Godly Model Creator Chapter 325

Gmc Chapter 325

Chapter 0325    A new direction for research

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

After leaving his dorm, Su Hao walked into the training room.

Reaching the usual place where he tests his strength, in front of the measuring tool, Su Haos figure was steady as he took a deep breath and punched without any hesitation.


Energy strength: Level 4 specialized esper!

Sure enough, my common strength is at level 4!

Su Hao revealed an understanding look. With his current physical fitness, coupled with the strength of a level 4 esper, in short, the test system by the Origin Ability Association was quite reliable. As for his dissatisfaction regarding his strength, even when he was lucky enough to advance to a specialized esper, the association still labeled his ability talent on the weaker side.

Mountain crash!

Su Hao once again used his origin technique.


His figure slammed hard on the measuring tool, and some data appeared.

Energy strength: Level 5 specialized esper!

Nothing changed.

Su Hao silently noted down the data. The Xinghe sword appeared from his hand with a flash of light. He then slashed at the measuring tool.

Energy strength: Level 5 specialized esper!

Sure enough, it was much stronger!

Su Haos eyes lit up. Without using an origin technique, with just the Xinghe sword, an ordinary attack was already enhanced to such a level. If he was to use mountain crash with the Xinghe sword

However, how could he use mountain crash via Xinghe sword?

Su Hao frowned. He subconsciously activated mountain crash as he went for a slash. Sure enough, the strength seemed to be enhanced, but Xinghe sword was not able to connect with it!


Su Hao was directly launched to the measuring tool. Xinghe sword was quickly retrieved back before he landed. Or else, he would definitely die from his positioning

Energy strength: Level 5 specialized esper!

No changes.

Su Hao frowned again. Mountain crash was able to produce explosive force via energy stimulation within his body. If he was able to guide it to the Xinghe sword before allowing the force to erupt

Perhaps I can try it.

Su Hao was in deep thought.

Mountain crash!

Once again, Su Hao used the origin technique. Just that this time, when his whole body sprinted forward, the Xinghe sword in his hand was pointed forward. The energy within his body was guided and condensed into the sword. Mountain crash seemed to have evolved into a beautiful thorn at this moment.

An enormous force was gathered at the tip of the Xinghe sword.


Energy strength: Level 6 specialized esper!

New data appeared.

Su Haos eyes lit up. Sure enough, it increased another level!

The strength of a level 5 esper wasnt easy to surpass. And now, with the aid of the Xinghe sword, it finally managed to break the limit! For a level 4 esper to produce such strength was definitely formidable! Plus, what was more important

This wasnt a one-time use attack!

This meant that he could now stand on par with a level 6 esper!

Two days of hard work, it wasnt all wasted!

Su Hao gripped his fist hard.

Finally, the current him had the strength to prove himself!

Phew~ completed.

After two days of being sleepless, everything was done.

Su Hao finally was able to sigh in relief. When he was thinking about to take a break after not taking a proper rest for two days, he simply couldnt do so due to his excitement for completing the Xinghe sword.

Damn it!

Su Hao smiled bitterly and once again admired the sword in his grasp.

He was satisfied with the mighty power of the Xinghe sword.

Besides this, he also had an additional gain which was the light ray lying in the model world.

This stuff, how should he deal with it?

Su Hao took a moment to ponder. To keep this stuff here, what if one day he was seriously injured and it accidentally detonated wouldnt he die?

Well, this is a high-risk bomb.


Su Haos eyes lit up. Because at this time, he thought of something absurd.

When one layer was overlaid, the power produced was enough to make his room into a mess.

Two layers overlay, the power surged.

As the number of overlays increased, once the energy accidentally exploded


What about ten layers overlay?

What if the light ray directly exploded?

What if during a battle, this light ray was thrown out?

This meant that he had an attack that could penetrate the barrier between the model world and reality?

A new attack?

When this idea was brought together, it could no longer be suppressed!

The origin model was after all the ability of others. Although he was able to use it smoothly, he couldnt improve it. For universal origin technique, Su Hao was always extremely welcome of it.

Thus, this was why he was fighting for the Xinghe sword.

And now

A better chance appeared in front of him!

Origin light ray...

Su Hao murmured to himself. Looking at the measuring tool in front, he felt itchiness in his hand, Let me test your strength!

Origin light ray!


Su Haos mind moved, and the light ray appeared.

When the Xinghe sword appeared, it would re-enter Su Haos body and could be easily summoned out when needed. But when this light ray appeared, it was like destruction itself!


In between the model world and reality, it seemed like the huge gap between them had been torn apart. The blue light ray quietly emerged from the gap between the two worlds and appeared in reality. Compared to the Xinghe sword, it was a totally different thing.


A buzzing sound could be heard. When the light ray appeared, a blue light illuminated the area.

Sure enough it came out.

Su Haos eyes revealed a hint of surprise.

Although the light ray was not in a completed form compared to Xinghe sword, it could still appear in reality. This was a significant fact to him!

Since the light ray could appear, then

What about other items?

If he was going in this direction, then whenever he had a chance, he can directly summon things from the model world? There was only a light ray, but if he could summon other things from the model world, then what kind of strength would he have!

Until now, excluding the times when he had an accidental touch of the edge of summoning art, this time, it was the closest ever to a real summoning.

Su Haos eyes lit up.


A loud sound echoed in his mind. Su Haos thought was interrupted. He felt a fluctuation in the air and looked up, causing him to stun.

The fluctuation was from the light ray.

Compared to the completed Xinghe sword, the light ray was after all just an unstable item. Plus, with the way he summoned it, it would be crumbling at any moment.

And this time

In the air, this solid light ray was slowly disintegrating.

Sparkles of light in mid-air, the light ray was like a tablet dropped into a glass of water and slowly eroded.

This is...

Su Hao was shocked at this scene. When he had no time to enjoy yet, he suddenly felt a strong danger shrouded himself. When he looked carefully, his face changed dramatically.

Because he clearly saw that as the light ray was eroding, the ten layered overlay began to disintegrate gradually too. When this foundation collapsed, the entire light ray would lose the pillar of support and disappear!

Right now, what he wanted to do was the explore how the light ray broke the barrier between the model world and reality. However, he didnt expect that when the light ray just appeared in the real world, it spontaneously began to disintegrate!

Ten layered overlay light ray

If it disintegrates, what kind of force would the resulting eruption bring?



Su Hao decided without any hesitation.

His shadow cloak instantly activated as his figure moved. Su Hao suddenly sprinted out from there.

Even so, Su Hao still felt something wasnt right. He sprinted outside as if his life depended on it. His figure vanished completely from his room! Then, as Su Hao just managed to come out, he suddenly felt a strong explosion!



An enormous wave of energy swept pass.

As the training room acted as the center, terrifying energy spread towards the surrounding.

Su Hao already ran a full 30 meters away from the room, yet he was still affected by the wave of energy. He felt some sweetness in his throat as he was blasted against a wall. The most horrifying thing was the energy wave was endless!


A mouthful of blood spurt out!

Su Hao felt like a heavy object had smashed his chest.

His chest was repeatedly hammered as if his chest was being tempered.

After the wave of energy finally disappeared, Su Hao took a moment before slowly recovering.

Damn it!

Su Hao was scared that he nearly pissed himself off. He nearly played himself to death.

He had experimented countless of times in the model world and felt that he was well aware of the force hidden in this light ray, but when it actually detonated in reality, it was even much more powerful than during model world. Plus, this ten layer overlay was bigger by ten times compared to nine layers.

Raising his head, Su Hao was stunned at the condition of the training room.

The training room already vanished completely. This intensive training room which was known to be able to withstand all attacks from specialized espers had completely disappeared

What stood in its place was ruins.

In fact, if not because of the training room acting as a defensive shield for him, Su Hao would have been sacrificed in the explosion just now.

And what was even worse

That strong energy fluctuation alerted a lot of people in the school. With the enormous energy fluctuation, many people were rushing over.