Godly Model Creator Chapter 320

Gmc Chapter 320

Chapter 0320    Encryption and decoding

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In the model world.

In addition to his own permanent models, Sun Batians origin model was still proudly suspended in the model world. That huge origin model was still as magnificent as ever.

This Wasnt this detonated by me?

Su Hao was at a loss.

What he detonated wasnt only the origin model but also every permanent model which returned to energy. Everything stored in the model world was destroyed. However, his body was as calm as always with everything remaining the same.

No change Wait.

Su Hao suddenly thought of something and patted his forehead, Su Hao, you idiot!

That was the battle of glory

Su Hao looked at the machine beside him. His face revealed a very silly look. Battle of glory was after all a virtual battle. In that case, everything would be virtual too, which included their own body. Thus, the fact that he blew up the origin models only happened in the virtual world.

If the origin model really exploded in reality, even the martial arts building would suffer.


Su Hao blushed in shame. He as a bookworm and even forgot such a simple fact. This was really amusing.

Chen Yiran who was beside him listened to his explanation and suddenly laughed without bothering about her image. Lying on the shoulder of Su Hao, she laughed as hard as she could, causing Su Hao to roll his eyes.

You two, if you want to be sweet, do so at night when you go back. Were in public now.

Bai Lingfeng casually walked over. Zhou Wang and Li Xin also tagged along. During the times when Su Hao wasnt here, these three had become close gay friends oops, no, he meant good friends.

Boss! Sister-in-law!

Li Xin said with a wide smile.

To be frank, the one who was most relax this time was him.

When his brain was opened, it was basically an empty state. He had nothing to consider during the journey in the volcanic island. He was basically like a sheep, being directed by Su Hao to avoid danger and even managed to score a point.

Whether it was the battle of glory task or the personal ranking points, he obtained quite a generous amount of reward.

Thus, sometimes being a side character is pretty beneficial too.

As for worry

What was that? Is it edible?


Zhou Wang said with a smile.

This was to congratulate Su Hao being ranked first in the personal points and obtaining the Xinghe sword. However, when Su Hao observed carefully, he noticed Zhou Wangs slight hint of being sad.

After all, that was his original goal too!

Although it would be hard to obtain first with his strength, it was still a regretful chance to give up. Just that, since Su Hao fought for it, he had to give it up unconditionally! Because for him, friends and training were the most important!


Su Hao smiled.

Looking at Zhou Wangs thoughtful appearance, he suddenly remembered a matter.

Sun Batians ability talent was lightning. Zhou Wangs talent was the same. Although their direction might be different, it was after all still the same thing!

If that was the case

Sun Batians origin technique, could Zhou Wang learn too?

Su Haos mind moved and entered the model world.

The construction of the model world, he was quite clear of it. After these days of using it, he also had quite an understanding of it.

Origin model functioned like a converter. This was something he analyzed previously.

However, unlike converters, those golden light rays on the model covering the model

It was origin technique!

This was why Su Hao could understand these origin techniques and easily use them. Although he didnt know the effects of these origin techniques, that didnt prevent him from using it directly.

It was like him piloting a fighter.

Button 1 was to launch missiles. Button 2 was for radar. Button 3 was for lasers. These were all set up, and he didnt even need to study the content. Just press the corresponding button, and the origin model would react.

As for him, thunderbolt sword and thunderbolt purgatory were like the button mentioned above. As long as he pressed it, he would be able to use without even the need to master the skills.

As long as he channeled his energy, he would naturally convert the energy into the corresponding origin technique.

That was why when Su Hao mastered Sun Batians origin model, he could quickly use it without needing time to comprehend or prepare.

This was the advantage.

As for disadvantage, it was obvious.

Because he did not need to train, he was clueless about the content nor did he understood what was inside. Therefore, it was simply impossible to improve. Even if he wanted to study the contents and principles, he couldnt do so.

In that case

How to pass them to Zhou Wang was a problem.

Su Hao was a bit sad.

At this time, Zhou Wang who was opposite him was already blushing after being stared for quite some time. Even Bai Lingfeng was shocked. This Su Hao What was he planning to do?

Boss, are you trying to change your sex?

Li Xin whispered, causing Chen Yiran to glare at him.

You come with me!

Su Hao said to Zhou Wang and then walked towards the training room. Chen Yiran naturally followed. Bai Lingfeng and Li Xin looked at each other before quickly following along.


Su Hao directly activated the origin demonstration device.

The energy was linked directly with his mind. He deliberately divided a small piece of the model world and displayed it in front of everyone. The training room was empty, but now, a huge 3D origin model was displayed. Its complex structure made everyone shocked.

This is...

Zhou Wang was stunned.

My thunder ability.

Su Hao calmly continued, This is how I use my thunder ability. This huge origin model is the source of the thunder.

Su Hao didnt say much about the origin model. Instead, he pointed at the footprint on the model.

And this is the origin technique which I use! My origin techniques are all from here. Thunderbolt sword Thunderbolt purgatory Sky slasher The footprint of everything is here. I do not understand these things at all, but if it is you, Zhou Wang...

Do you understand?

Su Hao looked at Zhou Wang.

Zhou Wang was startled at first but soon understood the reason why Su Hao wanted to show this to him.

Thunderbolt sword!

Among all these origin techniques, the one he lacked the most was an energy weapon! This was why he initially wanted to get Xinghe sword. If he was to use all his might coupled with masters move, perhaps he had 30% chance of being first!

However, for Su Hao, he gave it up!

Unexpectedly, it was a blessing in disguise. He even had the opportunity to obtain the thunderbolt sword now. He had seen Su Hao used it before. If someone like Su Hao who was without the ability talent was able to show such strength, what if he was the user?

In his hands, what type of power would this thunderbolt sword show?

To be frank, Zhou Wang was touched.

Looking at the footprints on the model, there were definitely some traces of thunder type origin techniques if he was to look closely but He couldnt understand a single bit!

This was cheat codes.

Origin techniques cheat codes.

It was different from the usual way of how origin technique works. After being simplified many times and then encrypted, it would then become a footprint.

This was actually a good understanding.

A string of Chinese password, when it was compiled to English and then converted to binary data before undergoing various encryption, in the end, everyone would be dumbfounded. Unless you understand how the encryption works, nobody would be able to crack it.

At this moment, this footprint was in such case.

As an innocent man who only concentrated on his training, Zhou Wang had heard a bit about this before, but this scenario was something he had never seen before.

As he read again carefully, it was like reading a book.

A dream energy weapon was in front of him, yet he couldnt understand it? Zhou Wang finally understood what it meant to have crushed eggs in front of you. This feeling was really similar. It was at this time that a low tone voice sounded in his mind.

Zhou Wang, remember it!


Zhou Wangs eyes shined and almost called it out.

He didnt understand, but that didnt mean that his master wouldnt. Zhou Wang quickly used his communication device and then stripped off the footprint. Then based on Su Haos interpretation, he recorded each of the techniques in the device.

I will record them and slowly study when I go back.

Zhou Wang was brimming with a smile.


Su Hao didnt mind. This thing was here to show to him anyway. If he wanted to record it, then let him do so As for leakage about his origin model

Well, it was only temporary anyway.

If this origin model collapsed, the next time he rebuilt another origin model, it would be a different kind. So even if it was leaked out, it did not affect him.

Once he settled Zhou Wangs matter, satisfaction could be felt.

Everyone also went their own way and got ready for the incoming college entrance exam. As for Su Haos proposal to discuss life philosophy and how to make life, it was declined by Chen Yiran. Oh well, he could only return to his room to sadly train.

At this time, it was time to collect the harvest.

The battle of glory had a great significance.

Since the freshmen were finally able to make a comeback in the last battle, it meant that many resources were now in their hands. This would enable them to step into the specialized level! For Su Hao, the most important matter was the Xinghe sword.

After advancing into a specialized esper for a long time, he can finally have his own energy weapon!