times critical hit would definitely seriously injure or even kill him!

Thus, facing Li Xins amusing ability talent, everyone would avoid him. Even with that provoking character of Li Xin, his days in the natural selection class was peaceful and safe.

After hesitating for a bit, he still decided to proceed with the ambush.


Fang Lin smiled sinisterly and quietly approached Li Xin.

10 meters...

8 meters ...

6 meters ...

5 meters


Fang Lin's eyes shined. With his current strength, he would definitely be able to one hit kill Li Xin.


Fang Lin's figure moved, and he charged without hesitation.

However, as his energy erupted, the very moment when his figure was gaining momentum, the very first step he took, he already felt something wasn't right. The ground under his feet... was a bit soft... and a little hot...


A stream of magma appeared out of nowhere!

The figure of Fang Lin who was charging was blasted up to the sky by magma. The fiery boiling red magma covered his whole body. Forming a perfect parabola, he flew passed Li Xin's head and landed harshly at the route in the distance.


Fang Lin was thrown hard on the ground.


As his figure slowly disappeared, Fang Lin changed into countless white particles and vanished from the scene.


Only now did Li Xin's heart jump. He was shocked to see Fang Lin's disappearing figure. "What... that seems to be Fang Lin? What's going on?"

In the team channel, Li Xin made a big fuss.

Su Hao indifferently explained, causing everyone to be shocked.

As they were glad for Li Xin's safety, they were also deeply surprised by Su Hao. Su Haos modeling ability... how could it be this terrifying!

Who is Fang Lin?

They as freshmen had experienced that first hand!

When the old foxes rarely showed up, it was Fang Lin who flattened the freshmen like a gigantic mountain!

But now?

Su Hao didn't even need to personally act.

Pulling some strings behind the scene and just a few words were sufficient enough to secure Fang Lin's death!

Such strength...

At this moment, all the freshmen were finally convinced!

"Great, now everyone is safe. It's time to gather."

Su Hao smiled, "I believe you guys know the strength of the repeaters. Because of the existence of those veterans, it is almost impossible to win if we confront them directly. Thus, we can only use our own tactics. Right now, it is extremely dangerous to be out there alone. We will talk more once everyone meets up."


Everyone agreed.

Su Hao observed the volcanic island for a moment and found the safest place as a rendezvous point before beginning to mobilize everyone there.

Everyone must avoid the red dots which represented the repeaters.

Everyone must avoid the danger of magma erupting.

Even for Su Hao, this was a difficult task.

After determining that there was no magma under everyones feet, Su Hao then directed one person at a time towards the rendezvous point. Sometimes, he even commanded several people at once! It was still alright to command several people at once. For someone like Wang Lian who was so far away, it was simply a long journey!

From far to near, Su Hao commanded each of them calmly.

After using a full day, everyone finally arrived at the rendezvous point. Even Wang Lian who was the furthest away managed to arrive safely under Su Hao's directions. When everyone had arrived, they couldn't help but worship Su Hao who was drenched in sweat from commanding them!

Now this was what a commander should be!

This was a true leader!

Without any doubt.

At this moment...

Su Hao had become the leader in the eyes of everyone!