Godly Model Creator Chapter 321

Gmc Chapter 321

Chapter 0321    Condensation, Creation, Transformation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The glory system was opened up on the communication device.

Various messages came in and occupied the whole screen. The first message that appeared was the mission, The king of glory!

Task name: The Kings Honour!

Participants: Freshmen and repeaters.

Task rating: 4 stars


In the blink of an eye, your high school life is going to end. You might have failed badly, or perhaps you were the top student. But in the end, who will truly be the strongest esper?

Fight for it!

Become the strongest esper here!

If you couldnt even become the strongest esper here, how dare you dream to become the strongest in the world? Get the title as the strongest esper and the college entrance exam will be your stage to display your power!

Task requirements:

1. Lead the freshmen or the repeaters to win the battle of glory.

2. First place in personal ranking points.

Reward: Xinghe sword

Task status: Completed!

In the glory system, there were the lists of the completed tasks. The long completed task notification had occupied the entire screen of Su Haos device. The notifications kept pouring into Su Haos task system.

Congratulations, you had completed the strongest esper in the battle of honor task!

Xinghe sword had been sent to your system; please check upon receiving.

It appeared!

Su Hao opened up the task system, there was a mail sent by the system, and the Xinghe sword was attached along with it.

He opened up the mail and completed the identity verification.

After verifying Su Haos identity, the contents of the Xinghe sword slowly appeared.

The virtual screen switched to personal mode as the public mode button had been grayed out as it enlarged. A seemingly ordinary sword appeared in Su Haos vision.


Shining blue light rays!

The sword sliced through the sky, leaving countless after images which looked like a galactic waterfall.

Finally, the Xinghe sword stopped, and the blue light rays intertwined with the blade. It was such a magnificent sight.

This is the Xinghe sword?

Su Hao said, It looks nice; hopefully, its powerful as well. If it isnt, how dare it be named the Xinghe sword?

(TL note: Direct translation of Xinghe is river of galaxy)


Su Hao skipped the demonstration of the Xinghe sword and headed towards the content of its training.

After reading through the introduction, Su Hao finally understood.

What was an energy weapon?

It was a solid form of energy. The method to bring the energy together and transform it into a certain shape to become a so-called energy weapon.

As the training method was different, hence the structure of all energy weapons differed too.

The structure, ability talent, and origin characteristics would merge together to create an energy weapon. The training guide for energy weapons contained all the elements stated above.

What did structure mean?

Structure not only included the appearance of the weapon. For the same shape of the weapon, by using water element energy you could form a sword of ice, but if fire element was used instead, it might explode. Hence, that was the reason all the energy weapon had their own element energy required. For a specific structure, it might only be eligible for a certain element.

Meanwhile, for the same type of element, a different structure would lead to different power for the weapon.

It was the reason energy weapons were categorized into different levels.

As the structures were different, there were countless types of energy weapon. It could be said that most of the structure of the energy weapon was specially designed for a certain element.

However, there were some unique elements that hardly had a design on the structure of energy weapon. Hence, these people gathered up and created a special type of energy weapon.

Universal energy weapons!

These energy weapons were neutral and would not be affected by any characteristics of origin ability. As long as there was origin ability energy, it could boost up the attack significantly.

Everyone could use it.

The Xinghe sword was a universal energy weapon. No matter what type of origin ability is used, it could magnify the power of the attack!

Alright, how can I train this?

Su Hao continued to read the instructions.

The method to create an energy weapon was almost the same.

It could be concluded in a few steps.

The first step, Condense!

Merge the origin ability together into a substance! Upon becoming a specialized esper, ones energy could be easily manifest out.

However, how could it be merged into substances?

The messy energy ray is totally different from a solidified energy ray. In the Xinghe swords training method, it provided the guidance on cohesion. By following the method, soon Su Hao could create an energy ray that could be merged and form the Xinghe sword.

After the cohesion, it came to the next step.

The second step, Creation!

If the energy ray was the ingredient; in the creation stage, all these ingredients will be turned into the real energy weapon.

This was the hardest stage.

In an energy weapon, the number of nodes and branches were different. Meanwhile, there were different numbers of lines in each branch. One had to fully memorize all of these before he could complete the creation stage.

Unfortunately, the numbers of nodes and branches of Xinghe sword were ten times more than an ordinary energy weapon. Hence, the difficulty of creating the Xinghe sword is extremely high!

The third step, Transformation.

Upon creation, the shape of an energy weapon was almost complete.

However, it couldnt be used in battle yet.

It was impossible for one to tell his opponent in every battle, Hey, please wait a few hours, I need to create my energy weapon

Dear, could you be any more retard?

Hence, to use the energy weapon, the transformation is a must!

Inject energy!

It was the same as Nitai artifacts, instill your own energy and let it evolve. Each infusion let it change a bit until its shape is fixed and turned into the energy weapon. Then, it can easily transform between a light ray and an energy weapon.

From there, an energy weapon is formed.


As the light ray shined in ones hand, the energy weapon will appear.

As the hand is waved gently, the energy weapon will decompose into a light ray and return to the body. Then it would be a real energy weapon.

Condensation, Creation, and Transformation.

Upon completing the three steps, it was done.

Creating the Xinghe sword was almost the same as the other energy weapons, where it had to go through the three steps as well. What differed from others was its extreme difficulty.

Erm, it did not sound so hard.

Su Hao thought for a moment and arranged the information in his own way, Condensation of a light ray, creation of the Xinghe sword, and the transformation between both of them.

Great, lets start with the condensation of the light ray!

Su Hao said confidently.

However, he needed to clear the notifications on his device before he continued. The messages from the victory of the battle of glory were too many!

Congratulation for completing the final task of the battle of glory!

Origin cultivation technique had been sent to your system; please check upon receiving.

1,000 task points had been transferred into your system; please check upon receiving.

You received ten bottles of beginner origin recovery drug; please redeem from the shop in the school.

You received ten bottles of intermediate origin recovery drug; please redeem from the shop in the school.

You received one bottle of origin fusion drug; please redeem from the shop in the school.

You receive one bottle of origin characteristics drug; please redeem from the shop in the school.

Congratulations for completing the freshmens task.

It was quite fruitful!

Su Hao added up all the rewards, and he was fascinated. These items were more than enough for the normal consumption for a student in natural selection class for a few months.

Especially the origin characteristics drug...

It was much better than the stock available on the market.

Seemed like the school had made a big investment.

Su Hao thought, What is so special about the new college entrance exam? Was the global battle just as simple as gathering people around the world and standardizing the marks cutting off point? How about the freshmen and the repeaters? If the marks were standardized, wouldnt it be unfair to the freshmen? If it wasnt like that, what were the repeaters waiting for?

Chen Yifeng said even Zhanzheng College havent come to a conclusion yet, and they are still discussing. Are they considering these problems as well? If they arent able to conclude the new policy, does it mean that the system of the previous college entrance exam will remain? It seemed like they will be people who dont agree with the new policy to get into Zhanzheng College.

After thinking for a while, Su Hao felt confused.

He had no answer at all.

Among the repeaters, he only knew Zhao Feng better. However, he knew nothing about it. Meanwhile, the other repeater who he was more familiar with was Bai Xiaosheng. However, they werent close enough to discuss all this. It was already a bonus that he told him a little bit about this last time.


It is hard without a background.

Su Hao mumbled. The benefits of a strong background were obvious at this moment. There were really few people that knew about the information of the global battle, not even Chens family or her master knew. To gain the special information, there must be some specific channel.

These veterans really had a strong background.

Never mind.

Su Hao shook his head and smiled, Why am I thinking so much?

No matter if the changes were made, it would be disclosed a few days later. He should instead focus on creating his Xinghe sword. If he could create it before the college entrance exam, he could easily pass.

Zhanzheng College!

He must enroll!