Godly Model Creator Chapter 312

Gmc Chapter 312

Chapter 0312    Heaven revelation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Somewhere on the volcanic island.

Bai Xiaosheng frowned. He was hiding at a different place from everybody else as he stood at the top of a rock, occupying a domineering position while surveying the surrounding scenery.

As far as his eyes could see, he saw a vast horizon.

As the strongest among the veterans as the only level 6 esper, he wasnt afraid of anyone! Only Su Hao would cause him to be slightly afraid. Through the battle with Sun Batian however, he also discovered a lot about Su Haos abilities. Under a deliberate target, Su Hao was no match for him.

That was so for at least for the present moment.

He was 90% sure that he could obtain the Xinghe sword.

However, without not knowing why from the very beginning, he had a slight sense of danger in his mind and it lingered there for a very long time. Being in the natural selection class, he had not experienced it for a long time.


Bai XiaoSheng glanced everywhere and he still couldnt find any enemies.

He opened his communication device and asked, Did anyone meet one of our own?

I am with Yi Tianqing.

A voice replied, I met him by accident earlier, since then I have been together with him.

Yes, on our side we also have three people.

Zhao Fengs voice rang over, But strangely we never met a single freshman.

Everyones voices kept tuning in.

The battle for glory had gone on for half a day. As the repeaters wandered around the volcanic island, eventually they would meet up. However, up until that point, all they had met were their own people.

Could it be. that we and the freshmen are in different places?

Somebody brought this question up.

That shouldnt be. I remember when I entered, it was clearly written as an individual battle, not a team battle.

That may not be right. Who knows what is happening?

Thats right. Every time the final battle comes around, the school will no longer use common sense and will start using the trap card.

Dont worry, at least we have experienced those things, those freshmen will be worse off than us.

The crowd debated intensely.

Bai Xiaosheng pondered for a moment. No matter the situation, all we need to do is be more careful. We cant see, so the freshmen should also face the same wait.

As Bai Xiaosheng spoke up to this point, all of a sudden, his ears slightly moved.

As his figure moved, Bai Xiaosheng quietly hid behind a huge rock. From a distance, a few shadows were approaching. Bai Xiaosheng quietly looked towards that direction. That bright uniform was extremely conspicuous under the flame.


He finally saw the freshmen!


Bai Xiaosheng didnt go out. He locked his eyebrows as he thought the freshmen have appeared?


He saw the three freshmens casual expressions. Bai Xiaosheng was speechless for a while. These freshmen, were they really that naive? Did they really think that by having a three man group, everything else would be fine?

As he upheld his final precaution, Bai Xiaosheng didnt attack.

However, at this moment, those three figures who were walking towards him suddenly stopped. The person in the middle waved his hand and stopped the other two. Then, he frowned as he seemed to have noticed something. He raised his head quickly and looked towards Bai Xiaoshengs location!

Theres somebody there!

Bai Xiaosheng?




In a flash, those three had a huge change in their facial expressions. Turning back, they embarrassedly escaped.

Bai Xiaoshengs mind slowed for half a beat. He couldnt understand how could he could be discovered by several beginner espers with his level 6 strength! The only explanation was that he had by chance bumped into an opponent that had a detection type ability or talent. But after looking at the situation, would he chase or not chase?


Bai Xiaosheng gave chase without any hesitation.


What abilities did he have?!

Level 6 esper!

Among all the freshmen, there were not many at the specialized level. Even those specialized espers were at level 1 or 2. If he was afraid, then that would be a real joke.

It was merely just three freshmen. Even if he were ambushed, he could still completely retreat safely.


As his energy fluctuated, Bai Xiaoshengs feet moved swiftly and he instantly drew close. The three men had merely escaped to a corner and Bai Xiaosheng had caught up to them. With a definite gap between their abilities, they totally had no place to escape to!



With two consecutive punches, two of them were instantly killed by Bai Xiaosheng.

As he aimed his right hand towards the final freshmen without any hesitation, Bai Xiaosheng instead didnt attack but coldly asked, Where are the rest of the freshmen?


That freshman actually smiled, and he smiled with such a sinister expression.


Bai Xiaoshengs mind was shocked. He had a bad feeling and suddenly lifted his head. Then he realized in a shock that under a faraway ruin, around ten people had instantly arrived in a row. From front to back, it was crammed with freshmen. They actually rushed over and heavily surrounded him.

What is happening?

Bai Xiaosheng couldnt comprehend the situation at all. These freshmen...

Why were they gathered together?

Could it be that the school intentionally gathered the freshmen together and then scattered the repeaters in order to give more chances to the freshmen? No matter how he thought about it, he could only think of this conclusion with the situation before him.

He startled as he stood his ground. Bai Xiaosheng looked at the crowd that surrounded him.

Eighty-four freshmen

This is quite interesting.

Bai Xiaosheng found it funny because these 84 freshmen were actually all beginner espers. Such cannon fodders, they actually wanted to ambush him?

Could the gap between specialized and beginners be resolved by numbers?

Su Hao was not in the group. The few who needed his attention were also not among them. Could it be that Su Hao and the others had been separated from the ones in front of him?

Bai XiaoSheng kept on thinking. He felt that something was wrong.

Aiyo, isnt this Bai Xiaosheng

A freshman gloated and said, They say your abilities have reached that of a level 6 esper, so you are proud of it? Haha, no matter how proud you are, isnt today the day when your boat will be overturned? There is no one to help you and we have around 80 people here. With spit from each of us, it would be enough to drown you!

Attack! Dont blabber with him! another one sneered. What followed was a flame that exploded towards Bai Xiaosheng.

Seeking death!

Bai Xiaosheng smiled coldly. In his hand energy light appeared and he directly threw a punch. Before that persons attack could reach Bai Xiaosheng, he had been directly killed.

But this attack was like a spark that ignited the fire of battle.




Countless attacks filled the heavens and the earth!

A super battle of 84 vs 1 exploded.

The combined attack of a full 84 peak beginner espers, even if it was Bai Xiaosheng, at this moment he had no choice but to dodge those sharp attacks. The energy in his hands flashed. Bai Xiaoshengs defense was uptight. Against these people, he had no fear; however, after 10 minutes, Biao Xiaosheng only could smile bitterly.

Because his energy was not enough!

No matter how strong he was, he was only a human!

1 vs 84, this type of feat compared to battling Su Hao, it was far tougher! But no matter how strong the defense was, they also needed energy to sustain themselves. He also never thought that he would face such a day.

Darn it!

Bai Xiaosheng cursed, It shouldnt end like this.

His eyes swept around. These people actually started switching places and were taking breaks. This was definitely a strategy to tire him out! He was afraid that he would be a sitting duck in the next 10 minutes.


An energy weapon appeared in his hand!

Bai Xiaoshengs expression was overbearing. A white light appeared and every attack before him gradually melted like snow. The momentary attacks seemed to disappear into heaven and earth.


Bai Xiaoshengs figure flashed as he dodged.

Another flash of white light came from his hand and a stream of blood shot up. Because of this, a freshman dropped dead. Bai Xiaosheng directly attacked the group of freshmen. He killed someone every ten steps. He was unstoppable!



Inevitably, a few attacks managed to land on Bai Xiaoshengs body.

A few wounds opened but Bai Xiaosheng seemed to ignore them. His eyes were only staring at those freshmen. One slash would signify a life loss.

If he guessed right, soon there would be some who would be fleeing!

Because they already couldnt kill Bai Xiaosheng, instead of wasting time here, why not escape and kill the other repeaters? At least then they could still get some points.

No matter the type of plan, everything would be in vain in the face of personal interests.

Human nature was exactly like that.

However, what stunned Bai Xiaosheng the most was when he killed 30 freshmen in total, the team before him still was recklessly charging ahead!

Every person, once they charged in front of Bai Xiaosheng, would attack and leave a small wound on Bai Xiaoshengs body. Then they would be killed by a slash from him!



Another 10 freshmen died. Bai Xiaoshengs expression was completely ugly.

Something is not right!

Bai Xiaosheng took a quick look. The freshmen were still recklessly attacking him, causing his expression to turn incomparably heavy. With his abilities, if he exploded with all his power, he would be able to get rid all of them at once. But to kill these people, did it really mean victory? Just thinking of that evil Su Hao, made him feel that such a method would not be really reliable.

These people before him, could it be that this was Su Haos trap?

Defense, not possible!

Kill, also cannot kill!

What was Su Hao thinking?

Without any hesitation, Bai Xiaosheng identified this as all part of Su Haos doing because of his understanding. Out of all the freshmen, someone who was adept at trapping people with such prestige was only Su Hao alone!

This cannot continue on!

Bai Xiaoshengs expression grew heavy. He threw the white sword in his hand and viciously stabbed it on the ground. A countless number of sword flashes sparked out from the ground. As the sword lights rose up, it surrounded Bai Xiaosheng and protected him from within. Every freshmans attack, under the light sword defense, was stopped from the outside.

Heaven revelation!


Bai Xiaosheng calmly stood there.


The heavens and the earth roared!

A white shadow appeared behind Bai Xiaosheng. It was an ethereal figure with a cold gaze, and it glanced at everyone as if it looked down on the negligible mass of people. On the head of the ethereal figure that was a white crown, signifying its reign over the world!


The ethereal figure swayed.

Within the air, it bloomed a bright white light and dissipated.

The white light drifted and quickly was quickly absorbed into Bai Xiaoshengs body. At this moment however, Bai Xiaoshengs eyes suddenly opened. They were filled with a strange expression.

Su Hao, its actually you!