Godly Model Creator Chapter 313

Gmc Chapter 313

Chapter 0313    Forcing one to death step by step

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

"Beheading operation?"

"With these beginner espers?"


Bai Xiaosheng smiled indifferently. Watching those freshmen who charged over without caring about their lives, both his eyes lit up as if he had fully broken through every plan of Su Hao.

With that one usage of his ability talent, the energy within his body seemed to have nearly emptied out.

However, Bai Xiaosheng seemed to not have any fear.

The reason people got scared was because of the unknown factor. Once he was aware of Su Hao's actions, every strategic move planned by Su Hao would no longer serve their purpose!

"You want to behead me?"

Bai Xiaosheng smirked as he revealed an obscene expression when one bet big, "I will ruin all these little soldiers of yours and let you suffer twice."

"You trash!"


The white energy sword once again appeared. Bai Xiaosheng slowly raised his energy sword and casually slashed down.

"F*ck off!"


A translucent light ray slashed down the crowd. That chillness enveloped the crowd. Everyone subconsciously avoided the attack, but the ray landed under their feet.

At that spot, a fiery red ground began to form which seemed like a signal to everyone that the magma beneath the ground was unstable. That attack created a huge hole, causing the magma to spurt out. It was such a magnificent view.

"This is not good!"

The freshmen turned pale instantly as they saw the scene. They quickly headed to the side; however, it was too late when the magma erupted.


Giant streams of magma burst out. It covered everyone without exception!



Those who were hit by the magma instantly turned into white light and vanished into thin air. The casualties were countless! As for those who weren't hit directly, they struggled hard within the magma attack. In an instant, the freshmen who had the upper hand were in a pinch!


Bai Xiaosheng laughed out loud and turned away.

And at this moment, a golden lightning bolt came down from the sky and immediately bombarded his front. Bai Xiaosheng smiled and casually took a step back. Although the lightning did strike in front of him, he suffered no damage.

"Su Hao, you came!"

Bai Xiaosheng smiled, "Although I don't know how you gathered all the freshmen, I will gladly accept your gift. How about the gift from me?"

"With these people, you can't stop me!"

Bai Xiaosheng's tone was as confident as ever!

Even with Su Hao personally commanding, even with all 84 freshmen ganging up on him alone when it was impossible to guard against, nothing could stop him! Not only due to his strength reaching level 6 esper, but he also had an ability talent far beyond everyone!


Su Hao sneered, "Even if they failed in ganging up, how much energy do you have left? How long can you hold on with such injuries? I don't believe that this time you can run away from my grasp!"



A stream of ice flashed, causing a radius of ten meters around Bai Xiaosheng to be frozen. Dozens of ice spikes fell from the sky, fiercely charged towards him. Chen Yiran's figure appeared from thin air.

A move from her, and it was a killing move!

At the same time, a stream of thunder flashed. It was sparkling blue. It was even faster than Chen Yiran's attack by a step, and directly attacked Bai Xiaosheng's body!

Zhou Wang, great thunder!

A breeze could be felt. One could see a green breeze began to emerge and instantly formed a storm. Each slice of wind was carrying endless killing intent and charged at Bai Xiaosheng!




Attacks from three positions trapped Bai Xiaosheng at the center. With three different elemental type attacks, he had nowhere to escape!

It was unimaginable how Bai Xiaosheng would be able to escape this time.

"This time, let's see how are you going to run!"

Su Hao calmly watched the attack from the three. Even if the strength from these three weren't that strong, with his current body condition and lack of energy, could he escape then?


Bai Xiaosheng's figure was dazed.

When the white figure became a little ethereal, Su Hao suddenly felt something wasn't right. As he observed carefully, that white figure actually quickly turned into white smoke! Zhou Wang's thunder burst over, causing those pile of white smoke to disintegrate.

Bai Xiaosheng's figure once again appeared. He actually managed to avoid those attacks!

Those domineering attack could only hit air! Chen Yiran and others were forced to halt their attacks as they were shocked at Bai Xiaosheng.

It had reached this point...

Yet he was able to flee?

Their beheading operation unexpectedly failed... Level 6 esper was this powerful?

"Movement type origin technique..."

Su Hao's pupil contracted. This Bai Xiaosheng had really learned so many things in these five years! Currently, it wasn't something which they could match! Those three's attacks were indeed too weak. The gap was too massive. This movement technique caused their attacks to be simply powerless.


Su Hao's eyes turned cold as he didn't hesitate to attack.

"You think I will let you escape?"


A thunderbolt sword appeared. With a wave from Su Hao's right hand, thunderbolt purgatory instantly appeared and trapped Bai Xiaosheng. Bai Xiaosheng laughed out loud and disappeared from his spot like smoke. As thunderbolt purgatory only managed to cover 90 percent, Bai Xiaosheng managed to escape through the gap at the very last minute.

Su Hao had used thunderbolt purgatory several times in the martial art building, and Bai Xiaosheng had long ago done his thorough analysis.

The easiest way to break this thunderbolt purgatory was to make sure one didn't get trapped! And to achieve such feat, it would be alright as long as your speed is sufficient.


Bai Xiaosheng casually appeared. Despite his pale facial expression, he was somehow excited, "Su Hao, the same origin technique, as long as I have seen it once, I will be able to find ways to crack it. Especially, when you had the bet battles, you have used it many times. Do you think it is still effective?"

"This time, I have won!"

Bai Xiaosheng began to recover some color on his face.

That victory of Su Hao over Sun Batian that day had raised his competitiveness. Now it seemed that as long as Su Hao's ability and origin technique was understood, it would be hard for him to gain an advantage!

"Xinghe Sword, it belongs to me!"

Bai Xiaosheng cooly left the scene.

Those freshmen who managed to survive from the magma attacks turned pale. Even Zhou Wang and the others suffered a complete defeat. Did... they lose?


A total of 90 freshmen!

Attacking Bai Xiaosheng and they actually lost?

What was there to duel anymore?

Although they knew he was a strong esper at level 6, they had never imagined him to be that powerful to this extreme!

Elegantly came and disappeared as he wished.

Out of the 84 freshmen who attacked, only ten managed to survive! Then, Su Hao and others set up an ambush. Yet, there was no harm inflicted on Bai Xiaosheng. Although they knew that Bai Xiaosheng lacked energy, they couldn't land a hit!

This time...

They had really suffered a major loss!

"We really lost?"

Chen Yiran squeezed her small hands. Looking at Bai Xiaosheng leaving the scene, she was somehow unwilling. After all, only she knew the best. That universal origin technique was very important to Su Hao.

He desperately needed such energy weapon!

"This idiot"

Chen Yiran had a glance at Su Hao. Unexpectedly, she found out that Su Hao's mouth was raised up with a trace of a smirk. Suddenly, an absurd idea flashed through her mind.

Could it be


A stream of magma appeared out of nowhere!

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in shock. The magma completely covered that pale and white figure of Bai Xiaosheng. The range was so huge that there was simply no hope to escape!


Almost instantly

Bai Xiaosheng's figure turned into countless of light spots, vanished in front of everyone.


Everyone was stunned.

What was this situation?

Recalling back the scene when Su Hao commanded Wang Lian to get away from the magma, everyone looked at him in disbelief. Perhaps each attack was to pave the way for this final scene?

When they thought of this...

Their hearts turned cold. This was such a terrifying calculating skill!

Bai Xiaosheng was dead.

Such a tragedy of death ...

Everyone felt this was absurd, let alone Bai Xiaosheng.

Martial art building.

Bai Xiaosheng came out from the machine in a daze.

Recalling back the scene just now, he suddenly felt this was outrageous.


Bai Xiaosheng couldn't help himself but cursed.

Because he only remembered it now. Zhou Wang and others' attack were fine but that last attack by Su Hao, it was the true killing move!

Without any doubt.

Su Hao's thunderbolt purgatory covered nearly every corner, leaving only a glimpse of a hole. It was in that direction that an unstable magma stream was waiting to explode!

Was that a coincidence?

Obviously not!

Su Hao must have known that spot was dangerous earlier on. That was why he made his move!

Just now, how did Su Hao know that he had deciphered the thunderbolt purgatory?

Thinking of this carefully, Bai Xiaosheng could only bitterly smile.

Was that really necessary for Su Hao to know whether it was deciphered or not?

Thunderbolt purgatory would cover all places!

If he didn't escape, he would be completely sealed. Then Chen Yiran and the others would take that opportunity to attack and kill him. If he escaped, he would then step on that spot... and killed by that stream of magma. No matter what, he had no way to escape death!

"Damn you, Su Hao..."

Bai Xiaosheng was deeply depressed. Never would he have expected to die in such a manner.

He died.

74 freshmen were dead!

It would be reasonable to say that he should be happy. With 74 points in his hand, he could be almost regarded as one who had the highest individual points but... Whenever he thought of Su Hao, he would somehow felt bad because he clearly knew Su Hao's real strength! In addition to those two level 5 espers, everyone else was just cannon fodder in front of Su Hao!

"Those two people ..."

Bai Xiaosheng smiled in a weird expression, "Hope they can work together and get rid of Su Hao. Otherwise..."