Godly Model Creator Chapter 337

Gmc Chapter 337

Chapter 0337    Hidden test

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Of course!

The young man slammed the table, Since when do I ever joke?

Chen Yifeng smiled while looking at him, One origin technique, and I give you all of the information you need.


You bastard!

The young man was outraged, You dare to take advantage of me! You must be kidding; you won't tempt me! I will find it myself, hmph, merely some information about a Jianghe City student.

A set of Li Tiantians special edition personal photos.

Chen Yifeng smiled, This is the only special edition copy, dont miss this chance.

The young man hesitated for a moment; then he violently slapped his thigh.


Very good.

Chen Yifeng was very pleased as he immediately sent a set of information to him, then he quickly left, I have given you the information, remember to give me the origin technique in return, breaking the deal is not allowed.

You are kidding.

The young man looked at Chen YiFeng with despise, Break the deal? I have been in Zhanzheng College for a few years, since when I have ever broken a promise?

After he finished speaking, the young man opened his virtual screen, and then

He stiffly stood there.

His whole body wasnt feeling great.

The brothers beside him came to him curiously, What reaction is this? Stunned by a beauty? Why is it in private mode, open it, quick. I am quite curious.

Heh heh.

The young man creepily laughed...

In the subsequent moment, a mournful howl rang out in the Zhanzheng College, Chen Yifeng! Damn you! Zhanzheng College, damn you! Federal government, damn you! Li Tiantian, damn you! Is there any problem to add gender to the college entrance exam list? F*ck f*ck f*ck! These pictures have blinded this little masters dog eyes!


The brothers beside him suddenly had a shock. Damn it! Fortunately, they didnt see the photos. It was actually a guy. As for what Chen Yifeng meant by personal collection did not need to be said

What an unfortunate man.


The college entrance exams first hurdle, theoretical basis had just ended. The storm that set off the whole world, it was something that everyone didnt expect.

The live broadcasting to the whole world, the effect it created was extremely horrifying.

Compared to the nervous candidates, this was totally a different atmosphere. The outsiders were very entertained as if they were enjoying a movie with all sorts of sarcastic comments. Now as the theoretical basis just ended, the additional topic that was related to this exam was also announced publicly.

And this, the netizens also added a very fair evaluation towards the teacher who produced the college entrance exam questions.

The teacher who could produce such exams questions was definitely mad. For non-combatants, it was obvious that they would pick the professions they were good at. But this assessment actually needed a full intermediate level or above of 10 professions to achieve a perfect score. It was rather unbelievable.

A majority of the students could only get 10 points, and that was already considered very good results.

Individual students who mastered two or three professions could already be considered as outstanding. The assessment of this times theoretical basis, because the additional questions were different, the revelation of the point produced a huge shock. But to Su Hao and Li Tiantian who scored full marks, a majority of them directly labeled them with the nickname insane. Those who could complete these crazy questions were definitely freaks!

The internet discussions were mainly towards the difficulty of the ten additional topics.

As for the meaning of non-combative professions, many people expressed that they understood. Because most of the time, a second profession was very useful to an individuals ability increase.

Pharmacy and piano naturally didnt need to say any further, an extremely powerful auxiliary medicine, or mysterious healing to the mind and soul. It was said that a certain powerful dark cuisine could silently kill a person; many voices of singers could even contain impactful energy and cause peoples spirits to be lifted, or directly use their voices to attack others.

The mysterious origin ability era.

Nothing was impossible.

Once the theoretical basis exam ended, it was the time for the afternoon break.

However, the school obviously didnt let everyone have a good rest. At this time, the theoretical basis exam list was distributed into every students hands.

The results were given once a single exam ended?

Everyone was shocked.

In a shielded exam area, the school through the internal LAN sent the results into the hands of every student regarding their local and worldwide overall ranking.

When the crowd opened their virtual screen, they were completely stunned.


Su Hao was surprised as he saw his virtual screen that could still receive messages although it was shielded, he silently opened it, and then he saw the results.

He looked at the expression of the surrounding people. Su Hao clearly knew that everyone received it!

Why were the results immediately sent to us?

Su Hao couldnt understand.

In the previous exams, normally it was until the end of all the exams that it was sent. The reason was not to affect the students exams, but this time

I understand!

Su Haos mind moved, this was also another test!

A psychological quality exam.

If they performed slightly worse on their subsequent exams because the first exam results had affected them, it meant that the students psychological quality couldnt pass!

If they couldnt overcome this test, how could they be expected to hunt berserk beasts?

Was that a joke?

Hence, this was a secret psychological test.

The school is so serious about the exams.

Su Hao silently muttered. Then he looked at the results of the theoretical basis exam. Even if he had any mental preparation earlier, he would still be stunned.

He thought having a perfect score would get him first place.

Theoretical basis was his greatest advantage.

But he never thought he actually was number 2, crushed by a 16-year-old youth. The age factor of the college entrance exam, he almost forgot about it. After he made some scrolling towards the bottom, Chen Yirans result was not bad, maintained at about 230 points. And Zhou Wangs and Bai Xiaoshengs results really shocked him.

Zhou Wang had 290 marks

This also meant Zhou Wang didnt get full marks for any subject, or it could be said, he obtained 9 points on average for each subject. For a lightning type ability user like Zhou Wang, this was almost impossible!

There must be someone who helped him.

However, who could it be again?

And if Zhou Wangs results shocked him, Bai Xiaoshengs results were even more shocking, perfect score! With absolute advantage, he obtained full points. If not for his final score being deducted due to his age, perhaps Bai Xiaosheng would be the same as him, ranked at number 2 worldwide. This was unbelievable.

In this world, there were countless mysterious abilities.

Su Hao understood that these ten professions were already considered to be outside the category of normal abilities. Unless you knew the exam questions, who would be so free to practice these? There were also the all-rounders, but for those who tried their hardest to master up to the beginner level, it was already quite good. Because for the beginner level, they could already land a job!

Who would be so free to train until the intermediate level?

The intermediate level for each field was already considered to be an expert.

The decathlon which signified one was an expert in ten different fields! These full scores, Su Hao, was able to do so by cheating

Then, how about Bai Xiaosheng?

Was it his mysterious origin ability talent?

Su Hao went silent.

After reading the result for another time, Su Hao quietly went for lunch.

This level of psychological fluctuations was still unlikely to affect him. However, he had to admit one point which from this theoretical basis exam, there were many talented candidates in Jianghe City!

And at this moment, Zhou Wang also looked at the results in his hands in shock.

Su Hao

Full score?

Zhou Wang couldnt believe it.

Master, how is this possible? Zhou Wang said unbelievably, Usually, who would learn so many other fields? And he is still a student. To reach the intermediate level and above in ten professions, even if he studied from his birth, there isnt enough time for him to do so.

With your help, I could get 290 points, yet Su Hao actually got full marks?

Zhou Wang felt a bit dizzy.

There was no one beside him, but in Zhou Wangs mind a slight hesitant old voice rang out I am also not so sure. This person Su Hao, I couldnt understand him more and more. I heard from you that he was once a total bookworm and he dabbed into countless fields. Perhaps, it could only be said that his talent was extraordinary in this area.


Zhou Wang said without certainty.

With some difficulty, he said, Originally, I planned to take the number 1 rank in theoretical basis and stretch the gap. I didnt expect that two people actually blocked me, and one of them was even Su Hao. Looks like, this college entrance exam will not be as easy as I had imagined.

Dont worry.

The old man used his voice and said, These days, I had brought you to experience countless training, and used secret techniques to quench your body; youre definitely much stronger than others. In the physical fitness test which will happen soon, you will definitely shine! No matter how powerful their physique can be, they can only reach 400 points at most.


Zhou Wang nodded, his morale was lifted.

At the same time, countless people looked at the results in their hands. Some were excited, some were depressed, some had their morale lifted, and their morale was completely triggered. As for the rest, they had looks of disappointment, completely downhearted, or were no longer in good condition. Obviously, the blow of the first exam was very hard.

Su Hao glanced through everyone in the crowd.

He had to admit.

This move by the school was very vicious!

After the afternoon break, the afternoon time came very quickly. The second test, the news about physical fitness was sent to everyones communication device. According to the information, after the crowd had reached their respective location, the second test will begin.



The crowd neatly sat in the classroom.

Immediately, a flying saucer-like round instrument appeared above everyones head. Blue laser beams shot down from the saucer-like instrument and scanned everyones body.



X times 

The laser beams cross scan took a full three minutes. Then every data recording was complete, the round instrument shrunk as a virtual screen appeared before everyone.

Before Su Haos eyes, a virtual screen was established.

On top of it displayed rows of information and the final total assessment marks.

Physical fitness: 400 points (full marks).


As your bodys physical fitness has reached the human body limit of 400 points, it meets the extra questions activation requirement. Now, the physical fitness additional question officially begins!