Godly Model Creator Chapter 316

Gmc Chapter 316

Chapter 0316    Zhou Wangs trump card

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A burst of a strong aura suddenly emerged!

Everyone was shocked.

They saw a level one esper suddenly release a terrifying strength!

"Level 5 esper!"

Everyone's mind was startled.

When Su Hao and friends were in absolute advantage in battle, nobody would expect that at such crucial moment, a seemingly ordinary repeater actually erupted with such terrifying power! This repeater instantly killed Wang Lian and Bai Linfeng who were in front of him without giving them a chance to react!

The advantage which Su Hao obtained gradually faded away.

"God damn it!"

Su Hao cursed. With his current strength, even if he were to use his full power, he would also be at level 5. To be able to kill one level 5 esper earlier was already a good thing. Unexpectedly, among these repeaters, a strong esper had hidden himself!

"Such a scheme!"

Su Hao was unable to resist cursing.

To be honest, he really couldn't understand. These veterans, just put them in Zhanzheng College and everything would be fine. Why must they stir up the natural selection class! The resources at the Zhanzheng College are definitely much better than the natural selection class. Those who wanted to chase fame, that was their own problem. However, for these talented students to stay behind...

Now, that didn't seem right.

Without any interest to motivate them, these students were actually willing to give up several years worth of time?

What was the factor which attracted you all...

What was it exactly?!

Su Hao looked at the level 5 esper in front with his eyes glittering.

There was absolutely no need to lie to oneself. But now it seemed that those words he said to himself probably had part of the content still hidden.

And those factors were what these people were chasing after.

"Hello, my name is Liu Zhixin."

Liu Zhixin casually stepped forward and watched the dazzling look of the crowd; his manner was full of confidence as he domineeringly controlled the crowd.

The situation in the current scene was like so.

From the outside, Wang Lian and Bai Lingfeng seemed to be directly killed by his sudden outbreak. An attack from level 5 esper... there wasn't even a place for reasoning. The remaining freshmen were only level 1 or 2. The strongest one, Su Hao, was only a level 3 esper in their eyes.

Although from the sudden ambush they managed to kill one level 5 esper. However, once the repeaters managed to regain their footing, the freshmen had no way to confront them!

Not to mention... there was still this Li Xin who was still a peak beginner esper.

The timing for Liu Zhixin's appearance was just right.

"Liu Zhixin..."

Su Hao sneered,"At first, I thought those veterans should have shown all already. Never would I thought you actually hid it so deeply. In contrast, I am more curious. What is the real purpose of repeating for so many years?"

"Our aim?"

Liu Zhixin laughed involuntarily, "Don't worry. You will know soon. As for now, do you think you still have the chance to escape? I need to know the number, strength, and casualties of the current freshmen. If you tell everything you know, I can let you all live until the end and let you earn more points."


Su Hao smiled.

This guy was pretty good in scheming.

If the previous ten were here, they would most probably dare to make such an amusing thing. Too bad... The repeaters didn't know five of them were the last ones.

"Seems like we can only fight..."

Su Hao said to himself. As he suppressed his aura, he stared at Liu Zhixin in front of him. If he was to use all his might, with illusion reality, it might be possible for him to eliminate Liu Zhixin! Of course, with his current strength, it would be the same situation as his fight with Sun Batian as he only had one chance!

One chance...

Su Hao narrowed his eyes and was about to use his ability when Zhou Wang suddenly asked in the team channel, "Su Hao, if Liu Zhixin dies, can you handle the rest?"


Su Hao was stunned, "Those remaining repeaters?"


Zhou Wang shook his head, "The remaining 50 people!"

Su Hao was awed by his statement.

The reason Zhou Wang asked this... went without saying! There were many powerful origin techniques. Once deployed, ones strength would have a great boost but would lose all combat ability within a short period. Just that, this type of origin techniques are rare.

For Zhou Wang to ask this question, obviously he was well prepared for the consequences.

"How confident are you?"

Su Hao looked calm.

"60 percent!"

Zhou Wang was as proud as ever. He didn't realize how amazing his words were. With the strength of a level 2 esper, he actually had sixty percent chance of getting rid of a level 5 esper?

What kind of trump card did he have?!

"I am only 50 percent confident."

Chen Yiran frowned. Obviously, she wasn't satisfied with her own strength. "However, if I work together with Zhou Wang, the effect perhaps might increase several times!"

"I can help too!"

Li Xin said excitedly.


Su Hao continued, "You all will use your full strength. After this battle, you all just have to rest. Without this level 5 esper, I might be able to get rid everyone else by myself!"

Several people communicated in the team channel without revealing any hints.

Their expression, Liu Zhixin obviously noticed it. Although he couldn't hear what they were saying, he knew they were communicating. After waiting for them to finish their discussion, Liu Zhixin once again opened his mouth, "So how's your discussion? As long as you explain the current situation of the freshmen, I can let you live until the end."


Su Hao laughed, "This is just a virtual battle. Just for that hundred of task points? Not worthy."

"If you disagree, then we will fight!"

Liu Zhixin sneered. As energy radiated from his body, the other two level 4 espers were also ready to burst out with their strength. Such aura was more than enough to make ones scalp tingling.

At this moment, Zhou Wang made his move.


Heaven and earth, they changed color.

At this moment, the sky seemed to dim. The magma on the island was not even sufficient to make it bright. Countless lightning appeared from the sky and eventually condensed into a thick lightning bolt. As it struck down from above, the momentum carried was terrifying!


The lightning bolt directly struck below!

The speed was so fast that it had the illusion of tearing apart the sky!

When the lightning condensed, the repeaters had quickly used their defensive skills. No matter how confident they were, the enemy's final attack was too scary.


The lightning bolt hit.

However, it shocked everyone because when the lightning struck, the target was... unexpectedly... Zhou Wang himself!


Zhou Wang was blasted away for his spot. A mouthful of blood sprayed out. All sorts of lightning condensed within his body and kept raging non-stop.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What was this situation?

This guy

Self destructed?


Chen Yiran's beautiful figure danced. Numerous ice crystals appeared and suddenly formed into a pattern of blossoming flowers while gathering around the repeaters.

Soon, the ice crystals covered the escape route of the repeaters!

"Crystals explode!"


Those ice crystals exploded.

The icy chill shrouded them. Endless pieces of ice crystals covered them; shockingly, their surroundings turned into a world of ice and snow.

"Fire lotus, activate!"

Li Zhixin shouted.

Endless flames emerged in the surrounding and condensed together, forming flames of flowers. The alternating red flames and blue ice crystals were intertwined. Sadly, the ice crystals couldn't hurt him at all!

The strength of level 5 esper must not be underestimated!

However, Zhou Wang who was seriously injured suddenly stood up calmly. His right hand gently performed a gesture, and then pointed at Liu Zhixin!


A berserk force appeared from within Zhou Wang. Even Su Hao could feel that horrifying aura. The energy kept surging and entered Zhou Wang's body.

At this second.

Zhou Wang's body expanded to the max. That seemingly thin body became filled with unimaginable thunder and energy. Under some influence, those two forces quickly integrated.

Zhou Wang looked so cool as he casually pushed his right hand forward.

A light ray flashed from his hand. The energy in his body seemed to have found a hole. At this moment, it rushed out according to the direction of his pointed finger.


An energy ray which seemed like a thunderbolt suddenly appeared. That bright and blinding light charged toward Liu Zhixin accurately!

Liu Zhixin who just resisted Chen Yiran's attack was about to prepare to counter attack, when suddenly he felt his scalp go numb. Looking at a certain direction, he noticed somewhere far away from this snow world; a bright light was heading towards this direction.

The speed was so fast that it was unimaginable!


The thunderbolt reached instantly.

The fire lotus which was enough to withstand the ice crystals, upon confronting this thunderbolt became as fragile as paper and instantly collapsed. The momentum of the thunderbolt wasn't slowing down and hit him.


Liu Zhixin's body was directly pierced through. Those two level 4 espers beside him also didn't escape the same fate. Like a meat stick, they were linked up together.

"This strength..."

Liu Zhixin's body was numb. When the terrifying thunder penetrated him, forget about the injuries, the energy within his energy almost vanished!

He couldn't continue the fight anymore!


This idea flashed within Liu Zhixin's mind at the very last moment. However, Su Hao's golden thunderbolt covered his escape route.


Liu Zhixin's figure turned translucent as he activated his origin technique. With flames covering his body, he wanted to charge his way out and flee to a distance away. However, a huge fist suddenly appeared in front of him from an unbelievable angle.

"Unstable burst!"


Liu Zhixin was blasted out like a dead dog. When he didn't even land, his body turned into many white light spots.

Liu Zhixin died!