Godly Model Creator Chapter 314

Gmc Chapter 314

Chapter 0314    Internal strife

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

"Finally he is dead!"

As Su Hao watched Bai Xiaoshengs figure disappearing, he finally felt relieved.

As long as this horrifying boss tapped out, the next course of action would be easier.

"This little guy here respects you."

Su Hao laughed without any reserve. After laughing for just a moment, he felt a sharp pain in his waist. A pair of soft hands silently pinched him.

"Great, Su Hao. You even dare to trick me too, and here I was worried about you."


That pain on his waist made Su Hao suck in a mouthful of cold air.

Damn it!

Did girls learn this pinching skill by themselves?

Looking at Chen Yiran's ugly expression, Su Hao quickly explained, "How could I dare. I'm just afraid that we would be too obvious and reveal the plan. For the smart one, they might be able to notice our plan. Plus, this brat's ability talent is strange... is not a ghost talent, right?"

"Well, that heaven revelation..."

Chen Yiran thought about this.

"I wonder what type of ability is that." Su Hao's expression was somehow grave, "He had never revealed his ability. Even if we saw what he did, in the end, we still don't know its use!"


Su Hao had a look back, "We lost 74 freshmen before we managed to kill him. It seems I have underestimated his strength. Next time, we must not fail, or else we really might lose."


Everyone agreed.

"Let's go. Our next goal is the level 5 espers!" Su Hao looked cold, "As long as we kill those level 5 espers, This battle of glory will be our win!"

"Let's go!"

Su Hao led everyone and left.

However, his figure suddenly stopped because he noticed that other than his six acquaintances, the remaining people actually didn't follow!

Looking at them, Su Hao understood their plan.

Sneering for a second, Su Hao asked indifferently, "What? You guys dont want to follow us?"

Those few people looked at each other.

In the end, a man acting as the leader stepped out. Looking at Su Hao, he bit his teeth and said, "Su Hao, you're strong. We are different from you. Only a few of us are left. Anyways, we can't win. Allow us to have our plan. If we join hands, at least we would be able to kill a few repeaters and gain some points."

"Who says we can't win!"

Su Hao calmly said, "I said its our win. Therefore, we will win!"

The leader hesitated for a moment and shook his head hard, "We want to move on our own! Even if we can kill some repeaters, in the end, we would only be your cannon fodder! It would be better if we act independently!"


Su Hao's eyes lit up, "Now this is the truth you should tell!"

His eyes glanced at those party of ten members. These people apparently didn't have much confidence left. However, after almost being annihilated and with so many veterans scattered around the island. How could they continue the battle?

"I agree!"

Su Hao nodded, "But before leaving, sign this contract!"

Su Hao set the virtual screen mode to public mode, showing a document on top of it. In short, it was about them agreeing to quit the team; however, if the freshmen managed to win, they would have to give up their points and distribute them amongst the other freshmen!


After the leader had a look, he suddenly went mad, "Why are you making me signing this? I will never do so!"


Su Hao smirked, "You think I don't know what your plan is? At this time, leaving the team to kill a few repeaters. If we lost, you all wouldn't be affected. But if we win, you would be obtaining gold from the sky."


"We sacrificed so much in exchange for the ultimate victory! You guys are acting like it is none of your business, yet you want to receive the same treatment? I have already mentioned before that if you guys agree, you must obey my command! Trying to tap out halfway, you really think my words are nothing?"

Su Hao glanced around and pointed at the top.

"Right now, every teacher and student is watching this scene. One must not go back on his words. You guys can't even do this. You guys are trash. Sign this, and you can leave freely. If you do not sign it, I do not mind spending the time to take back what you should not get!"

The leader was shocked.

After they went back and discussed it, they thought about Guan Yuanzhong's fate and finally decided to sign this agreement!

After those people imprinted their sign, the leader sneered, "Su Hao, although you're strong, this battle of honor is not a one-man stage! You should be clear about those veterans' strength. With just you six, you are still dreaming of winning? Ridiculous!"

After that, those people turned and left.

The atmosphere was a bit gloomy. After all, no one would expect such scene to occur. After the departure of those ten freshmen, the situation became even worse! Whether it was those freshmen who just died or the teachers in the control center, they could only watch this scene in silence.

This situation, how could the freshmen win anymore?

"F*ck them!"

An angry freshman cursed, "Before this, we all agreed that Su Hao would be leading us to victory and we would obey his commands without question. Those grandsons are simply violating our pact!"

"They had no choice; it was obvious we couldn't win this. It would be better to let them leave."

"Shit! If not for Su Hao, these guys might have already died! Do you really think that volcanic purgatory is a joke? "

"Sigh, if we lose, will our deaths be meaningless?"

"Perhaps they didn't pick the wrong choice. Instead of following Su Hao to die, why not act on their own?"

"True, leaving Su Hao would at least allow them to obtain a few points. According to the current situation, they would definitely be above every one of us who were dead. Perhaps they might even reach the top 100."

"Maybe we chose the wrong side."

With this in mind, everyone was confused as they looked at those ten freshmen leaving.

Perhaps, they had really chosen the wrong side?

Should they continue to follow Su Haos plan?

When they were thinking of this, suddenly a loud sound echoed. Those crowd in martial art building looked up at the virtual screen. Suddenly, each of them was stunned.

Those ten people who just left, less than a hundred meters, accidentally stepped on the spot with unstable magma. A stream of magma exploded, forming countless of white spots. Those who left Su Hao's side just a moment ago weren't able to show their strength yet, were instantly hung up.

Teachers, "..."

Freshmen, "..."

That uneasy feeling in everyone's heart was gone.

This is no joke. These few people were the perfect example for everyone. Who still dared to have an opinion?

Su Hao might fail but they he was shouldering everyone's hard work. If not because of Su Hao, perhaps they would have long ago died! And now ... this group of freshmen wouldn't obtain any reward. As for them, they still had some hope.

Could Su Hao win?

Volcanic island.

Those who were there watched this scene were speechless.


Nobody would believe!

To control the map, Su Hao definitely didn't have this ability. But coincidently... this didn't seem right no matter how you analyzed it. Were their luck really that bad?

Those remaining freshmen looked at Su Hao. Even in Chen Yiran's eyes, a curious look could be seen.

Su Hao smiled dumbly, "You all don't forget that coming to this place was my own choice!"

"You choose..."

Everyone suddenly realized.

Everyone was smart. With a word from Su Hao, they understood.


What could this place be?

Su Hao purposely chose this spot. Which meant it was very likely that among the entire island, this spot would have the highest degree of magma eruption occurring. Under this place, the magma was unusually unstable. Su Hao purposely chose this spot since there was only one way to leave this region safely!

And too bad...

Those ten people parted ways with Su Hao by choosing the opposite direction of Su Hao.

The result...

It went without saying!

"Let's go."

Su Hao smirked, "We only have six people left. Our ability is limited. Before they get together, lets kill them all! As long as they are alone, they won't be able to escape from us! Once dead, we as a team of six will begin hunting!"

Everyone agreed and followed Su Hao.

In the 2D map, Su Hao had the sight of God, overlooking everything from the sky. He was well aware of every corner! Especially those big red dots that were alone; they were the first concern of Su Hao.

As a result, an extremely traumatic killing spree began.

Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, Chen Yiran, Wang Lian, and Li Xin, they were all people who were familiar with Su Hao and the strongest among the freshmen. When they acted together, they were undefeatable! As everyone displayed their strength, Li Xin's critical hit was still acceptable. What was more amusing was Wang Lian's.

Because once someone died, Wang Lian would impersonate that dead person!

He had been successful in several attempts. Even the chance for the enemy to send in information to their team channel was nonexistent as the enemy was killed on the spot! Even a level 4 esper, under this situation, could only submit to the fate of being killed by these few people! In just a few hours, the number of deaths among the repeaters surged!

At this moment, the repeaters finally had a faint feeling that something was not right.

The number of people who were active in the team channel became significantly reduced, and many didn't respond no matter how they shouted. Even if they reacted slowly, something still wasn't right.

Fortunately, after a whole day of running around, many managed to find their own people. More and more repeaters were gathering together.

After discussing for a moment, they decided to take the initiative!

As a result, the mighty repeaters made a move. Along the way, they managed to meet more people, and in total, they now had 50 people!

Except for the other ten people who wandered around, almost everyone decided to stick together.

In the martial arts building, those who watched this scene finally laughed.

Without doubt, those repeaters were clueless regarding the situation. However, they chose the best action to deal with Su Hao. Those alone were killed by Su Hao, leaving the rest who had teamed up.

Six people facing sixty people, what were the odds?