Godly Model Creator Chapter 311

Gmc Chapter 311

Chapter 0311    Beheading operation

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The freshmen finished gathering up.

All the freshmen had gathered at the rendezvous point. There were about a hundred of them. Zhou Wang and Bai Lingfeng were glad to see Su Hao. They knew Su Hao was alive; however, they didnt expect Su Hao to be this strong after coming back.

Not only was he a level 3 esper now, the one thing that really surprised them was his terrain modeling.

Such capability 

You must maintain a good relationship with him!

Was what Zhou Wangs teacher told him.

Unlimited potential.

Bai Lingfeng was impressed by Su Hao. For him, friendship was a significant investment and most of the time he was willing to be the investor.

The freshmen chatted with each other for a while.

Then, someone asked the question of how they could defeat the repeaters. Everyone quickly went silent.

No matter how they hid, they were not confident at all to defeat the repeaters as their capability differed too much. Their ability was about the same with the ordinary repeaters, but considering those veterans, it wasnt a fair match for them at all.

Let me think

Su Hao thought for a moment.

He scanned through all the freshmen, including himself there were 90 people alive!

A total of 186 people including 96 repeaters. As Fang Ling was dead, there were 95 repeaters remained.

For the freshmen to defeat the 95 repeaters, the toughest part was defeating 20 of those old-timers. They were the main support of the repeater team.

Especially Bai Xiaosheng!

Let me ask you all a question.

Su Haos face turned gloomy. He sometimes knew the worst scenarios should be discussed first. Although he had several plans, he wouldnt wish to waste his effort and be blamed by his peers.

The team victory in this battle of honor or personal achievement, which of them is more important for you all?


Everyone was blurred. What was the difference between two of them?

Moreover, they didnt seem to have a choice with their capability.

Perhaps Su Hao had a way?

Upon thinking of this, everyone was excited.

The difference in capability between us and the repeaters was huge. We might able to win the match; however, we can only choose one of them. Su Hao said seriously, The first option is we try to move around and fight for our own personal points. We might be able to get higher personal points with that, but the team victory will need to depend on our luck. Meanwhile, the second option

Su Hao stopped for a moment.

I will instruct the battle; I assure that we can achieve the victory in this battle of honor!

However, your personal points might be zero, perhaps you all will be sacrifice right before the battle start. I will say that once I become the commander of this battle, many of us might be sacrificed for victory as bait. Hence, I leave the decision to all of you!

First option?

Or second option?

Everyone was silent for a moment.

Su Hao honestly told them about his plan fairly, even mentioning that some people might be sent out as bait.


Everyone thought for a moment and compared the benefits. Without a doubt, all of them chose the second option!

Are you kidding?

Choosing between the two options?

For the first options, even if they could kill 50 to 60 seniors and be ranked in the top 10 for personal achievement, they could only get a few hundred task points. However, compared to a victory in this battle of honor, that reward was extremely unattractive to everyone.

Hence, why were they still considering their options?

Soon, everyone chose the second option!

Su Hao smiled. He expected them to make this choice. Comparing the rewards, whoever could make a decision would choose the second option. His intention to open up the option was to control the team completely. He had to let all of them understand the effort he put in for the victory, or else there would be someone feeling imbalanced.

Good, one more thing.

Su Hao said, I told you all in the first place that my aim is the Xinghe sword. Hence, I need to get number 1 in the personal achievement ranking. If there was someone else who needs the Xinghe sword too, you can speak out now. We are classmates, and it isnt necessary to kill each other at the last moment for the benefits.

We dont need it!

Yes, boss, it is already a bonus to win the match with our capability!

Same to me, as long as we can win.

Same as the above.


Su Hao scanned through all them, and he stopped his sights on those few specialized espers in the group. Meanwhile, Su Hao knew few of them quite well.

I give up!

Bai Lingfeng said without hesitation.


Su Hao nodded his head. He knew it was because of their friendship.

I do not care.

Chen Yiran smiled and looked at Su Hao, Even if I get it I will give it to someone.


The freshmen sucked a mouthful of air in jealousy.


Su Hao shyly rubbed his nose with his right hand and said, Is this called the handsome guy tactic?

Everyone laughed.

I give up too.

Wang Lians eyesight was calm and clear. He was once at the same level with Su Hao; however, he could make it to the specialized level now. It must be closely related to his calmness.

I owed you once, not to mention I cant use that too if I got it.

Wang Lians analysis was clear.

Thank you.

Su Hao nodded, and he looked at the last person. He was the only person who is eligible to fight for the Xinghe sword with him  Zhou Wang!

Zhou Wang seemed to be only a level 2 esper.

However, Su Hao knew that his real capability wasnt only what was shown. From some perspective, Zhou Wang was quite similar to him. He could give up everything for training. He appreciated friendship a lot; however, Su Hao wasnt sure about his choice when there was a choice between a powerful origin ability technique and their friendship.

Hence, he had to ask.

Zhou Wang hesitated for a few seconds. Finally, he sighed and said seriously, I give up! If I am fighting for it by myself, my chance is too low. Moreover, although the Xinghe sword is precious, it isnt the best skill for me. However, I know it is extremely important for you!


Su Hao smiled.

No matter what, he appreciated Zhou Wangs choice. The value of the Xinghe sword was huge; if he fought against Zhou Wang for it, it was unknown who would win that battle. Su Hao felt danger from Zhou Wang.

Moreover, he clearly heard what Zhou Wang said.

The chance was too low

Unlike the previous people, they didnt even have a chance!

Perhaps Zhou Wang had some powerful backup plan, because of that, he had the slim chance. However, he gave up. Su Hao understood that this was a precious friendship for him.


Su Hao said seriously.

Zhou Wang scratched his head. As an introvert, he wasnt used to such circumstances.

Erm Hnnng, Su Hao, if it was the handsome guy tactic used on me just now, I guess right now it is friendship Chen Yiran smiled, Erm, as long as it isnt a gay-ship, or else I will be jealous.


Zhou Wangs whole face turned whole red.

Everyone laughed.

Su Hao was speechless with her words

However, after the interference of Chen Yiran, the mood changed again as they soon diverted the topic back to repeaters.

The repeaters are strong.

Su Hao analyzed for all, However, the normal repeaters are weak. Even without me, you all can easily beat them up.


Everyone was proud with that.

If werent for the damn old foxes, they would have won before this final battle! Without a doubt, Su Hao spoke their thought.


Su Hao said, We will be aiming at the veterans. You all should know how much impact a strong esper can have. Meanwhile, there is one of them that we have to kill. Or else, even if we defeat everyone else, we would lose this battle!

I think you all know who am I saying.

Among the veterans, there was only one who could change the ending of this battle of honor by himself.

Level 6 esper, Bai Xiaosheng!

Kill him and victory will belong to us!

Su Hao said directly, Or we can say, if and only if we kill him, we have a chance to win this battle of honor. Otherwise, we will lose definitely. Even I dont have the confidence to defeat him. If there are a few others with him, then we are dead.

Hence, our first target is Bai Xiaosheng!


Su Hao drew a big cross on the ground and said, He must die!

Everyone was serious.

However, how can we find him?

Bai Lingfeng questioned.

He could slightly guess the ability talent of Su Hao.

He could differentiate their location by using his model analysis together with his strong analytical skill. However, how can he find Bai Xiaosheng? Even when locating them, they had to report their location respectively to help Su Hao analyze their positions.

However, how about Bai Xiaosheng?

It was impossible for him to report his location to Su Hao!

Locating Bai Xiaosheng?

Su Hao smiled and said, Dont worry, we do not need to find him.

Everyone was looking at Su Hao doubtfully.

Su Hao smiled.

The size of the red drop can represent ones level. It was hard to find the freshmen because their level was almost the same and it was hard to analyze.

Most of them were at the peak of beginner esper, how can he differentiate them?

Su Haos eye shined.

The 2D model opened up and synchronized with the terrain map that he remembered.

In such dynamic model, red dots and green dots represented enemies and allies respectively. Among the red dots, there was one extraordinary huge red dot.

That was the level 6 esper, Bai Xiaosheng!