Godly Model Creator Chapter 32

Gmc Chapter 32

Chapter 0032 One explosive shock after another

The following day, Su Hao arrived at school early in the morning.

This time, starting from the schools main gate, there was already an extremely strict examination of the students identities. Su Hao took a step forward, and once the scanner detected his identity, all sort of informations about him showed up.

The security guard took a look at him. Only after making sure that Su Hao is a student at the school did he let Su Hao enter into the school.

After reaching the site for the examination, again there were several teachers in charge for the second inspection ensuring that the students identities match the database. A full body scan was performed to confirm their identities before the candidates were allowed to enter into the examination site.

Trying to substitute the candidate?

In your dream!

With students entering the school through the gate one by one, after 10 am the school completely sealed off, which meant that the exam officially began!

During the period of the mock exam, the entire school closed and prohibited anyone from entering the compound.

All teachers participated in the schools patrol as they were in high alert against any intrusion.

As for the examinations assessment? In order to ensure fairness, teachers arent allowed to take part in it. Now such a task is given to the AI system. As for the system, it was exactly the same as the college entrance examination.

Dingclass assignments for grading have finished. All students please follow the sequence and enter the respective class for grading.

Since the announcement had been made through the sound system, Su Hao immediately opened his phone. When the class assignments finished, the details were sent to the respective students in the form of text messages.

Su Hao then walked towards the class that was assigned to him. At the corridor, a few students who forgot to bring their phones had sweat on their foreheads and were busy helping themselves in the information counter in order to find their class assignments.

The first round of examination, theoretical foundation!

All students were sitting on the seat assigned within the class. After everyone had sat comfortably, Su Hao felt a booming sensation in front of him. The environment surrounding the seat changed; the theoretical foundation examination officially started!

In the eyes of Su Hao, all students had disappeared. Surrounded by a 3D virtual simulation screen, a transparent screen which had a space for him to fill in the answer appeared in front of him.


A roar echoed, a huge, red ancient dragon appeared from far away. Facing Su Hao, it roared again. Su Hao was motionless and just stared at the dragon passing by. Then a question appeared on the black screen in front of him, What was the name of that organism just now?

Su Hao smiled indifferently. He then wrote on the screen Fishy Wind Dragon.

Please fill in the features.

Su Hao wrote down the features of the Fishy Wind Dragon.

Please identify its gender

Su Hao then wrote the gender of Fishy Wind Dragon.


This was the simplest question and also the most basic organism identification. With the 3D virtual screen to simulate the environment, basically nobody would be able to see anything but themselves and the transparent screen in front of them.

And from the system surveillance screen, you would be able to see the expressions of each student, some of them were frowning, some of them looked indifferent, and some were even showing a crying face. Nearly all students were facing the same virtual simulation with their fingers dancing on the transparent screen.

In front of the teachers block, a huge screen 8 meters large gradually appeared within their sight. As if the students were all accustomed to such a scene, they quickly ran over.

Here, the screen would displayed the result of the examination to the public. Of course, the huge screen only shows the top 100 students who have the highest probability of being the 100 lucky ones to enter the natural selection class.

With the results being updated all the time due to several rounds of different examination segments, when the final list is confirmed at the end of the exam, that will naturally be the name list of the students entering the natural selection class!

Countless first and second year high school students rushed over to the screen, forming a huge crowd. For now, the 100 names on the screen were still empty. Obviously the first test was not over yet, but that didnt prevent the crowd from staying there, excitedly staring at the screen. A group of students and also many parents were there having their own discussion while waiting for the list to appear.

Below the huge screen, there were several girls from the second year, with an excited look enjoying the scene in front of them.

A young girl named Hua Chi expressed her excitement. Wow, such a huge screen. Those names which appear on the screen, they must be so happy.

A girl next to her replied with disdain. Hua Chi, this is nothing at all. If I wanted to appear, obviously I would be in the top 10.

Pu Hua Chi leaked her laugh. Xiao Yezi, people like Su Ling still havent said anything yet and you are trying to act cool.

Su Ling silently looked at her two friends, You two, stop messing around.

Hua Chi noticed the nervous expression of Su Ling and suddenly recalled, Oh, Su Ling, you brother is also in third year. In other words, very soon his result will be out right?

Xiao Yezi got really excited out of nowhere. O yea, Brother Su Hao, my idol. After the completion of theoretical foundation, the first name to appear on the screen will definitely be him.

En, it will definitely be my brother.

Su Ling secretly nodded and cheered for her brother in her heart. How many times has her brother earned 180 points. Today wont be an exception either.

Hehe, this might not be certain.

A voice suddenly interrupted the girls. They then turned their head over and saw a girl not wearing a school uniform. Instead she was now wearing a miniskirt with a pair of big gold earrings hanging on her ears. With a contemptuous look, she stared at the three, Poor will always be poor. Why dont you think first, first place is something you all can dream of?

Yue Qing, its actually you! Su Ling looked at the girl in front of her. She was the same as Su Ling, belonging to the geniuses of the second year. Her origin ability was approaching 9 points. Naturally, compared to their family background, Su Ling was just a poor little girl.

However, all the teachers and instructors like poor students like Su Ling. With them carefully investing in her, their action really angered Yue Qing.

Over a period of time, the two had completely became true enemies and rivals.

Hhmmphh! You are just jealous that my friend Su Ling is more popular than you. Xiao Yezi continued, Plus, Brother Su Hao has always scored 180 points in theoretical foundation during examinations, which is the highest score. Who can compared with him?


Yue Qing coldly sneered, Its not that there are no other people that could be compared to him, its just that many do not participate in the examination. Not wanting to waste time at school, most just go for home study instead. In general, the school tutor standard, how could it compete with the private tutors which our family spend lots of money to invite them over? Thus, being in school is just like hanging out around for us.

But this time.hehe, with the places of natural selection class enrolment as prize, it will be completely different. All those people will naturally attend the examination. With only those who I know, there are already more than 10! And for each of them, they are all gifted with strong talent! At least, there are more talented than I. Do you think your brother has any chance?

Once Yue Qing finished her statement, those three girls minds tightened.

What Yue Qing said was true, they had also heard of similar rumours. Previous years, there were students of such kind. Surprisingly, this turned out to be true!

Although Yue Qings character isnt good, at least her talent is considered very good.

If there are geniuses with greater talent than her in the third year.then Su Haos exam would really become dangerous.

A few people took a quick glimpse. None of them had a good facial color. Su Lings gaze right now didnt need to be mentioned. Pinching her dress, she stared at the screen nervously. Instead of having a debate with Yue Qing, she was more worried about her brothers circumstances. This was because everyone was aware that theoretical foundation is the only opportunity Su Hao had to pull a huge lead.

Originally, Su Ling was very happy when Su Haos origin ability reached 10 points. But if there is a sudden influx of a huge number of said rich students, the result is no longer obvious and clear anymore.

Xiao Yezi of course wont think much about it, staring at Yue Qing with her hateful expression, Hmmppphhh, even in school, there are a lot students studying too. Even Chen Yiran isnt an exemption. But her theoretical foundation still falls behind Su Hao?

Yue Qing sneered and was lazy to talk with her, In a few minutes you will know.

Heh, there is still half an hour before the theoretical foundation exam ends. Xiao Yezi looked at the time, How could in a few minutes.


A loud notification sound from the screen interrupted Xiao Yezi.

Everyone looked up at the screen and almost everyone was in an uproar. Theoretical foundation, the first name had already appeared on the screen. What was more terrifying was this time the score was as high as 182 points!

This was higher than the previous record of 180 points, 2 points more!

Moreover, this persons name, they had never heard it before. Bai Lingfeng?

This person not only handed his answer script earlier but even directly broke Su Haos record!

This was terrifying.

Who is Bai Lingfeng?

Bai Lingfeng, genius of Bai family. Although in Jianghes city the Bai family is only considered as a second rate wealthy family, you all can still look up to them. This is just the beginning. Just wait for for abit, there will be more such candidates. Yue Qing casually said.

The three girls nervously looked at the name list on the screen. What Yue Qing said was true.

As she mentioned earlier, it was just the beginning.

After half an hour passed, they were able to notice countless names which they had never seen before appear on the screen. Plus, they all had high points, 170, 175. Even the lowest one scored 160 points. With these people, they had already almost occupied top 20. The emergence of new names one by one displaced other names down the top 20 list.

With countless names which they had never seen before, the students were extremely shocked.

This year, the students result were all far beyond the examination of other people. Even the high school teachers were quite shocked with the results. Naturally, they were happy with students scoring high marks.

But what happened in front of them, such situation really turned them down.

One by one, all those names which they had never heard of, all occupying the top 20 list. This was as if it is throwing water on their face, telling everyone that all the teachers were not working. Teaching for a few years but the outcome is still the same, isnt it? Not even one managed to get into top 20.

Regardless of how everyones mood was right now, in fact, the screen once again refreshed the name list for theoretical foundation result.

This time, with just 5 minutes remaining, Bai Lingfeng, who occupied the first place, had been kicked off and replaced with a new name, Zhou Wang!


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