Godly Model Creator Chapter 317

Gmc Chapter 317

Chapter 0317    One versus fifty

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


As the three most powerful espers were dead, leaving the others to flee in a mess but they were all killed by Su Hao on the spot. In just a moment, everyone was cleanly eliminated.


Everyone looked at each other, noticing their embarrassing look.

This battle wasn't easy to win.

Excluding Su Hao, everyone else had shown their trump cards. Chen Yiran's ice crystal explosion had exhausted all her energy. Not to mention Zhou Wang's thunderbolt, not only was his energy depleted, he himself was in a sorry state.

As for Li Xin...

"Huh, why are you injured too?"

Su Hao looked at him in surprise. Li Xin was embarrassed at this moment. That nearly collapsing look really made Su Hao puzzled.

This didn't make sense!

This guy was the last one to intercept Liu Zhixin. No matter what, he shouldn't be injured.

"Ah, about that..."

Li Xin scratched his head, "When I saw Liu Zhixin about to run away, so I rushed and ended up being smashed by the ice crystals."

Su Hao, "..."

Zhou Wang, "..."

Chen Yiran, "..."


This silly... he was too excited, wasn't he?

Hearing this, Su Hao couldn't help bitterly smiling. This guy... his injury was caused by Chen Yiran's attack? Only Li Xin could achieve such circumstances.

Yet another fight won by them.

However, they won in such a sorry manner. Two dead, two injured, and one had her energy depleted.

This moment, the only one who could fight was only Su Hao.

And the remaining repeaters were... fifty people!

One versus fifty!

And it was fifty repeaters!

Killing seventy-four people, that seemed to be amazing. But that was because the freshmen were weak, the repeaters were in a different realm! These fifty people, some of them were veterans. There were more than a dozen specialized espers. This was completely two different fights!

This battle was too dangerous for Su Hao!

Outside the martial arts building.

At this moment, all the students were holding their breath as they watched the virtual screen. The situation was getting tenser now. At this time, any ridicule or despise were all gone. Su Hao led everyone to defeat the repeaters over and over again. He had impressed everyone. The next battle was obviously the final fight!

On one side, it was fifty repeaters.

On the other side, Su Hao was the only one.

Everyone was full of worry in their hearts.

Su Hao and others couldn't see it, but the students outside could clearly see it. From the screen, the distance between Su Hao and his team from the fifty repeaters were extremely close. Soon, they would definitely meet. Who would appear victorious? The outcome would soon be decided!

"Do you have enough energy?"

Chen Yiran pulled Su Hao and asked him in a worrisome tone.

Su Hao's attacks were no less than them, and his consumption was even more than them! Although she knew that Su Hao had a huge gas tank, she still couldn't help worrying.

"I'm fine."

Su Hao laughed.

"Do you want to rest first?"

Chen Yiran frowned, "Let us recover our energy first. Then we can fight with them again. Give me one day, and I will be able to restore most of my energy."

"No need."

Su Hao smirked and gently shook his head before looking into the distance.

"They're here."

The repeaters were already nearby since the very beginning.

Coupled with the scale of battle they had, they must had felt the energy fluctuation when they were nearby. That was why they quickly rushed here. Because through the 2D map, Su Hao could clearly see the opponents were accelerating!


Everyone went alarmed. They did not doubt Su Hao's words. However, the enemy team was already here. They didn't even have the opportunity to escape! Zhou Wang and Li Xin were injured, coupled with Chen Yiran who was devoid of energy, how could they escape!

"You go first!"

Chen Yiran decisively said, "You go and set up an ambush. Wait for them to lower their guard before attacking. With your ability talent, you can definitely kill them one by one."


Zhou Wang nodded, "With your strength, if you ambush them by surprise, you can definitely produce the best result."

Li Xin also agreed.

Su Hao shook his head.

Chen Yiran looked at him helplessly with a finger touching his head, "You, what is there to reject. This is not reality, but a virtual reality. Anyway, we do not have many points. It will be fine for us to die. Even if you want to be a hero, it is not the right moment to be brave now. Everyone's chance of victory is all on your shoulder."

"Yes, Su Hao."

Zhou Wang said earnestly, "At this time, winning is the most important. We can delay them for some time and perhaps even kill some repeaters."

"You guys."

Su Hao shook his head and casually looked at the horizon far away. His mouth raised a trace of a smile, "It is not that I don't want to, but it's not necessary."

"Not necessary?"

Li Xin scratched his head.

Looking at the group which was getting closer on the map, he only casually said, "Those level 5 espers had been killed. The strongest one is only a level 4! This team, even if there is a hundred, so what? I can personally destroy this team!"

Chen Yiran looked at the proudful Su Hao whom eyes were filled with confidence.

She knew that Su Hao defeated Sun Batian but... she knew that it was a victory which couldn't be repeated. Perhaps this time, Su Hao already possessed greater strength?

"You all wait for me behind that rock."

Su Hao pointed at a fiery red stone not far away at a corner, "I will greet these repeaters."


Three of them agreed and went to the corner.

At this moment, from the distant horizon, countless smoke and dust could be seen. Fifty individuals charged. It was such a magnificent scene!



When they arrived, they were shocked.

Here... was Su Hao alone? After they heard of the actions happening here, they hurriedly came here. Never did they expect that they didn't see anyone else. After calling in the team channel several times, everyone's mood sank to the bottom.

That ten men team, no one answered.

They had been annihilated!

"Su Hao!"

Among the repeaters, a student stepped forward. Su Hao had a glance and was suddenly delighted. He knew that among the repeaters, there was one level 4 esper. However, he didn't expect that person turned out to be Lin Wei! During the betting duel, the one who was being bombarded by thunderbolts for a full five minutes was him.

"Long time no see, Lin Wei."

Su Hao smiled happily.


Lin Wei sneered, "What about the other people?"

Su Hao's eyebrows twitched before looking at him funny, "You do not expect me to answer you, right?"

Lin Wei shrugged, "If you say, I can leave you until the end. After all, it is the last battle of honor. After the college entrance examination, we would be parting ways. We won't know who is who, what is there to be afraid of. Wasn't all this to increase our task points and strength for the college entrance exam?"


Su Hao didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Lin Wei's sentence was the same as Liu Zhixins. It seemed that those veterans were quite skillful in this department.


It was useless to Su Hao.

"Fifty versus one..."

Su Hao sighed, "If it were me, I would have made my move long ago. I wonder why when you guys fight, you all like to talk bullshit. May I know from whom you learned that skill? Well, arent you all afraid of me quietly running away?"


Lin Wei sneered, "Fifty people surrounding you and you can still run away? You overestimate yourself!"

Su Hao had a look around.

One level 4 esper, two level 3 espers, and random level 1 or two espers, and the remaining were peak beginner espers. This scale was definitely sufficient for him. At least from outside, it seemed right.

"I give you your last chance."

Lin Wei sneered.

Su Hao calmly smirked. With a light flashed within his hand, a thunderbolt sword appeared. Pointing at repeaters, the very first move he used was already a killing move.

"Thunderbolt purgatory!"


The sky was instantly filled with golden thunderbolts. Its huge range covered everyone, and countless thunderbolts rained down!

"Thunderbolt sword! Slash the sky!"

Without any reservation, Su Hao used the signature origin technique of his thunderbolt sword again. Unfortunately, the same technique in his hand paled in comparison when compared to Sun Batian.


A layer of translucent energy instantly charged at the team.

One from above, one from below!

Su Hao acted fast. Lin Wei who was waiting for Su Hao's answer didn't consider that Su Hao would use a killing move! It was one person versus fifty people, yet he didn't attempt to run but attacked instead...

Was his brain broken?



The thunderbolts roared.

The repeaters hurriedly counter-attacked, but they were in such a mess. When the attack approached, several weaker repeaters couldn't dodge and were instantly killed! In just under two moves, the number of repeaters was reduced by seven to eight!

And this was just the beginning!

Illusion reality!


Both of Su Haos eyes started shining. With illusion reality activated, two worlds were clearly shown in his eyes!

"One trying to fight fifty?"

Lin Wei smirked and quickly directed everyone to attack.

However, what scared him was Su Hao dodging every attack!

Not a single hit landed!

"How is this possible?"

Lin Wei's face had a huge change.

When he fought against Su Hao, he recognized Su Hao's strength, but Su Hao deliberately took the opportunity to throw in the towel. Never did he expect that today, Su Hao was actually this formidable when he used his full strength! Fifty espers, not even one could damage him. Su Hao completely dodged all their attacks!

However, for Su Hao...

With the thunderbolt sword in his hand, Su Hao directly charged at the crowd as if he was having a stroll in a garden. With endless strange attacks approaching, Su Hao easily lifted his feet and dodged them all. Each slash of his sword would cause a repeater to vanish into white light particles.

The blaze was filling the sky.

The sky was rosy.

Su Hao's figure leisurely walked out from such a chaotic attack. With every step, white particles would fill his surrounding.

When the fiery red from the island and white light intertwined, the result was a magnificent sight.

It shocked everyone.