Godly Model Creator Chapter 315

Gmc Chapter 315

Chapter 0315    Confrontation

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He wiped off his sweat.

Su Hao was speechless when he saw the groups of red dots on the map.

Although he knew the repeaters would group up, he didnt expect it to be that fast. While they only managed to kill thirty plus people, the other repeaters were already gathering together.

What is going on? Chen Yiran asked.

We are in trouble.

Su Hao smiled bitterly, While we were hunting the outliers from the group, the others assembled into two big groups. One of the groups has fifty people while the other has ten, and they were moving around the volcanic island.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing the news.

The reason why they could easily kill thirty repeaters was because all the repeaters werent in a group. Most of them were alone or in pairs. However, there were at least 10 repeaters in a group now.

We should kill the group with ten people first.

Li Xin said without hesitation, Lets do the easy job first before we come up with a way to eliminate the group of fifty people.

It might not be that easy.

Wang Lian was calm as usual, Since Su Hao has said this, I guess the group of ten isnt the ordinary group.

Yes, you are right.

Su Hao smiled bitterly and said, Although there are only ten people on the team, most of them are the veteran seniors. One of them is level 5, two of them are level 4, and the other two are level 1 or 2. Among the ten repeaters, there is a total of five specialized espers while three of them are level 4 and above!


Everyone went silent.

One level 5 and two level 4s.

Oh my god!

When they were fighting with such an opponent previously, their team had almost been completely annihilated!

With such a number of powerful opponents, was it possible for them to handle the task?

Suddenly, everyone had lost their mind.

Su Hao silenced for a moment before saying, It isnt a big problem to fight the ten man team. If nothing goes wrong, I can handle a level 5 and a level 4 by myself.

Everyone was shocked.

In this battle of glory, Su Hao acted as the commander all the time and he seldom joined the battle. The expectation of the team towards him was still at the stage of that popular golden thunderbolt killing move. They never thought he would be so confident to bring down a level 5 and a level 4 by himself!

What great confidence!

I can handle the other level 4 esper, Zhou Wang said calmly.

Suddenly, the biggest problem was solved by Su Hao and Zhou Wang. The rest of the team would need to handle the remaining repeaters on the team. If they couldnt even handle such an easy job, it would be a shame for them.

Leave the remaining repeaters to us. Bai Lingfeng said.


Su Hao said, Lets go!

Somewhere on the volcanic island, a group of ten was heading in a certain direction. They tried to communicate in the team channel to meet up with another team. However, they realized that the people that could reply to the chat were on the other team.

Perhaps it meant that all the people that were left out of the chat had been killed.

Therefore, the repeaters were very cautious while moving around.

Meanwhile, they saw a few people in the distance. They observed carefully and they were shocked! It was the freshmen!

They spotted the freshmen!

It was the first time they had met the freshmen since the battle had begun!


The freshmen ran away after they saw the repeaters.

Haha, there are only a few of them.

The repeaters were excited and wanted to give chase. However, someone stopped them, Stop chasing them. Do you know how many more freshmen there were? Doesnt the death of so many comrades teach you a lesson?

They were shocked and fear began to creep up on them.

Only sixty repeaters remained. Other than that, everyone else was dead.

They couldnt even find a shadow of a freshman yet. At this moment, some freshmen appeared and then suddenly disappeared again. If there was a trap behind that and all the freshmen were to ambush them, they would be in great trouble.

Be careful.

The repeaters were alert; their pace greatly slowed down.

From the corner, Su Hao was speechless at their actions. These repeaters were smart seemed like not all people were crazy about getting task points.

However, was it just a simple bait?

While in war, it was always best to attack first because morale would decrease with time.

Su Hao planned to wait out their patience so that they could easily kill them! They wouldnt be able to maintain their peak condition if they had to alert for such a long time.

A moment later, Su Hao instructed the team to go out as bait again.

As expected, the repeaters were nervous and didnt dare come over. All of them were extremely cautious. However, they didnt know that behind a stone not far away from them were a few freshmen who were comfortably resting. They would be furious if they knew.

However, good luck never lasts long.

After playing this for a few times, Su Hao noticed that the team of fifty changed directions and were heading towards them. However, they seemed like they were just randomly changing their pathing.


Su Hao sweat at the repeater teams luck.

They would arrive within thirty minutes with their speed. If the two teams met up, they wouldnt able to compete with them.

Su Hao shook his head and changed the strategy.

Zhou Wang, we need to change our plan.

The rest, get ready to attack!

Meanwhile, the repeaters were looking around nervously. After a few distractions from the freshmen, they confirmed their assumption that the freshmen were baits. The freshmen might have decided to ambush them if the bait plan failed, and hence they were extremely alert.


After it happened consecutively three times, they felt something was wrong.

I feel like something is not right.

They seem to be doing it on purpose.

They think we wont attack them!

Damn, if I catch them, I will tear away their skin!

A few repeaters were frustrated. However, after seeing the freshmen pretending to attack them a few times, someone finally uncovered their tactics, Gosh, they wanted to exhaust our energy! If we continue to be tricked like this, we would die of exhaustion before they start attacking us!

The repeater team finally realized what was happening.

It totally made sense.

Every time a freshman came out, they would act defensively. They had already consumed a lot of energy long before the battle had started.

Soon, the freshmen came out again!

The repeaters looked at each other. These freshmen seemed like they were not going to start a battle at all. After a few times, the repeaters had discovered their tactics.

Guys, pretend that you wasted a lot of energy.

Yes, I guess they were planning on starting the battle after we exhausted our energy. Now, we can unleash our power and kill them all with one shot!


The repeaters started pretending that they were defending.

They looked nervous and casted their defense skills every time the freshmen came out. In fact, the repeaters didnt use much, all of them were happy.

No one was stupid, it might be them who had tricked their opponent now.

Soon, the freshmen came out again and provoked them from far away. The repeaters pretended to be nervous and defended themselves. Right at that moment, countless golden blueish thunderbolts fell from the sky. The loud sound of thunder shocked the hell out of them!

Two thunderbolts!

The gold and blue thunderbolts struck the level 5 esper. While the two totally different thunderbolts covered him, Zhou Wang appeared out of nowhere and directed blue thunderbolt towards him without hesitation.

Then, the golden thunderbolt struck him too!

Two attacks from the sky!

The surprise attack from Zhou Wang!

The level 5 esper couldnt even react on time. He could only cast his defensive shield and it broke within one moment. He was lucky as the shield managed to block the attacks. He took one step back to escape out from Zhou Wangs attack range before he sighed in relief.

However, a strong murderous aura was draped over him.

The repeaters face changed.

Not good!

He turned his body and saw a person swiftly attacking him. 

He couldnt escape as the strong aura was locked onto him.


An unbelievable amount of power came from the persons attack. The repeater was hit by the attack and flew out into the sky. Now people could see who was the one who had attacked him clearly Su Hao!

Water split!

Su Hao casted his second attack without hesitation.

The mountain crash broke the opponents defense while the water split captured the chance to behead him. When these two techniques were combined, it was extremely powerful.

A level 5 esper was dead!

Two of them had cooperated with each other to take down a level 5 repeater within 2 seconds, leaving the crowd astonished. Meanwhile, the other repeaters who were affected by the attack only managed to react against the assault. Then, countless wind blades and ice spikes dropped from the sky and rained down on everyone.

The freshmen attacked together!

After Su Hao and Zhou Wang faced those two level 4 espers, Chen Yiran and Bai Lingfeng worked together to attack the remaining ones.The repeaters couldnt even show their true power as they were tired and the strongest amongst them were killed. They were in a bad matchup.



The repeaters died consecutively, especially those who werent even specialized espers yet. As Su Hao and his team had the upper hand, they seemed to almost win the battle. However, right at that moment, a level 1 esper sneered and his eyesight turned clear and bright.


A strong aura suddenly erupted in the crowd!