Godly Model Creator Chapter 322

Gmc Chapter 322

Chapter 0322    10 layer overlay

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Condensing light ray!

Su Hao had watched Xinghe swords tutorial video many times in the dorms. After clearly remembering the imparted training method, he began training.

The first step was unquestionably the light ray condensation.

To build a great wall there must be bricks, right?

The origin light ray

Su Hao tried to compress the energy in his body. As traces of energy quietly leaked from his body, he compressed energy after he activated the training method.


The energy directly erupted and it released a powerful wave, causing the items in the room to be blown and scattered everywhere.


Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

Energy was originally messy, and compression shouldnt be difficult. Therefore, he was very self-confident just now. However, he never thought that during his first trial, when a trace of energy hadnt even been compressed yet, already exploded.

It seemed like such a thing wasnt as easy as he had imagined.

Better return to the model world and experiment.

Su Hao pondered for a while, and then finally he decided to shift into the model world. Otherwise, if he continued to progress in this way, he was afraid that before the light ray could be condensed, his room would first explode into oblivion...

Model world.

Now Su Hao had divided it into two.

In order to not affect the origin model, or in other words, in order to not cause the model world to collapse to accidents, Su Hao had divided the temporary and permanent models. One layer was the permanent model world, and it contained every permanent and origin model.

Even a single change would affect the other models.

That was because this place It was like the real world to the models. To themselves, they were real.

The other world was naturally Su Haos temporary model world.

When Su Hao used his origin technique, most of the time all of the activities would happen here. Regardless of whether its illusion reality, model experiments, or 2D mapping, they were all complete at this worlds layer. Under Su Haos deliberate division, the two worlds were completely different!

To experiment origin light ray more, it naturally could only be done in the temporary model world.

In the permanent model world, as long as origin model existed, it was like a huge time bomb filled with unlimited instability. A slight mishap could cause an explosion. Although the existence of the origin models brought countless advantages, it also brought about many disadvantages.

In the temporary model world.

After creating the surrounding environment into the model world, Su Hao tried to use a trace of energy and then another trace of energy to begin condensing them together. In order to ensure the quality of the condensation, the size and intensity of these had to be exactly the same. Unfortunately...


There was yet another explosion.

Su Hao was helpless. He only could do this through trial and error multiple times. Fortunately, in the temporary model world, there wasnt a need to consider the outside world. As long as he could wish for it, within a second, he could consecutively condense the light rays many times. After going through countless condensations, Su Hao finally improved a little.


Two traces of energy silently fused together. The energy slightly grew brighter but the distance towards an origin light ray was still a distance away.


Su Haos morale was high.

Switching to reality, he tried to condense the two traces of energy. Later...


Su Haos face was smitten with gray dust and mud.

Your father!

Su Hao was speechless, clearly it was the same, and there clearly there werent any differences, could it be that it really was a probability test? Or maybe, in the outside environment, any wind or breeze movement would cause such an effect?

It shouldnt...

If that was the case, why could others solidify a weapon out of pure energy?

Su Hao went to the Piao Ling Organizations shop and purchased a recording about energy weapons. Then, he noticed a ridiculous problem...

Under normal circumstances, it really was the case.

The requirement for energy condensation wasnt high for a normal energy weapon. As long as it looked alright, then the condensation would be possible after the requirement of the origin light ray was satisfied. The condensation could then be considered complete. But this was slightly unique, as an example as a universal energy weapon. In other words, it was a universal origin technique!

The requirements for these weapons consisting of origin light rays were outrageously high.

For someone who had no experience with origin light rays or training, it would probably require a lot of practice. However, after completing the training, one must find a vacuum-like space. The lower the interference from the outside world, the higher the success rate of condensation.

When Su Hao saw this, he helplessly shook his head. Unfortunately, it seemed that Xinghe sword was one of them!

No pain, no gain!

Su Hao comforted himself that way, Xinghe sword is stronger than any energy weapon out there, so the difficulty is natural.


Su Hao went back and forth in this manner. After half a day, his success rate increased by a tiny bit.

Really only a tiny bit!

After thousands of tries, the success rate was close to 1%, but once it failed then it was followed the path of complete annihilation.

Even the smallest condensation hadnt succeeded!

What about condensing already compressed energy?

That was not even worth mentioning!

It cannot be done this way.

Su Hao frowned. If this continued, not to mention Xinghe sword, before the college entrance exam, he wouldnt be able to complete a light ray condensation!

Model experiment?

Su Hao once again thought about this.

I cannot!

Su Hao vetoed himself, I tried that earlier. I completed the experiment in the temporary world, but when I did the same thing in reality, it would be affected.

Find a vacuumed environment?

Su Hao was lost in his thoughts. In his masters small store, there should be such an environment. However, even if there was a vacuumed environment, even if it could be conducted successfully, for Su Hao, time was a huge problem!

According to the light ray requirement of Xinghe sword, it required two traces of energy combined into one. After that, another two traces of compressed energy had to be compressed again. After that, the two newly compressed energy traces would have to be compressed together. In other words, it needed 10 overlays!

How much was 2 to the power of 10?

Su Hao used his fingers to calculate. An astronomical figure appeared in his head: 1024 times!

This meant that he needed to compress a total of 1024 times, and only then would he be able to the condense a light ray. As he opened the Piao Ling Organizations documents, Su Hao learned that a normal energy weapons origin light ray merely required 6 or 7 layers. It would not be more than 8 times at most.

8 layers and 10 layers, was it that big of a difference?

It was very big difference!

2 to the power of 8 was only 256 compared to 1024, the energy compression was 768 times less. On the other hand, the 7 layered 128 compression and 6 layered 64 compression was not even worth mentioning...

A layer would have a huge exponential difference!

Isnt this bullying

Su Hao complained helplessly.

Of course, although his mouth said so, Su Hao wasnt discouraged at all because he clearly knew one thing: ordinary energy weapons were specialized most of the time.

For example his thunderbolt sword!

Thunderbolt sword. It could greatly increase the power of the thunderbolt up to 3 times! Combined with use of thunderbolt purgatory, its power was limitless!

In other aspects though, it was slightly useless.

Besides other ability talents, with just those few thunder type origin techniques, the thunderbolt sword would be ineffective. Because it only amplified offensive attacks!


What did that have to do with it?

The Xinghe sword was different. The so-called universal origin technique not only pointed out the difference between ability and talent but also every origin technique!

Xinghe sword increased the might of your origin ability!

Whether it was attack or defense, as long as it was casted with the Xinghe sword, everything would be increased!

This was the most powerful point of Xinghe sword!

Compared to the normal energy weapon, it required more than 700-800 times compression. Its difficulty level was higher by a few hundred folds, and you think it was for fun?

This Piao Ling Organization document allowed Su Hao to have a complete understanding about light ray condensation. It could be said that Su Hao already understood this about the Xinghe sword. It was just that how to solve the condensation of light ray was still an unsolved mystery...

What can be done?

Su Haos mind flashed quickly.

For him, what was most important was time!

He only had 6 days!

He had to master the Xinghe sword in 6 days otherwise the time he had spent would be wasted.

The light ray condensation was only the beginning. It had to be quickly solved. Wasting a weeks worth of time in the laboratory vacuum chamber?

That would mean courting death!

Energy compression

Su Hao hesitated. To save time, he had to do it in the temporary model world, precisely complete the experiment, and quickly carry it out in reality!


The energy was coming from himself.

While energy flowed in the temporary model world, when done so in reality, it would be completely different! He had absolute mastery in the model world! But in the real world, he had to consider his own energy mastery level! With his current standard, although he could minimize the probability, once a slight variation appeared, it meant...

Complete annihilation!

1024 times!

A mistake was not acceptable!

Is there really no hope?

Su Hao was driven to madness. He could construct an origin model, but cloning the energy was completely impossible. If cloning was possible, why would he even need to practice? Hed just directly clone the energy, construct a world model, and directly control the world!

If it was the same as an ordinary experiment, directly constructing a model would be enough.

Su Hao was helpless. When he was about to say something, he was suddenly stunned.

Construct a model?

Su Hao was completely stunned. Later his face revealed an incomparably absurd expression because, at this point in time, he had suddenly thought of an extremely crazy question.

It cannot be

Su Hao mumbled to himself. He quickly entered the temporary model world and formed two traces of energy to be compressed together. Then...


A trace of crystal clear energy appeared in Su Haos hands.