Godly Model Creator Chapter 331

Gmc Chapter 331

Chapter 331    The start of college entrance exam!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Su Hao waved his fist in mid-air, the sound of air splitting could be heard!

As a breeze could be felt, Su Hao noticed that there was air resistance on his fist due to its high speed. 400 points out of 2,000 points of a beginner esper werent much, but once the limit was exceeded

The improvement brought was unimaginable!

For those espers with physical type talents, when their physical fitness exceeded 400 points, one would consider their attacks as an origin technique due to their extremely horrifying power!

When specialized espers tested their strength, together with their physical fitness of 400 points, they would then measure the energy strength. Then how about his current strength now?


With a punch, Su Hao hit the measuring machine.

Energy strength: Level 5 esper!

I have improved!

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Without using any origin technique, his own energy strength was maintained at level 4. However, after a surge in physical fitness, the extra power had once again made his strength leap to another stage!

An intermediate black market strengthening drug was able to make him jump from a level 4 to a level 5 esper!

This was definitely another milestone achieved in the pharmacy world!

Su Hao looked at his master in excitement, but he smirked when he noticed his masters gloomy expression.

Well Master, I really didnt mean to.


Zhang Zhongtian coldly snorted, If you did it on purpose, this daddy would have killed  you long ago!


Su Hao laughed awkwardly.

Zhang Zhongtian then snappily looked at him, threw him a stack of documents, and then slowly said, I have tested your body. This intermediate black market strengthening drug was able to increase your physical fitness from 400 to 500 points. It was all by relying on the side effect! If not for the aid of the machine, the effect would have lasted for at least 72 hours!

Unfortunately, you have already used the beginner black market body strengthening drug before, so this data is probably invalid. After the beginner and advanced versions are completed, coupled with the drugs to aid in reaching 400 points of physical fitness, a set of drugs which is used to surpass the limits of the human body would be completed.

Beyond the limits of the human body...

Looking at that fanatical look of his master, Su Hao also felt a burning passion.

If the advanced black market strengthening drug appeared, his strength could probably be increased by another level! Too bad, the research for the beginner or advanced versions hadnt even started. Probably, a long amount of time would be needed to accomplish this dream.

Alright, tomorrow is your college entrance exam.

Zhang Zhongtian glanced at him, Although your physical fitness increased, what improved wasnt just your strength. Whether it was speed or reaction, they also increased. If you do not become familiar with your current body quickly, your performance might turn out worse than before.


Su Hao nodded.

Different from origin ability increment, when his physical fitness increased, he had that slight feeling of not being able to hold himself. The moment when he woke up, he already went and destroyed the machine unconsciously. Even when he tried to get used to his new strength, he still felt a trace of unease. He must get this done quickly.

After bidding farewell to his master, Su Hao directly headed to the training center in the middle of the city.

After madly trained for the whole day, able to grasp his body condition completely. Currently, the combat effectiveness of Su Hao wasnt just as simple as being upgraded!

Global competition...

Su Hao gripped his fist hard, I would like to see, how high the current me will go!


Su Haos muscle contracted, and once again he hit the sandbag opposite of him.

At the same time.

Everywhere in the world, all third-year high school students were training hard. The first reformation of the college entrance exam, some were excited while some were angry. However, nobody could stop the implementation of the reform.

While everyone was enveloped with nervousness and excitement, a day just passed like that.

College entrance exam was officially here!

The next morning, every third-year student went to school. What was different from the previous exams were that during the exam, the school was closed. All the juniors were on holiday. As for the results and data of the exam, they were broadcasted live. Everyone could enjoy the watching the exam through the Internet.

Except for the third year students and staffs, anyone who appeared in the school would be treated like a criminal for trying to disrupt the exam. The first exam since the reformation, the government naturally wont allow any mishap to happen!

When Su Hao reached the front gate, everyone was already waiting there for quite some time.

When Chen Yiran saw Su Hao, she immediately walked towards him.

What happen?

Su Hao noticed the Chen Yirans expression wasnt that great, Are you worried about the exam?

I was worried about you, idiot.

Chen Yiran pulled Su Haos hand.

What is there to worry about me.

Su Hao laughed it off, With my current strength, even if it is impossible for me to enter the top 100, there shouldnt be any problem reaching the top 1,000. The number of admissions into Zhanzheng College this time will be a full 10,000 students. Im pretty sure I will be fine.

Not this.

Chen Yiran shook her head slightly, It is the Jin family.

Jin family?

Su Haos pupil contracted.


Chen Yiran nodded, They dared not act because of the Origin Ability Association but I heard my dad mention that the Jin family had some movement these past two days. As for your identity as an intern, once you graduate, that position will be lifted automatically. By then, they will definitely make their move.

Jin family...

Su Haos eyes turned cold.

These few days, he had been so busy training that he almost forgot about the Jin family. The college entrance exam was the most important event to every student, but to others, it was irrelevant. What the Jin family planned to do was to wait for him to graduate before they could capture him.

Compared to the college entrance exam, they were more worried about their identity and the remains from the ruins. Although the dead couldnt be resurrected, even if Su Hao tried to leak out the conspiracy within the Jin family, nobody would actually listen to him, but Jin family would definitely not ignore this time bomb.

Once there was a chance, they would definitely kill Su Hao without any hesitation!

Based on what Chen Yiran said, the Jin family had already shown some movement. Especially those Jin family members who remained in Jianghe City. What they were waiting for was the moment when Su Hao no longer had any relations with the Origin Ability Association.

In just a moment, countless scenarios flashed within Su Haos mind.

About the Jin family, there are actually ways to get out of it.

Looking at his worried expression, Chen Yiran then said.


Su Haos eyes lit up, What is the solution?

First rank!

Chen Yiran said seriously.

First rank?

Su Hao was stunned.

To be frank, he had never thought of being first. Previously, it would already be a blessing if he was able to enroll in Zhanzheng College. Then, his ambition grew as his strength increased. Two days ago, he actually aimed for the top 100!

Because once he was in the top 100, he would have the chance to witness the actual military exercise.

However, to get the first rank

Su Hao bitterly shook his head, To be able in the top 100, Im already satisfied. Even within Jianghe City alone, there is an esper like Bai Xiaosheng, a level 6 esper. What about the other cities then? Jinhua City? Or even the whole world?

After all, Jianghe City is too small. The average strength isnt strong too. By then, perhaps a level 7 or a level 8 esper will appear! Su Hao sighed, Or worst, a level 9 esper appears. Even a hundred of me wont be able to compete with him.


Chen Yiran pointed softly on Su Haos forehead, The college entrance exam is not about duels. It will definitely be an overall assessment covering all kinds of potential. I still think you can give it a shot. As long as you get first, no matter how arrogant the Jin family is, they would definitely be wary of touching you.

Su Hao looked down while pondering the feasibility of this plan.

After a moment later

He finally looked up with his eyes full of confidence, Great! The first rank, I will fight for it!

Jin family was watching its prey like a tiger.

What Chen Yiran said was right. To really make them give up and not dare to make any move on Su Hao, getting into Zhanzheng College wasnt enough. He must make them fear him.

The best solution was none other than being well known to the world!

Try to imagine, if one managed to be famous during the global competition and be under everyones attention, will the Jin family dare to make a single move under the everyones attention?


Chen Yiran smiled and encouraged him.

Looking at Su Haos serious expression, Chen Yiran sighed in relief. Because what her father mentioned was if Su Hao was in the top 100, Jin family would weigh the consequences before attempting to make a move on Su Hao. If he were able to be in the top 10, Jin family would probably take a detour if they stumble upon Su Hao

As for being first?

This is no joke!

That was a potential candidate to be the strongest esper in the future. Who would dare to provoke such an individual?

Just that, when these reached Chen Yiran, she quietly changed the version before informing it to Su Hao.

She was too clear of Su Haos character. If there were a reward like some universal origin technique, he would definitely fight for it. As for fame and publicity, he would never put them in his eyes.

The strongest freshman?

What was the difference from the top 100?

Thus, if she didnt stimulate him, even if Su Hao had the strength, he would never show his full potential. Chen Yiran was indeed right regarding this fact.

Both of them chatted for some time while time passed.

Finally, it was time to enter the examination site.

As each student entered one by one, the schools detection system was much stricter. As it swept pass Su Haos body, Su Hao had a quick glance. This was a military detector! The data was directly linked to the largest federal military database. One could say no matter who, nobody would be able to escape from this!

No matter what you have done, as long as it was recorded

Just a quick sweep and everything was displayed!