Godly Model Creator Chapter 324

Gmc Chapter 324

Chapter 0324    Model collapsed

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The light ray was as stable as usual.

With both eyes closed, Su Hao continued to fine-tune nonstop based on his memory. Gradually, on top of the light rays surface, it began to tremble and illuminate brightly.

The shape of the light ray also began to change gradually.

As the fine tuning on the internal structure was completed, its outer appearance also adjusted spontaneously. When Su Hao completed the tuning process, a clear sound echoed.


A blue light came down from the sky!

And brightened the whole model world!

Xinghe sword arrived!

Finally, its done!

Su Hao opened his eyes, revealing a joyful look.

Looking at this Xinghe sword which was shining in front of his eyes, Su Hao was shocked because due to the existence of the model world, the hardest part that he had initially thought had turned out to be the simplest one!

The Xinghe sword had been formed!

The shape of the light ray seemed to have disappeared entirely and no longer looked the same as before. Anyone watching this process would get goosebumps


Su Hao held the Xinghe sword in his hand. He felt comfortable with the cold feeling it gave him.



As Su Hao swung around freely, the Xinghe sword left behind a trail of light, creating a mirage which was a magnificent sight. Unfortunately, the way Su Hao held his sword was really ugly to see.

Energy influx into the sword, yet the Xinghe sword did not react.

Only then did Su Hao realize that although the Xinghe sword had been formed, he still needed to carry out the final step of transformation if he really wanted to use it!

Right now, the current form seemed to be stable.

However, without the final transformation, perhaps it couldnt maintain this state for a long time before turning back into a light ray. Thus, if he really wants to use it, he had to complete the third step, transformation!

This shouldnt be too difficult.

Su Hao recalled the videos about the Xinghe sword. The energy within his body was routed according to what was mentioned in the video. Without any hesitation, he began the final step!

If he were doing this process in reality, this process would take about a day to complete.

But in the model world


The Xinghe sword illuminated with glittering light.

Xinghe sword, formed!

From start to finish, in less than two days time, the Xinghe sword was born from Su Haos hands. Condensation, creation, transformation. They were all done in one go!

Opening his eyes, Su Hao returned to reality.


A light flashed, and the Xinghe sword appeared in his hand. It was as magnificent as ever!

The dazzling blue light illuminated the dark dorm. Su Hao felt his hand itch and wanted to test its power. As he was about to swing his Xinghe sword, he suddenly halted his action.

Su Hao felt that he had just come back alive, perspiring in cold sweat.

If he were too excited just now and really swung, his dorm would be gone At that time, the school would hold him accountable and revoke his qualification for the college entrance exam

It seems that Im so excited that I nearly lose my cool.

Su Hao rechecked his mentality and calmed himself.


A sound exclaimed, within his mind, a blue card appeared.

With the completion of the Xinghe sword, this card finally appeared.

Name: Xinghe sword

Level: 4 stars

Description: Universal origin technique, energy weapon. Through energy within ones body, condensing into the Xinghe sword, an origin technique which can increase in each aspect!

Four stars!

Su Haos eyes lit up.

In addition to his own illusion reality, this was his strongest origin technique ever. This was definitely worthy of that huge price he paid! These two days of hard work was definitely worth!

Looking at the data regarding the card

All of sudden

A strange sound came.


Su Hao frowned. As he listened carefully, this sound actually came within his body, from his model world!



Trembling sounds could be heard.

This sound...

Su Haos face turned pale as he looked inside his body.

What he saw right now, within the permanent model world, because of completion of Xinghe sword, the thunder origin model which stood there for quite some time finally began to crumble.

Damn it!

Xinghe sword belongs to permanent model section!

Su Haos face had a huge change.

Other peoples energy weapons existed as a type of energy but his Xinghe sword because of his special method of completing it caused it to become a unique existence

An existence of the model world and energy.

By using cloning and the overlay approach, it had nearly become a cheat that 1024 compressions managed to be reduced to 10 overlays. In just two days, it was completed! However, it brought along an unpredictable consequence - the collapse of the origin model.



In the model world.

The permanent origin model of thunder had been crumbling nonstop and was about to collapse!

After the appearance of the mysterious card, Su Hao quickly comprehended the existence of the origin model. However, due to the short period of time he had to comprehend the mysterious card, he was not experienced enough and built it in a semi-permanent state which took into account everything in the model world.

Once there was a slight change, it would easily collapse.

This phenomenon

If a permanent model were to be represented with a titanium platform, then this origin model would be a glacier.

No matter what you do on a titanium platform, the things above it wont be affected.

But those above a glacier

It was possible for a huge hole to form with a touch. When the glacier changed just like the origin model, it would collapse.

Xinghe sword was only formed a few seconds ago, and the origin model was already in an unstable state.

What to do now?

Su Hao quickly raked his mind for an idea.

He knew the consequences if the origin model collapsed. He would probably suffer quite some damage to his body. If the energy werent able to be distributed out from his body, it would be a bigger dilemma!

The college entrance exam was approaching. This would definitely affect the results!

As his mind was working like electricity, he used the aid of the temporary model world to analyze. Soon Su Hao looked at the Xinghe sword in his hand.

Suddenly his mind moved Since it has formed, this shouldnt be a light ray.

If so

Perhaps his body could condense another light ray?

The energy consumption for condensing a light ray was definitely massive! The Xinghe sword in his hand clearly showed this fact. To complete this sword, all of his net worth containing hundreds of millions of star dollar and the resources from the Hunter Organization were almost all used up!

But if he was to condense another light ray

With his 80 percent energy within his body and the energy from origin model, it should probably not be a problem. When he thought of this, Su Hao immediately made a decision.


Origin model was on the verge of collapsing!

Model restore!

Su Hao without any hesitation used this godly technique on this origin model.

With a loud bang echoed, before the origin model collapsed, Su Hao already disintegrated it. The danger from the origin model had disappeared, followed by a sudden spike of energy fluctuating within his body This was the energy coming from model restore!

Origin light ray, condense!

Su Hao acted decisively!

Without any delay, he began to condense another light ray.

It was simply impossible to clone another Xinghe sword because the same repulsive force might happen again. However, it wont be the same when you condense an entirely different light ray.

With his previous experience, Su Hao was able to do it with ease this time.



The energy in his body was like waves in a stormy sea.

While wildly appearing, the energy was quickly used up by Su Hao to condense the new light ray.

Soon, this terrifying energy was all depleted!

The energy crisis was finally lifted!

Su Hao saved quite a bit of energy compared to last time, because of the energy prepared by Su Hao was still there. What made Su Hao surprise was he didnt feel a single bit of repulsive force!

Soon the ten overlays were completed!

A perfect light ray once again appeared in front of Su Hao.


Su Haos eyes shined.

80 percent!

When all the energy in his body was emptied, the 10 overlays were finally completed!

As for the second production, the consumption was as terrifying as ever!

One had to note that regarding energy capacity, his energy was equivalent to a level 9 esper! Coupled with the energy from model restore, that was definitely a huge number! Yet, it was completely cleaned out!

After escaping from this crisis, Su Hao sighed in relief.

However, for sure nobody would have thought of creating another light ray which had already been completed.

Su Hao proudly wiped off his sweat.

Looking at this light ray in front and the Xinghe sword, Su Hao was somewhat regretful as this was all exchanged with his resources. However, since it was impossible to clone another Xinghe sword, if he was to use this light ray to create one, would it repel? If it wont, then didnt that mean he could use two Xinghe swords?

Su Haos heart began to itch.

Two Xinghe swords!

How much would his strength increase?

Having said that, he had never heard of one having two energy weapons at once. Perhaps it was because it was either useless or overbearing, that was something that remained to be seen.

Su Hao once again began to design based on the structure of the Xinghe sword. In just a moment, he felt a weak force of repulsion. When he continued, the repulsion increased!

Sure enough!

Su Hao was helpless. It seemed that his idea of having two energy weapons could only be discarded. One Xinghe sword and a light ray was his limit. However, if this were known to others, it would definitely shock the world. Because for an average person, one Xinghe sword was already sufficient.

1024 compression, how hard was that?

Xinghe sword, who didnt pay a huge price to complete it? Since they knew they were unable to complete the Xinghe sword, who would continue wasting more energy in making another light ray?

As for Su Hao, that wasnt a problem.

Perhaps, its time to test this swords might.

Su Haos eyes lit up.