Godly Model Creator Chapter 333

Gmc Chapter 333

Chapter 333    Decathlon

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Countless of students with high scores appeared, shocking the crowd.

However, the astonishment didnt last for too long because the global ranking panel, new data suddenly appeared, stunning everyone!

Name: Tian Zi, Theoretical basis exam: 280 points, Overall ranking: 1!


Tian Zi?

280 points?

Damn! How could there be 280 points?

Wait Look at the global ranking.

People looked at the global ranking list, countless of students that achieved more than 200 points in theoretical basis had appeared on the list and quietly replaced the initial students! Meanwhile, on the list of Jianghe City, the top rank was still Fang Ling who scored 200 points, with an overall ranking of 1028.

His ranking was still falling every second!

There were so many people with 200 points, what is happening?

Who knows, was there really such a huge difference between Jianghe City and the other places?

Ohya! I heard that there were additional questions on the new college entrance exam! Perhaps the extra points

Might be possible!

Everyone finally realized, Perhaps the extra points were from the bonus questions, but what were those bonus questions about? Why couldnt a student from Jianghe City answer it?

On the central square of Jianghe City.

A huge virtual screen was floating in the air. Countless people in the central square were staring at it. However, Jianghe City being left behind in the rankings made them feel depressed. Although they knew that Jianghe City couldnt really compete with other places at the international level, it was such a huge difference that they didnt even have a student who managed to get more than 200 marks!

The time continued to go on.

In the blink of an eye, 2 hours had passed.

People stopped focusing on the global ranking. No one broke Tian Zis record. Meanwhile, they didnt care about who else was in the global ranking. Their actual concern was the data displayed on the list of Jianghe City.

Global Competition!

It wasnt just a test on the potential of the students!

The potential of a city and its prospects were all depending on the performance of its young generation. The global competition would expose the capability of every city! No matter how good the citys income, if the city didnt even have a student with huge potential...

This indicated that the city was in trouble!

The main force who would represent humans to fight against berserk beasts in the future were these students. If the entire city didnt even have an excellent student

What was the meaning for such a city to exist?

To wasting resources?

A city without potential was not worth being invested in by the federal government. A city with a bad education system didn't qualify to survive in the future! Perhaps the people didnt know, but the mayor was extremely nervous when he looked at the local scoreboard.

Within an hour after the exam started, many people were in despair.

According to the rumors, there was one prosperous city which didnt even have a student who scored more than 100 marks, causing the overall result to be terrible. The federal government was furious and ordered an investigation of the city to determine where its resources had been allocated.

Meanwhile, the public finally understood why the policy change had dragged on for so long. It had impacted too many aspects.

The crowd started to feel that something was wrong.

Everyone in the world was staring at their local list respectively. The list was the best indicator of a citys performance.

The game between the top-level management had finally led to the changes in the college entrance exam. However, the changes in the college entrance exam had started another new game with the top-level management.

When a master moves, each step of his will affect many.

It wasnt something that ordinary people could get involved with.

The crowd put their hopes on the result of the list. No one wished to be sacrificed in war!

No matter friend or enemy, they were on the side of their city.

The live broadcast of the college entrance exam had gained concern from everyone globally!


Su Hao easily killed a berserk beast.

The data of every berserk beast and plant flashed within Su Haos mind. As he had activated his model analysis, all the complicated questions became as easy as tic-tac-toe.


Theoretical basis exam completed, obtained 200 marks out of 200 marks.

Additional questions starting.


The surrounding energy shined and fluctuated, causing the blue limestone platform to disappear. Everything around him turned into a vast space with several huge bubbles floating around, leisurely in this seemingly infinite space.

What is this?

Su Hao frowned and said, Additional questions?

He waited for a moment, but nothing changed around him.

As the time past, Su Hao finally moved towards a bubble nearest to him.

Additional question session activated!

The theme for the additional question is decathlon. To survive, combat effectiveness itself is not enough. You have to know and master certain non-combat skills to make yourself stronger!

Please choose your field of professions for the test!

Each profession has a total of ten points and the points will be given according to the level of mastery. Each student can choose ten professions, where the total score for this session will be 100 marks. The total score obtained from the ten professions will be the final score for the bonus questions session!

The profession of your current choice is culinary art, confirm your choice? If confirmed, you culinary skill will be tested, and the marks will be added to your bonus questions session.


Su Hao said, Haha, which idiot teacher came out with such question!

The changes in the theoretical basis exam were acceptable. although it became harder than before. However, what was going on with this decathlon bonus question session? How could a normal person master ten different professions? It was ridiculous!

Martial art?



If it was these, Su Hao could accept it!


Culinary art?

Su Hao felt that the IQ of the teacher who came out with this question had gone beyond the highest level of the human population!

Su Hao gave up on this bubble and headed towards another bubble, a list of data appeared again.

The profession of your current choice is fishing, confirm your choice? If confirmed, your fishing skill will be tested, and the points will be added to your bonus questions session.

Damn fishing!

What the hell is this!

Su Hao cursed. Although the college entrance exam was to have a comprehensive test, wasnt this too comprehensive? Although it was just bonus questions, it still accumulated to 100 points!

He worked hard for a year before he managed to get a full score for his theoretical basis exam. However, now it seemed that it might become his disadvantage. If it was the case, he might not be able to get admitted into Zhanzheng College!

Su Hao continued to check on all the bubbles.

An infinite number of bubbles were moving around. It almost covered all the professions he had ever heard. If he continued to check them out one by one, for sure much time would be wasted.

Can I switch it to a list of choices?

Su Hao asked. According to what he knew about the examination system, the system could understand some simple request and instruction.


Switching the interface.

Please wait for a moment.


On the screen, there was a list of choices that could be scrolled through. Su Hao swiped down the list, and after a few seconds, he reached the end of the list!

Su Hao closed his eyes and started to analyze the list.

Culinary Art, pass!

Fishing, pass!

Drawing, pass!

Writing, pass!

Su Hao filtered through the various professions. When Su Hao finished analyzing the list, Su Hao sadly realized that there were only three professions that he knew.

Pharmacy, piano, and modeling

The standard for the bonus questions wouldnt be too high. With Su Haos capability, he could score full marks for these three professions. However, how about the remaining seven? No matter what, it would be such bad luck if he couldnt score high on the theoretical basis exam just because of one stupid teacher!

If it was the case

230 points!

It was the highest possible score that Su Hao might achieve.

A person could only focus on a limited aspect. If one spent too much time learning various professions, although his ability to survive might increase, relatively his ability in battle will decrease. Nonetheless, in the era of origin ability, most people will put their effort on increasing their battle capability.

Meanwhile, Su Hao was already considered as outstanding as he managed to master pharmacy, piano, and modeling.

Is such a result consider high?

Su Hao shook his head, impossible!

He spent one year of time to boost his theoretical basis to 200 points. He believed that there would be many people that could score full marks just like he did. Meanwhile, among these people, for sure there must be some talented genius who knew various professions. If they could master a few other professions, they could easily defeat Su Hao in this section.

It wasnt impossible for those students who born in a wealthy family.

People had a limitation in their focus; however, in this era, talents were everywhere. Moreover, there were still geniuses.

Theoretical basis was the part that Su Hao most confident with, hence he must win this!

Decathlon huh

Su Hao squinted his eyes, You guys forced me to do so!