Godly Model Creator Chapter 318

Gmc Chapter 318

Chapter 0318    Lin Weis ability talent

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Hao killed another person.

As level 4 esper, he could kill some level 5 espers through sneak attacks. However, it wasnt applicable in a normal confrontation. His model analysis only allowed him to fight equally against others, but not overwhelm them.

However, considering the huge energy capacity of Su Hao.

If he combined that with his 5 star ability, illusion reality, he would have a special advantage, where the number of the enemies wouldnt be a problem for him. As long as the level of enemies were lower than him, he could easily fight against multiple enemies numbering up to a hundred.

With the help of illusion reality, one hit is more than enough!

However, the mysterious special ability talents were exceptional.

Nonetheless, how many of them possessed a special ability talent? Such special talents normally wouldnt be too strong in battle; hence they were all filtered out before entering the natural selection class. Most of the students in the natural selection class possessed ability talents of grade A or B; hence Su Hao wasnt worried at all.


Su Hao killed another person.

Su Hao was moving around without getting hit by any of the attacks although his speed wasnt fast.

It was unbelievable.

We cannot let him continue in this way!

Lin Wei was shocked.

Su Hao was slowly accumulating his power through his attacks. If he continued his attacks, soon all the repeaters would be killed by him!

Stop him!

Lin Wei made his decision.

However, Su Hao easily avoided all their attacks.

Su Hao seemed to know when and where he would be attacking. Lin Wei was frustrated. Su Hao was invulnerable to all normal attacks!

Damn that prediction!

Lin Wei cursed in his heart.

Meanwhile, he recalled that during the battle between Su Hao and Feng Xing, he was also using a mysterious prediction technique!

To defeat Su Hao, a normal attack wouldnt work!

Lin Wei had a deep breath.

He put his hand together, and a mysterious deep black energy appeared in his hand where there was dark light glowing on the energy. Lin Wei looked at Su Hao and then pointed his finger towards him.


A weird light glowed in the sky.

Then, it fell from the sky!

It struck Su Hao!

Su Hao suddenly stopped on the spot, and a layer of gray substances covered his whole body.

Su Hao turned into a stone statue!

Everyone was shocked!


Such a horrifying talent!

Lin Wei never showed his talent to anyone since many years ago. However, when he unleashed his attack, everyone was astonished by his ability talent!

Meanwhile, upon casting petrification, Lin Weis face turned pale.

He was a level 4 esper, and so was Su Hao. It was too hard to convert Su Hao to stone!



A light cracking sound came from Su Hao.

Lin Weis face expression changed, he turned his face towards Su Hao.

Meanwhile, Su Hao who had turned into a stone for less than a second had escaped by erupting a huge amount of energy!


Su Hao broke the stone layer covering him.

However, Lin Wei just sneered. Although the technique only lasted for less than half a second, it was enough to stop Su Hao who was surrounded by the repeaters.

As Su Hao got out from the stone, he was flooded with various attacks.

The attacks couldnt really do great damage to Su Hao; however, a dark shadow silently appeared beside Su Hao. Bright energy appeared in his hand before he struck Su Hao without hesitation.

It was Zhao Feng!

What was Zhao Fengs ability talent?

Penetrating attacks!

Destroying your inner organs in one hit!

It was a talent that everybody was afraid of!


The punch struck Su Hao!

Su Haos body turned into white particles and disappeared.

Finally we won

Lin Wei and the repeaters were finally relieved. When they did a headcount, they realized that half of their teammates were killed.

Su Hao

What a terrifying enemy!

Martial arts building.

All the freshmen were doomed. They didnt expect that they would lose at this stage. As Su Hao was dead, the remaining people wouldnt be able to continue the battle. It was the worst feeling to lose a fight that seemed to be winnable.

Look, I already said. He wouldnt be able to make it.

A few of the freshmen who were forced by Su Hao to sign the agreement said sarcastically, He can only bully his peers, but not the repeaters.

Damn you

Another few freshmen were mad. While they wanted to go over for a fight, Bai Lingfeng suddenly said, Something is wrong!

What happened?

The freshmen asked.

Su Hao is dead, but why isnt he coming out? Bai Lingfeng was in doubt while the others were confused too.


Su Hao was dead, why didnt he come out?

Everyone turned their head towards Su Haos machine, and it was still running.

Perhaps he was alive?

However, they clearly saw Su Haos body being destroyed!

Meanwhile, on the volcanic island, Zhao Feng said, Something is wrong!

What is going on?

Lin Wei asked with a gloomy face.

The feeling of my attack was different than usual!

Zhao Feng felt weird.

That is normal.

Lin Wei shrugged his shoulders and said, My skill turned him into the stone; obviously, the feeling will be different. Moreover, so many people were attacking him, perhaps he was already dead when you attacked him.

Is that so?

Zhao Feng was still doubtful before he became stunned. He suddenly recalled a possibility that could alter his sense of touch

Be careful!

Zhao Fengs face expression changed!


A shadow appeared, and it was Su Hao! He swiftly attacked Lin Wei!

Mountain crash!


Lin Wei was struck out of his initial position.

Water split!

Su Hao attacked Lin Wei without any hesitation. At the moment, Lin Wei finally reacted. A ray of light was sent flying towards Su Hao.


The light flashed.

Su Haos body paused for less than 0.1 seconds before his attack continued. However, the attack was slightly shifted from its original position.


The attack of water split slashed through Lin Weis hair, and countless hairs fell. It was just a few centimeters away from slashing his head.

Lin Wei successfully avoided the assault.

Too bad!

Su Hao sighed and appeared in front of the seniors. Everyone was extremely shocked that Su Hao was still alive!

Phantom sprint!

Zhao Feng smiled bitterly, I got close to you using phantom sprint. However, I didnt expect that you could avoid my attack by using phantom sprint! How come you know this skill?

I learned it after you used it that day.

Su Hao smiled shyly.

Amazing, Su Hao!

Lin Wei had a great fear in his eye, I had used my ability talent with the help of Zhao Feng, but you were still able to escape. You are more powerful than me!

You are strong too.

Su Hao was afraid of Lin Wei too.

The petrification talent was too scary! While he was killing all others easily, someone suddenly encased him in stone. If it was not for his great energy capacity, he wouldnt have escaped immediately and used phantom sprint. Perhaps he would have died by the repeaters!

In the era of origin ability, these mysterious talents were the most powerful!

Normal talent like fire, water, and body would have a pattern. However, these mysterious talents were too varied, and hardly one could defend against it. Even if someone with a special talent was weak, at the right moment, he or she might become deadly.

The very epitome example was Li Xins unstable eruption. Perhaps many of his opponents dont even know how they were killed

Phantom sprint

Lin Wei communicated with Zhao Feng silently to understand more about the ability technique. Soon, he smiled.

Oh, I see!

Lin Wei smiled and said, Su Hao, such technique would only work on us once.


Su Hao seemed to be calm; however, he was fully cautioned in his inner thought.

Zhao Feng seemed most likely told Lin Wei the weaknesses of phantom charge. Lin Wei might be having a way to overcome that.

Perhaps he could lock his aim on me?

Su Hao thought for a moment and admitted the possibility!

Lin Weis talent was a mystery. As what happened just now, the attack from the sky was sudden, and it was unavoidable. No matter how fast he was, the skill was unavoidable.

If it happened

He would be in trouble!

Upon escaping from the petrified state, his first action was to kill Lin Wei. However, he failed to do so. If the same circumstances repeated, he was not confident that he could survive. Moreover, Lin Wei could use some other powerful ability techniques.


Various of ideas formed in Su Haos mind.

At the moment, Zhao Feng disappeared and rushed at him.


Lin Wei moved his finger and put his hand together. The dark light shined for a moment before disappearing.


As expected, a dim light appeared on top of Su Haos head from the sky. Both its speed and power were much powerful than the previous one.

If he were struck this time, he would be dead for sure!