Godly Model Creator Chapter 334

Gmc Chapter 334

Chapter 0334    Extremely daring!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Virtual reality...

Su Hao activated his model analysis while slowly closing his eyes. His mind then entered into an ethereal state.

His model analysis could be used in virtual reality. Except for being able to read cards, other origin techniques could be used. Terrain modeling, character modeling, synchronous playback, and illusion reality could all be utilized.

However, to create a model from reality while inside the virtual world?

He never tried before!

Model analysis!



Scene by scene began to appear within his mind. The scene around Su Hao, spreading to an infinite expansion, those floating bubbles in an endless space.


Su Hao frowned, This is still the virtual world.


Su Hao closed both eyes and forcibly kicked his consciousness away from the virtual state.

Model analysis, start!

The scene began to appear again. As Su Hao had a look, he was suddenly startled. It was a success!

He saw the classroom where he is doing the exam!

Although Su Hao didnt open his eyes, he was well aware of the situation within the classroom. Dozens of students were sitting in their respective seats. A translucent virtual screen appeared and isolated each student. It was generally similar to the system used in the martial arts building. However, these machines were definitely one level above when compared to those in the martial arts building.

At this moment, all the students just sat without moving as if they were asleep.

Before the end of the exam, everyone would have to undergo this deep sleep-like state. Nobody was an exception!

And now, this was Su Haos chance!

Model analysis!

Character modeling!

The energy began to sweep around the surrounding students. In his temporary model world, additional character models appeared. Each persons origin technique, cultivation technique, ability talent, all formed into cards that perfectly displayed themselves while floating around in the character model.

Clear and distinct.



Su Hao had a quick glance and locked his vision onto one of the cards.


Card name: Beginner painting

Card level: 1 star

Description: Painting is a kind of art which can copy the naturalness or unnaturalness of an object to achieve a 2D or 3D effect. With a brush, the world within your heart can be portrayed. By integrating energy, you could even bring the paint alive. Beginner painting is the basis to achieve perfect art.



Su Hao cut off his energy and directly selected the test for pharmacy. Countless data engulfed him like a waterfall. Soon, all the questions regarding pharmacy were shown. For someone like Su Hao who was now an advanced pharmacist, they were all naturally easy and quickly completed.

The 10 points from the first exam of the decathlon regarding pharmacy, was now in his hand.

Of course, this wasnt Su Haos main goal.

If Im to derive based on the test for pharmacy, does this mean that I have to be at least at the intermediate level to achieve a full score?

Su Hao was in deep thought.

This was the result of his analysis. The teacher who came out with this test was quite harsh, and regarding the difficulty, there was not even a slight reduction.

Intermediate level!

For others, Su Hao wasnt sure, but intermediate pharmacists and pianists could easily get a high-paying job within the community. Obviously, these additional questions were prepared for the geniuses by those evildoers!

Does your kid know how ruthless you are?

Su Hao cursed to his heart content on the teacher who came up with the questions, before calming himself and began analyzing the current situation.

He selected the piano option.

Obviously, Su Hao easily obtained a perfect score.

Another 10 points successfully obtained from the second exam of decathlon on piano.

However, the test this time had confirmed his guess. To get a full score, you had to achieve the intermediate level.

If so, this beginner painting is not enough.

Su Hao pondered.

Using his model analysis, he scanned through the whole classroom again. Then he realized there wasnt even a single person at the intermediate level in a profession. Only a few managed to master the beginner level, but since it wasnt sufficient to achieve a full score, Su Hao wasnt bothered by them.

Seems that I have to increase the range.

Model analysis!

Range: The whole school!



With Su Hao acting as the center, a huge energy fluctuation spread through the whole school at an incredible speed!

Character modeling!


Thousands of character models appeared within Su Haos mind. Su Hao quickly analyzed them, once the models were established, in 0.01 milliseconds, the temporary model collapse instantly. This was because, in such a short period, it was sufficient for him to remember the cards owned by the character models.



Numerous models quickly collapsed after forming in his mind.

Su Hao was immobile the whole time. Seizing this opportunity, he madly scanned the character models. Once he stumbled upon any skill which was at the intermediate level or above, he would immediately record it!

However, Su Hao didnt know that the moment he activated his ability, the whole school was in a commotion!

In the school meeting room.

Many teachers and leaders were worried about this college entrance exam result. After all, it could bring devastating consequences. Just at this moment, an unusual energy fluctuation suddenly swept pass them which alerted everyone.


Who was it?

Several leaders stood up and shouted. Raising their head, they looked up at the sky. During the college entrance exam, there was someone daringly scanning the school?

This was simply a provocative move!

Lock onto the energy fluctuation!

A vice principal immediately grumped coldly, To try and create a mess in our school during the college entrance exam, I would like to see what kind of sacred identity this person has!


Several teachers nodded and tagged along.



A ray of light flashed, and those teachers disappeared from their spot.

Following the direction of the energy fluctuation, soon they reached the targets location. Led by the vice principal, they rushed toward the classroom. However, when they were just stepping into the classroom, that energy fluctuation

Quietly disappeared without a trace.


Everyone was clueless.

Looking from left to right, in addition to the students in the classroom, there wasnt anyone else!

How could this be?

The vice principal frowned. Opening up his communication device, he activated the heat detection and scanned around. However, there was no sign of any outsiders.


A teacher looked at the inside of the classroom, Could it be one of the students is responsible for this?


The vice principal rejected the idea, Everyone was in a state of deep sleep. Its impossible to come out. Besides that, the energy fluctuation covered the whole school. Such a huge amount of energy It should be at least a level 9 esper or higher! How could a student be responsible for this?

Those few teachers broke into cold sweat.

Higher than a level 9 esper?

Then couldnt it be

A legendary professional esper?

Could it be that quick scan just now was done by a professional esper?

Usually, when there is an energy fluctuation in the school, it will be either cheating or an outsider bringing trouble. But this sudden appearance and vanish was a first time. The vice principal frowned, Leave a guard here. As for the others, follow me back. Lets consider this some strong esper just passing by our school.

After saying so, those few men left the scene.

At this moment, if they were to look carefully, they would found a young mans body was abnormally stiff. His forehead was even sweating quite heavily.

Phew, finally gone.

Su Hao took a deep breath.

This nearly scared the hell out of him!

The time allotted for the theoretical basis exam was limited. To save time, he directly chose the most inconvenient method. The benefit of this move was naturally yo make his job easier when scanning. As for the downside, the ones being scanned included everyone especially

The school teachers!

In just a second, Su Hao established every model and then reacted by cutting off his energy at the shortest time! When these teachers came here, what they saw would just be an ordinary classroom. They would have never thought of Su Hao.

This was too thrilling!

Naturally, after this dilemma passed, it was time to enjoy the great harvest.

All the card names were imprinted in his mind as he closed his eyes. Using his memory to recall them, he then began to organize the data.

Soon, all the statistics were completed.

Two people managed to master the advanced level.

A total of twelve people mastered the intermediate level.

Of course, this was the harvest of the ones which he could establish models.

When his energy fluctuation swept pass Bai Xiaosheng and Zhou Wang, he felt two completely different forces trying to resist and instantly cut off his ability.

This made him unable to establish their model.

Bai Xiaosheng

Zhou Wang

These two are definitely not simple!

Su Haos mouth raised into a smile. Looking at the completed data, he started his model analysis again.

Now that he had a goal, of course, he definitely wouldnt need to resort to a full range coverage. With this model range expansion, without even moving, Su Hao could easily lock onto these people.

Quietly locking onto his target, he directly established a card!

Card modeling!


Card selection completed Intermediate language mastery Card model analyzing Card model establishing Card model forming Card model establishment complete!

At this moment, countless cards appeared in Su Haos mind. Intermediate language mastery, intermediate painting, intermediate writing, and even intermediate singing! After establishing the cards, Su Hao immediately used his energy to read the cards. The surging energy caused the card reading progress to be completed almost instantly!

When he opened his eyes again, Su Haos eyes lit up.