Godly Model Creator Chapter 328

Gmc Chapter 328

Chapter 0328    Drug of era ahead

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Haos wrist vibrated, and a translucent virtual screen appeared.

Su Hao.


Su Hao stared at the screen in surprise, Youre out from the lab?


Zhang Zhongtian nodded with a smile, I have already been out for quite some time. These days, I have been completing the final tests for the intermediate body strengthening drug, it is completed. You want to come and have a look?


Su Haos eyes revealed a look of shock.

How strong was this black market strengthening drug HE was clear of it!

Previously, he relied on this drug and took advantage of the side effect to give his body a boost, causing a surge of strength.

Too bad, after maxing out his physical fitness, it was impossible to increase it any further after reaching the limit of humanity.

Unexpectedly, at this very crucial moment, his master actually completed the drug successfully!

Yea, its done.

Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly, However, the effect isnt as good as I imagined. I think it is better for you to come and personally see.

Alright, will be there soon!

Without the slightest hesitation, Su Hao left the school and headed to his masters store.

Taking the evening shuttle, when Su Hao reached there, the sky already turned dark. Zhang Zhongtian was carefully testing something in his lab. A drop of drug and a berserk beast.


The berserk beast roared and rammed itself against the closed laboratory wall.

Strength has doubled!

Attack speed has doubled!

Reaction speed has doubled!

The pain was almost zero during the process.

The period of the process was different according to the type of berserk beast. Based on the test results, the more powerful the beast, the longer the process would last!

Zhang Zhongtian looked at the data in his hands as he analyzed them.


Su Hao walked in front of him.

You came?

Zhang Zhongtian glanced at him for a second, Intermediate black market body strengthening drug is completed. But the effect of increment wasnt as good as what I imagined. In fact, compared to the ordinary body strengthening drug, it is still weak! If the effect is increased, even berserk beasts couldnt withstand it!

What do you mean by that?

Su Hao felt something was amiss.

He clearly understood the effect of the intermediate body strengthening drug. Even if the experiment was a failure, compared to the ordinary drug, how could it be any weaker?

You should know about the effect of this drug is divided into two right? Zhang Zhongtian looked at the data while continued, First part is the original effect of the drug itself and the other part was the side effect of the black market drug. However, I found out that when the dosage is increased, the two factors will conflict with each other!

And if I increase the dosage past a certain point these two factors would then react and directly damage the biological tissue. Most people definitely wont be able to withstand it. Even berserk beasts would be torn apart at once! So. the current dosage is at the equilibrium state.

Zhang Zhongtian said with a bitter smile, So, although it is finished, the effect is too weak.

So that was the case.

Su Hao felt weird. The dosage of drug needed to be in the right amount.

Even if you add an extra drop, the same problem will arise. Let alone this complicated drug which had all sort of materials. To raise it from a beginner to an intermediate drug wasnt something as easy as increasing the dosage.

Huh is there no other way to supplement this?

Su Hao asked.

Under normal circumstances, when such problem arises, one would need a complementary drug to help in solving it.

Ive tried.

Zhang Zhongtian shook his head, I have tried all the complementary drugs once, and nothing came to fruition! Even those pain reliever I got it from the hands of Gao Yang. One can imagine that to solve this problem any ordinary drug would be useless.


Su Hao bitterly smiled. In this regard, he really didnt study much compared to his master. What he could think of, naturally his master had already considered it. Just that, he probably had to get rid of his hope to use this drug to strengthen his body. For the current him, the improvement wont be much.

It would be better to wait for his master to complete his experiment. 

You can try it.

Zhang Zhongtian shrugged his shoulder, Although it is not much, your physical fitness should be able to increase by 10 to 20 points? In fact, it is quite the increase in points.


Su Hao quickly waved his hand.

To use this semi-completed drug was no joke; this drug could only be taken once in a lifetime. What if his master managed to perfect the drug in future, then would he not be a few steps behind others? This drug which could only be used once per lifetime, it would be the best to wait for the right opportunity


Su Hao suddenly thought of something. His eyes lit up.

Master, ordinary body strengthening drug, is there any alternative drug?

Of course there is.

Zhang Zhongtian continued, Therere many ways to reach the limit of the human body. Body strengthening drug is just one of the way. However, this was after being tested countless times by the Pharmacy Association. In term of cost and effectiveness, this is the best method.

So, by using other drugs, one can reach 400 points too?

Su Haos eyes lit even brighter.

En, yup.

Zhang Zhongtian felt weird and looked at his student strangely, Although you can reach 400 points, you still cant breakthrough. Even if it is another drug, you still cant break past the threshold of a human bodys limit. I originally thought the black market drug would be able to do so, but now it seems...

Zhang Zhongtian looked a bit sad.

However, Su Hao was on cloud nine, Master, if so, why does this black market drug need both effects?


Zhang Zhongtian was stunned.

Master, although the black market strengthening drug is transformed from the ordinary body strengthening drug, it doesnt need to have the same function as the ordinary one. We just need to use the side effect of the black market drug. Since the current black market strengthening drug can reach 400 points, then this single role is already more than enough!

Su Hao excitedly said.

Only a single role?

Zhang Zhongtian frowned, However if you use the normal drug before then you cant use the black market version...


Zhang Zhongtian suddenly had his eyes lit up.

He finally understood his students intention!

Since other drugs could complete the same function, why must he rely on the ordinary strengthening drug?

If an ordinary drug cost 30 million and another drug costs 50 million

Under normal circumstances, one would naturally choose the ordinary strengthening drug.


This would be a completely different case when the black market drug is involved.

The black market body strengthening drug was to increase physical fitness and could increase the gain through the side effect. However, the shortcoming was you would not be able to take the ordinary drug anymore. In this case, would you choose to give up the black market body strengthening drug or the ordinary body strengthening drug?

The answer was easy!

Nobody would ever give up the chance to breakthrough the limits of the human body. Once this black market drug is available on the market, the ones who would suffer would be the ordinary body strengthening drug. However, this type of drug was the largest sale in the Pharmacy Association!

Especially the beginner body strengthening drug. If this drug was not popular, then how would the Pharmacy Association deal with this?

By then

Zhang Zhongtian would once again be well known to the world!

Perhaps the one who would cry and invite him back would be the Pharmacy Association themselves!


Zhang Zhongtian laughed out loud, Why do I not think of this? Kid, you are so smart!


Su Hao smirked.

Wait here for me. I will go and try it now.

Zhang Zhongtian revealed a look of excitement. Once again he emerged himself in experimenting. Once he had the main direction, the next process should be easy!

In just half an hour, a bottle of crystal clear drug was freshly concocted!

Intermediate black market body strengthening drug!


Zhang Zhongtian once again tested the drug and was stunned, The berserk beasts experiment is done. If I only considered the side effect, the result would definitely be shocking! This daddys intermediate black market drug will be the best. This time, the Pharmacy Association will be eating shit! Hahaha~


Su Hao coughed, Master, you better change the name.


Zhang Zhongtian was confused.

This drug would definitely be more expensive than the strengthening drug. And the name intermediate black market strengthening drug is always considered low quality. Not only would it receive competition from the beginner drug but also those ordinary drugs from the Pharmacy Association.

Su Hao was speechless. This master of his always never considered the Pharmacy Association in his eyes.

So, master. If you want to sell this well and have it accepted by everyone, you must name it with a new and attractive high-class name. At least, on the surface, it will look like something coming out from the Origin Ability Association and wont alert others. When the sales increase the Pharmacy Association wont be able to do anything by then.


Zhang Zhongtian patted his thigh, We will do as you said.

Not only that, I am going to include the drug to reach 400 points too. Once one follows the instructions, he would definitely break past the human body limit easily. I will make them unable to sell even a single bottle! Haha, when this daddy dominates the market and exposes my identity, then that group of old men will come crying and begging me to return to the association!

Su Hao sweated heavily.

His master was even darker than himself.

At that time, he remembered how he was cheated by his master the first time they met His master seemed senile but once you thought of him that way, you will definitely be cheated on the spot!

As for the drug creator...

Zhang Zhongtian turned his eyes and looked at Su Hao, You!