Godly Model Creator Chapter 319

Gmc Chapter 319

Chapter 0319    Glory

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

He can't resist getting hardened!

Phantom sprint!

Seeing the situation was wrong, Su Hao immediately activated his phantom sprint.

However, what made him shocked was that that strange light actually ignored the illusion and followed him along. No matter how was he trying to hide, it did not affect the strange light!

No wonder Lin Wei wasn't bothered.

His damn ability was able to lock on him directly!

"God damn it!"

Su Hao cursed for a second.

Zhao Feng directly charged at him. Su Hao simply couldn't avoid it. As the strange light reached him, even if he were petrified for only a second, Su Hao would definitely die for sure!

"What to do now?"

Su Hao really was at the end of the line.

If Lin Wei was alone, then he had nothing to be afraid. With Lin Wei's strength, with his condition, being able to use his ability three times in a row should be his limit. However, that damn Lin Wei actually cooperated with Zhao Feng! This was simply a perfect combo!

Su Hao subconsciously activated his model analysis.

He did this to boost his concentration in analyzing! After model analysis activated, his thinking and analysis speed rose rapidly. Because of the acceleration, it gave an illusion that everything around him seemed to be slow and allowed him to have a moment to think.

Just that, even in this state, he couldn't think of any good countermeasure.

Illusion reality activated.

In the model world, Lin Wei petrified him before Zhao Feng punched him to pieces. Then, he vanished into thin air.

Su Hao had tried several different scenarios, changing all sort of factors in the model world but...

No solution!

No matter how he altered it, it seemed that the result would be his death!

No matter how he tried to escape, he would be hit by the light from Lin Wei. No matter how he tried to break free, he couldn't escape from being hit by Zhao Feng while petrified!

He was finished this time!

Su Hao's heart felt cold.

No matter what, he would never have thought that he would actually lose. After struggling for the whole day and overcoming the hardest part, when victory was only an inch away, he actually lost the petrification ability was totally out of his consideration.

A mysterious ability talent was enough to decide the outcome the battle.

Su Hao sighed.

To be able to witness what was about to happen in his model world yet still be helpless, it was the saddest thing ever to watch his own death.


The strange light landed on his body.

Su Hao could easily feel the mysterious energy appear. At this moment, his hands began to turn into stone. As he began to lose consciousness, Zhao Feng came from the distance and waited for the petrification process to be completed before attacking!

Am I going to lose?

Su Hao felt unwilling in his heart. He had never expected to lose in such a manner. Being killed without even a chance to retaliate


Su Hao suddenly realized something.


If he kamikazed

All of a sudden

Su Haos eyes lit up. True, this was not a personal battle. This wasnt a battle where the one who wasnt defeated would be victorious. This was the battle of glory!

This was a battle between the freshmen and the repeaters!

Su Hao opened up his mind. His mouth actually revealed a trace of a smile. If so, let me end this battle then!

His arm had been petrified, but Su Hao didnt care about it at all!


Su Hao directly stimulated the origin model in his body!

That golden thunderbolt which had followed him for one month finally exploded at this moment. The endless golden thunderbolt blasted the surrounding. The entire body of Su Hao was illuminated in a bright golden light as if he was the embodiment of the sun. This scene blinded everyones eyes.

After Sun Batians death, this origin model would disappear.

At this moment, as Su Hao detonated the origin model, it

Would never appear again.



Su Haos energy intensity was much stronger than usual.

Thus, the explosion this time was on a larger scale! Su Hao detonated not only the origin model but also those permanent models he accumulated. With the fluctuation of the golden thunderbolt and his own energy, was it comparable to Zhou Wangs previous attack?

Just that this time, it was even stronger!

And had a bigger range!


The dazzling golden light covered everyone!

No matter if it was those present or the ones outside the virtual screen, they could not see anything due to the dazzling light.

The light only gradually disappeared after dozens of seconds.

At this time, on the name list of the battle of honor, several peoples names had darkened. As the center of the devastating eruption, Su Hao was the first one to die!

Su Hao died!

Then, the group of repeaters died one after another.

Lin Wei died!

Zhao Feng died!

When the golden light faded, almost all the repeaters were annihilated!

The reason it was almost

Was because there were still some who survived.

Among the ruin, everyone was stunned to see the current scene. A repeater with his body filled with ice crystals was lying on the ground and struggling with his body full of blood stains. Even if the light was very weak now, one could clearly see the existence of the ice crystals.

Ability talent: Ice defense!

Hahahahaha, Im still alive!

This repeater was dazed for a bit before looked around at the situation and suddenly burst into laughter, Defensive talents are the best. Im the only survivor!

Outside the virtual screen, everyone went silent for a while.

Who would have thought that the situation would end up like this?

Did this mean

That the repeaters won?


An ice crystal appeared and fiercely pierced the body of this repeater before bursting apart, then the repeater turned into countless of white particles and vanished.

Everyone was immediately stunned.

They saw behind that repeater, a beautiful figure quietly appeared and without any hesitation summoned more ice crystals to blast the spot of the repeater. Unfortunately, due to insufficient energy, these ice crystals only flew for about a meter before vanishing


Chen Yiran happily pointed a V sign to the camera.

The picture was fixed there.

Battle of glory!

Freshmen, win!


The volcanic island cracked as the virtual scene began to disintegrate. Everyone returned to the martial arts building. Many of the students coming out from the machine were still blurred.

At this point, the virtual screen displayed the information accurately.




Everyones communication device vibrated. The final results were finally here!


Personal points

First: Su Hao, 80 points.

Second: Bai Xiaosheng, 74 points.

Third: Zhao Feng, 3 points.


First: Su Hao!

Everyone was shocked!

However, those few characters were shining brightly in the eyes of everyone.

This first rank was beyond everyones expectation.

Because this was too unbelievable!

Currently, what was the gap in strength between the repeaters and the freshmen? Whether it was their average strength or elite strength, the difference was too huge. However, under the leadership of Su Hao, the freshmen actually managed to cover the gap and achieved the ultimate victory!

Do not forget that many veterans were participating in the battle.

This time, Su Hao had left too many dazzling acts in the battle of glory.

Commanding the freshmen was his first brilliant show. That mysterious model analysis which was always considered weak in the eyes of everyone was used in such a way for the first time. It was such a powerful support skill which shocked the crowd.

The plan to get rid of Bai Xiaosheng was the proof of his perfect planning. Each step led Bai Xiaosheng to the mouth of the tiger!

So what if he was a level 6 esper?!

So what if he could kill that much?

In the end, he was still killed by the freshmen!

And the final act of kamikaze showed Su Haos decisiveness. That dazzling sun had left a deep impression on everyones mind.

A deep impression.

If you think like that

It wasnt that difficult to accept Su Hao being first.

The battle of glory finally ended.

The freshmen were so excited because they had just won a huge amount of task points and resources! The final battle of honor and the previous tasks, when they were all added up together, how big was the reward? The college entrance exam was around the corner. The last few days, they could still attempt the last sprint!

We won!

Su Hao looked at the information on the virtual screen.

This battle, he himself wasnt sure that he could win. Especially when the enemies had all sort of trump cards to show that nearly caused him to lose a few times, but he still won in the end! All this percentage of victory bullshit, Su Hao never believe in it. If you lose, it is zero percent, but if you win, it is a hundred percent!


Chen Yiran kissed Su Haos face.

Su Hao was stunned. Turning around, Chen Yiran was still as calm as always. Just that her cheeks were rosy in color.

This annoying girl...

Su Hao quietly hugged her waist, Yiran, you see, how about tonight we...

Get lost!

Chen Yiran rolled her eyes and then pointed at Su Haos head with her white jade-like finger, Im not going to play the fool with you. It is about to be the college entrance exam soon. If you arent worried, I am worried. This time, the global battle will be competitive. I dont want to be left out and not admitted into Zhanzheng College.


Su Haos eyes suddenly lit up, You know about this global battle?

Not sure.

Chen Yiran gently shook her head, My brother said that this news about the global battle was leaked for a bit, but the specific content was still discussed in Zhanzheng College. Since it was still not being finalized, how could outsiders know about it? It seemed that the degree of difficulty would be increased by multiple folds to enroll in Zhanzheng College!

So its like that.

Su Hao understood.

It was normal for Zhanzheng Colleges internal department to have a heated argument for this large-scale change in the rules. People like him could only wait for the final result. There were still six days left before the exam. At most, six days later, the details of the exams would be released. There was no need to be anxious now.

Shaking his head, when he was about to look at the virtual screen, Su Hao seemed to have remembered something. Looking at his own body, soon his face was astonished.

Huh? How could it...