Godly Model Creator Chapter 323

Gmc Chapter 323

Chapter 0323    Magnetic field repulsion

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Su Hao rubbed off his sweat.

It was actually as he had suspected!

Just now, when he was in a deep dilemma, he suddenly recalled something ridiculous. Why couldnt energy clone itself?

Because it itself was energy!

Since it was an energy itself, what else was there to establish?

The only connecting point between the model world and real world, wasnt it energy? If so, why couldnt the energy just directly appear?

Then Su Hao tried to call it out

Suddenly, it appeared!

Alright, I have been making a fool of myself for some time now.

Su Hao felt embarrassed.

He would have never thought that he would have this silly moment of his. Fortunately, blue dream butterfly had already gone back home to play after reaching Jianghe City or else she would definitely laugh at him for days.

Well, at least I have solved the problem.

Su Hao comforted himself.

Since energy could be transferred from the real world and model world, then light ray condensation would be a great news to Su Hao!

As long as he completed the condensation in the model world, everything else would be easy!

And in his own model world

Su Hao was God himself! Regarding the control of energy, Su Hao could even accurately point out a single molecule. This was just a mere origin light ray; it was nothing difficult for him.

1024 compressions?


Not needed at all!

If he were to condense them in model world, without considering the failure rate, he only needed nine times to complete this huge figure!


A trace of light ray was successfully condensed.

The first overlay was complete.

For the Xinghe sword, condensing energy was only the first step.

When two exactly similar light rays went over each other, there would be a corresponding method. At this step, it was already explained in detail in the video tutorial.

Su Hao memorized the method. Then he once again looked at the energy in his hand.

He would succeed this in one go!

His hands didnt stay in one place!

Su Hao quickly cloned two identical energies and the second overlay was completed. Then, he clone the completed overlay before he attempted the third overlay. He repeated the step again for the fourth overlay


An accidental explosion!

The scale of this explosion was even larger than the previous one!

Fortunately, Su Hao had only cloned two at once. Including the completed condensed one, it was a total of three. He would set one aside each time. If he failed, it wouldnt have any effect on him.

Once again, he cloned it and tried to overlay it.


The fourth time was a success!

Carry on!

Controlling his energy, Su Hao proceed for the fifth, and sixth overlay

The energy layers were stacked on top of each other layer by layer. This really made Su Hao even more alarmed because in the later stages, the possibility of an accident happening was much higher! He was obviously able to control every single energy layer in his model world, but there would always be some uncontrollable factor each time.

At this moment, Su Hao seemed to have return to the times when he was experimenting.

Again and again.

For the seventh later, he had tried to overlay it many times before he finally managed to condense them successfully As for the eighth overlay and the ninth overlay, Su Hao seemed have to stumbled upon a huge mountain.

Daddy, dont believe I cant handle you!

Both his eyes were red.

A days worth of time quietly passed by. Only at noon the next day did Su Hao manage to complete it!

The tenth overlay, complete!


In the model world, a light ray appeared in front of him like a laser which looked very beautiful.

One meter in length with a two centimeter radius this was an extremely dense light ray.

If such scene were to be shown to others, the world would definitely be shocked by it!

Who would have thought such a difficult feat which required 1024 perfect condensation rounds to form this light ray for the Xinghe sword in just one day? Not to mention that it was completed by a level 4 esper who was still a student!

So beautiful.

Su Hao praised himself.

However, he didnt dare to touch this thing. This was no joke, the force stored in this thing He was extremely clear on how much power was packed in this ten layer energy overlay.

Each time it exploded, it almost caused the whole model world to collapse!

Whenever he tried to overlay the last layer, he always stood at a far distance from origin model. He feared that it would accidentally contribute to the collapse of the entire model world. And now the tenth overlay was complete.

This light ray in front of him was already condensed into substance.

It was much more powerful now by a few times!

If it exploded this time With the mighty power of this light ray, coupled with the origin models eruption, Su Hao had no doubt that he would be left with no ashes!

Its better to be far away from it.

Looking at this light ray in front, Su Haos heart was nervous.

The first step was completed. It was time for the second step.

Since the light ray condensation was complete, it would now require the next step, the creation of each node in the Xinghe sword. Each node had been clearly explained in the video. Through Piao Ling Organizations documentation, the difficulty of this feat was really high.

Using light rays as raw material, one had to allow the change in a subtle manner, forming a spiral alike structure, or something like the double helix structure of DNA. Then, followed by extension of branches which contained numerous amounts of data in it, it would form Xinghe sword! All these were at the core of the processing mechanism of the Xinghe sword!

Only if he could manage to get all of this done

The true strength could only be shown after the energy was processed.

A combination between origin ability and technology...

Su Hao was deep in thought.

The structure of the Xinghe sword was very complex. With countless nodes and branches, all these things would need to be modified, but for Su Hao, this wasnt a problem!

In the model world, changing all this was as easy as ABC.

Lets start!

Su Hao excitedly prepared himself to start modifying, but he stopped when he saw the light ray.

I have to do my work on this terrifying thing?

Although he knew that he was in his own model world now and there wouldnt be any danger, he unconsciously always had this feeling of danger in his heart.

This was a giant killing device after all!

Shaking his head, he got rid of all these chaotic thoughts from his mind. Staring at the light ray for a moment and considering the difficulty in making it, he finally made his decision

He would clone another one!

Cloning this light ray consumed almost all of his energy.

In order to maintain the condensation, Su Hao had used up almost all the funds from the Hunter Organization to buy an advanced origin recovery drug and asked Ming Zhi to send it over here.

As for this fact

One could clearly see it from the empty drug bottles on the ground.

Dozens of boxes of this drug were gone just like that.

Only with the current and enormous amount of energy in Su Haos body coupled with those advanced origin recovery drugs, did he manage to complete the condensation at the cost of using it all up. Not to mention all the time he had spent on this without sleeping, if he was to fail at this stage

The loss would definitely be an astronomical number!

So, just in case, he had to make a backup!

Just like that, he cloned the first overlay to the ninth overlay.

As the number of layers increased, the amount of energy required also increased. Almost all of his energy had been wasted on this tenth overlay. Each time he tried to clone, his energy would quickly be depleted. And now

He wanted to clone the tenth overlay which was the last step to successfully condense this origin light ray!

Cloning one ninth overlay consumes one percent of my energy. I have cloned exactly one hundred times. If not for this advanced origin recovery drug, I would have been in deep trouble earlier. And now, the tenth layer overlay...

Looking at the remaining 20 percent energy in his body, Su Hao was somehow hesitant.

Ultimately, Su Hao decided to take a break!

Sitting cross legged, he consumed more bottles of the advanced origin recovery drug. When he managed to recover 80 percent of his energy, Su Hao only had a hint of confidence. 80 percent should be enough for this right?


The energy recovery was done.

Without any hesitation, Su Hao began cloning. The energy in his body flew in a stream like a fast draining river. With such a horrifying consumption speed, his energy was soon drained.

However, his facial expression was still the same without even a hint of distraction.

But, it was a pity

When he tried to clone the light ray, he could feel an intense repel from the light ray in his body. As he continued to clone, the repulsive feeling became even more intense.

This force...

Su Hao watched for a bit.

This was pretty similar to the magnetic field between two north poles. If placed closer and closer together, the force of repulsion would be even stronger! When Su Hao cloned with less than ten percent, it was already impossible to continue on with his body. One could imagine if he actually came up with another light ray, his body would definitely explode!

So this was the reason why...

Su Hao disintegrated this light ray.

It was just as he had expected.

Soon, the repulsion from the light ray disappeared.

I failed.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. He had been thinking of all possibilities but not this.

After the completion of light ray, this unexpectedly strong force of repulsion emerged, trying to repel the other light ray. If he wanted to copy another identical light ray, it was simply impossible!

No wonder everyone only had one energy weapon.

Alright then...

Feeling helpless, Su Hao could only give up.

Since the condensed light ray couldnt be cloned, he had to be extra careful during the creation process.


The light ray floated in mid air.

With an alert expression, Su Hao began to build the structure.

Structure Nodes Branches Imprints They were all being done on the light ray together. Perhaps others would spend a lot of time building them up. But for Su Hao, this was only fine tuning in the model world. It was nothing extraordinary.


Su Haos mind flashed.

It was like the Xinghe sword he had seen in the video. The real structure was floating in mid air after completion. Without hesitating, Su Hao used the structure as a guideline to fine tune the light ray in front.

The light ray began to quietly change.