Godly Model Creator Chapter 327

Gmc Chapter 327

Chapter 0327    The real aim of the repeaters

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Really canceled?

Su Haos pupils shrunk.

This was nonsense!

If the repeaters marking line had been canceled, in the future would there still be freshmen enrolling in college? Everyone would go home, have a bath, and sleep. What was needed to be seen were the years of training. Those who enter into good universities would then be a bunch of old uncles.

Scrolling the screen, he saw the third rule.

The changes of the third rule, the increased age of the judging system.

The current exam only had to do with age! And it had nothing to do with repeaters or freshmen. Eventually what effect on the college entrance exams marks was just age.

The assessment formula was: the college entrance exam score = the college entrance exam score - college entrance exam score * 0.1 * additional age.

Among them, the total college entrance exams score, 0.1 was the factor for that judgment mechanism for the additional age. It was to express that the college entrance examination students were older than the standard college entrance exam age.

They quietly agreed that the standard college entrance exam age was 18 years old.

This meant, with 18 years old being the standard, an additional one year, then the factor would be multiplied by one, an additional two years would multiply the factor by two, and so on. If younger by a year, then the factor would be multiplied by negative one. In other words, if the age were above 18 years old, then the college entrance exams final marks would definitely be lower than the assessment marks.

For the same reason, if the age were very young, then the final college entrance exam marks would definitely be higher than the assessment marks.

Simply put, that meant that for each year younger, the marks received would have a 10% increase. Each year older would reduce the college entrance exam assessment marks by 10%.

To use an even simpler method to understand, that would be

If the college entrance age examinee were older than 18 years old by a full ten years, that would mean his final marks would always be 0 no matter how well he scored. As for those jokers having negative exam marks it wasnt worth a mention.

If an 8-year-old would enter the college entrance exam, then their marks will be multiplied.

In this era, only the talented was served well! 

Age assessment mechanism.

Su Hao pondered slightly. It was quite obvious that compared to the previous higher marking point of the repeaters, this age assessment mechanism was more reasonable. The perfection and improvements of the Origin Ability Association for these past few years were very thoughtful and diligent.

Su Hao was 18 years old this year. The factor multiplier would be 0. So his college entrance assessment marks would be his final marks. A majority of the freshmen basically werent much different.

But for the repeaters

Repeated five times, this year some should be 23?

That meant

50% would be reduced from some of the repeaters' exam marks.

If so, how could they enter Zhanzheng College?

Su Hao was very suspicious. 100 marks were the standard for full marks. If 50% was removed, it was estimated to have 50 marks left, that meant passing wasnt possible. Not to mention even entering Zhanzheng College.

It cant be that silly

Su Hao mumbled a sentence to himself, Could it be that within these changes, there is something that I still didnt know?

Curiously, Su Hao contacted Bai Xiaosheng. He never thought that he would hear a proud reply, No choice, we are geniuses; since young, we kept jumping levels. Actually this year I am only 20 years old, sigh, an age that is as pure as snow

Heh heh.

Su Hao immediately hung up the communication device and silently cursed, This shameless bastard!

As for this point, he already expected earlier.

Generally speaking, those who had wealth and power, which kid wasnt groomed at a young age, and grew under the nutrition of all kinds of herbs and drugs? That was completely different from him who grew up with salted vegetables and steamed buns. Hence no matter what he thought, skipping levels seemed to be nothing unusual.No matter what, this guy still has a 20% reduction of his mark!

Su Hao laughed with relish.

He looked forward to the feeling when he crushed this guy at the college entrance exam!

The 4th changes, the college entrance exam model was completely revamped!

The new college entrance exam will increase the number of questions for every subject, to test the students potential and ability, the marks of the additional questions will be included in the college entrance exams assessment marks.

Additional college entrance exams questions?

Su Hao frowned, what on earth was this.

He had participated in the mock exam. It was said that the college entrance exam used the same model, so at least he was prepared in his heart, but what was this new additional college entrance exam questions?

After he thought for a while, he still had no idea. Su Hao could only continue reading.

The 5th change, test run reward.

As the very first ever federal government college entrance exam, for students who entered into top universities or above, they will receive a special reward from the Origin Ability Association. At the same time, they will also receive a special reward for their entrance into college. As for the matter of specific rewards, the respective colleges will have their means.

What reward from the association and special reward from the college

Su Hao had some thoughts. For students who were able to enter into those top universities or above, they should qualify to advance into specialized esper in the future or already were. Those rewards were considered to trigger the human abilities overall improvements. 

This should be the result of the negotiations between the Origin Ability Association and the federal government.

But these two rewards

Su Hao frowned. Could it be the reason why the repeaters stayed behind?

This notice, there were only the five changes stated above. Throughout every reform, the only reform that would cause the repeated students to stay was only the 5th reform!Su Haos heart moved.

Rewards Zhanzheng College

Su Hao slid the screen and quickly browsed the official website of Zhanzheng College.

A stickied information was directly highlighted at the top.

The college entrance exam reward!    The top 10,000 students of the college entrance exams worldwide, could directly enter into Zhanzheng College!

Being the first batch of students from the new college entrance exam resulted in every new student of Zhanzheng College to be rewarded with a matching origin technique and a matching origin cultivation technique.

For the top 1,000 college entrance exam students worldwide, the reward was a one-time origin ability refinement by Zhanzheng College.

For the top 100 college entrance exam students worldwide, they could participate in one tour of the federal military combat exercise.

For the top 10 college entrance exam students worldwide, they could freely choose their specialization in school and become that schools new freshman leader. Also, they had the freedom to control their resource allocation and could participate in the federal military combat exercise once.

For the top 1 college entrance exam student worldwide, he would receive the Strongest Freshmen title, enter into the history books of Zhanzheng College and by default become the chairman of the Freshmen Student Union, controlling every freshmens resource allocation!

Can join the federal military berserk beasts battlefield and experience hunting once!    


Su Hao felt an explosion in his head!

He finally understood why this group of repeaters they actually stayed!

Expansion of enrollment!

It was an unprecedented expansion of enrollment!

Worldwides top 10,000 students!

In the past years, Zhanzheng College was no more than a few thousand. And when it was small, they were not more than 1,000 people. On average, Zhanzheng Colleges annual enrollment average was only 2,000 students.

But this year

Regardless of whether it was the repeaters or because this generation was different, the effect of the college entrance exam execution, or this years college entrance exam, Zhanzheng College actually planned to enroll a full 10,000 people!

Zhanzheng College had gone mad!

This was Su Haos first thought!

Enrollment of 5 times!

That was an extremely crazy move!

Not only that, once you enter Zhanzheng College, you will be able to obtain a compatible origin technique and cultivation technique. For Su Hao who had been disturbed by these two dilemmas for ages, he naturally knew how precious the search for a matching origin technique and cultivation technique were! This time, Zhanzheng College was really too generous!

And if those people who stayed behind for two to three years were waiting for this benefit, then those level 5 espers, what were they waiting for?

Su Haos eyes were locked on the top 1,000 and top 100 rewards.

Origin ability refinement by Zhanzheng College!

Tour of the federal military combat exercise!

Su Hao had a slight understanding of the origin ability refinement. It was one of the methods to increase energy strength of specialized esper. It can be done under medication or with the assistance of others, and directly enhance the energy strength!

The high amount of resources and its consumption was huge. That was why no other places had the eligibility to access this method.

As for the tour of the federal military combat exercise

That goes without saying.

To be able to see with your own eyes, how the federal military combat the berserk beasts. To be able to see with your own eyes, the battle between humans and berserk beasts, how heated the battle exactly was!

To be able to meet with the frontline battlefield seniors, that was such an honor!

Needless to say, even Su Hao was tempted.

Fight against berserk beasts and protect Earth!

Wasnt that his dream battle? Top 10 in the college entrance exams goes without saying, to have an opportunity to join the military training, to be able to experience that sort of atmosphere. As for the top college entrance exam student  one could even directly participate in battle! To fight alongside with those real heroes!

Berserk beasts battlefield!

The boundaries between humans and berserk beasts, the real bloodbath battlefield!

Global competition!

Only the strong could enter!

At this moment, Su Hao then realized the true meaning of this sentence.

One can imagine, this competition would be very intense!

From the top to the top 10 might be too hard, but Su Hao was confident that if he completely immersed himself in the college entrance exam, making the top 100 shouldnt be any problem!

So this time, his target was the top 100!

Top 100

Su Haos eyes flashed in eagerness. I can do this!

At this moment, not only Su Hao who was excited. It seemed that everyone was clenching their fists. This times college entrance exam was extremely competitive, but the rewards were extremely lucrative!

The secret reward from the Origin Ability Association!

The special reward from the respective colleges!

The announcement of the rewards from Zhanzheng College had caused everyone to be envious. The other colleges were naturally not willing to be left behind. Although they couldnt compete with Zhanzheng College, they were sufficient enough to stun the students!

Worldwide ranking!

Overall enrollment!

Such terms were spread through everyones mouths.

Almost every college had expanded their enrollment, but was the pressure of competition reduced?

Otherwise, those who truly experienced the past college entrance exam knew, this times college entrance exam, seemed to be a fight for the talented individuals. For the really strong ones, you naturally would receive much more than the past, much more lucrative rewards! And for those who thought they could get it cheap, it was also possible to not be given the opportunity to enter any college!

The number of people had indeed increased.

But also accordingly, it seemed that the overall ability of every student had also already completely risen to another level!

So this time, everyone clearly knew that the college entrance exam would be a crazy feast!

In every city in the world, everyone was gearing up and preparing for the college entrance exam!