Godly Model Creator Chapter 338

Gmc Chapter 338

Chapter 0338    Challenging limit

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Additional questions for physical fitness activated!

Deep sleep system is starting!

Virtual reality is activating!

Inside the classroom.

After the completion of the physical fitness test, every student was given a minute to prepare mentally. Leaning on their respective seats, they began to lost consciousness and soon fell asleep. In the depth of everyones mind, a figure appeared. Now, every student had entered into the virtual world.


Su Hao opened his eyes and was greeted by a new world. Taking a quick look at the surroundings, he could see a beautiful forest and stars decorating the sky. Occasionally, he could hear the roar of a tiger, coming from the depths of the forest.

Virtual reality has improved.

Su Haos eyes revealed an amusing look.

The existence of virtual reality technology in this world wasnt that long. Because of the appearance of origin ability, it could be that this was the main factor for its development. Compared to the ancient virtual reality, the current one had a lot of methods to dive into virtual reality.

But what were these additional questions regarding physical fitness?

Su Hao scanned through and remembered the scenery. He wanted to use his model analysis to analyze more about the surrounding environment but then noticed that his ability had been disabled!

To fully test physical fitness, they disabled our origin ability?

Su Hao sighed and quickly thought of some sort of plan.

However, strange sounds could suddenly be heard, causing him to become alert.



A strange sound was coming from the forest. Su Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at the direction of the sound. Not far from the end of the forest, a huge figure quietly appeared with a sinister look, mottled pattern and sharp claws. When it noticed Su Hao, it gave a huge roar.


It was so loud that even the deaf could hear the roar.

Blade tiger?

Su Hao sneered. Information about blade tigers appeared within his mind. It was ridiculous to try and use a blade tiger to defeat him even if his origin ability was sealed!

Just a mere blade tiger...


The paws of the blade tiger gently stepped forward. The spot which it stepped on instantly turned into a pit. Huge force spread to the surrounding, about five to six meters away.

This force...

Su Hao swallowed his saliva for a bit and took back his words.

This freak was definitely not like the blade tiger in his memory! Although the outer appearance was the same, if he were to judge this thing in front based on an ordinary blade tiger, he would definitely die miserably.


The blade tiger roared again. Its eyes were staring at Su Hao as it locked onto its target. With its body stretched out, based on Su Haos knowledge, this was the sign of its incoming attack.


Without any hesitation, Su Hao turned around and fled.


Another roar came from the blade tiger, and like lightning, it gave a chase. At this moment, a voice which should have come earlier echoed within Su Haos ears.

Speed test begins.

Test requirement: Under the chase of a mutated blade tiger, run to the lake region. Your result is based on how many meters you flee.

Damn you!

Su Hao cried and narrowly avoided the incoming sharp paw while seeing a giant rock being destroyed.

Mutated your ass! What kind of mutation is this!




With all his might, Su Hao fled within the forest.

There was only a path in front without any obstruction. Ten miles away, one could vaguely see a water lake. Blade tigers were afraid of water. So, as long as he dived into the lake, he would pass this stage!



Two figures fled in a straight line along the path.

Phantom sprint!

It was ineffective!

With the disable of origin ability, not only was their ability talent disabled, even origin techniques were disabled. In this world, any origin ability related skill was just for decoration.


A pair of paws came from behind.

Su Hao stepped sideways, full of cold sweat.

Never would he think that when he was distracted for a bit for attempting phantom sprint, he narrowly escaped death. This mutated blade tiger was too terrifying.

In theory, while in the forest, with the huge trees as obstacles, escaping should be easier.

However, Su Hao was very clear that without the support of his model analysis, the first one who would be slowed down by the trees would be himself. Since the blade tiger had long been accustomed to the forest, it wont be affected much. After entering the forest, the one who would die first would be him.

After testing his idea for a few times, Su Hao finally had a clear view of the current situation.

He couldnt hide!

He could only flee!

No shortcuts!


In this path, the only thing Su Hao could do was to increase his speed! Faster, faster, faster!


That enormous 500 points in physical fitness, breaking through the limits of a humans physical fitness finally revealed its devastating might.

Su Haos figure was like a phantom. In this little road with no obstacles, he dashed forward without even a hint of a pause. The blade tiger tailed him from behind as it didnt lose its target. Once Su Hao stopped for a split second, it would be able to get rid of Su Hao with its paws.

The place passed by them had turned into a mess.

On the ground, Su Haos footprint could be seen.

By using all his strength, the places where he stepped on left a deep imprint. This was to produce more momentum and sprint farther!

He could only run faster doing this!



Su Hao kept accelerating.

The mutated blade tiger was accelerating too.

A human and a tiger, both seemed to have entered into the zone. One could no longer see any sign of their figures as their speed increased. However, the lake which was far away was now visible.

About to reach.

Su Haos eyes lit up, and his bodys performance reached its peak.

However, the blade tiger suddenly had a burst of momentum. It leaped forward and appeared at Su Haos side with its claw slashed down!


With both legs, Su Hao leaped forward and evaded the incoming attack. With this jump, the moment he landed, his body would be stiff due to the impact from such a high position and allow the tiger to kill him. However


Splashes of water could be heard.

Su Haos figure fell into the lake.


The mutated tiger looked at Su Hao unwillingly. Looking at the huge lake, its face turned ugly. A moment later, it could only leave the scene while waving its tail unwillingly.

Goodbye, Brother Tiger.

Su Hao waved his hand to it. When he recalled the chase which lasted for a few minutes, he also felt fear. This tiger was getting faster and faster. If not for his quick wits, he would have long been killed by the tiger!

A test of limits.

Just ordinary test points would not be able to reveal the potential of students.

Perhaps this is the purpose of the college entrance exam?

Su Hao had no time to ponder on it.

Because at this moment, the speed limit test result had appeared. And this result made him a little worried.

Speed limit test completed.

Candidate obtained an extra 50 points!

50 points?

Su Hao was somehow doubtful.

His performance just now was quite good. At least, he wasnt be attacked. His speed test should be full marks. Why was it only 50 points? Or perhaps 50 points were the full marks? If 50 points were the full marks then based on the previous theoretical basis, 200 points, and 100 extra points

Then this 400 points of physical fitness would have a 50 percent possibility of having 200 extra points!

And assuming the full score was 200 points and the speed limit tests max point was 50, then didnt that mean there were a total of 4 additional tests in physical fitness?

The first one was speed, then the second


Reaction limit test begins~

Su Haos exam system had answered the question in his heart. Su Hao who was still in the water right now, floating on the water surface began to have some doubt when he heard the answer from the system

He had originally thought that it would be power or something similar, but


It should refer to the bodys normal reaction which was the bodys activities caused by stimulation of the external or internal environment. For them, to be able to respond according to the situation quickly while facing danger or during a battle, that should be what reaction was all about!

The test should be referring to reaction speed.

But in this water region, how to test reaction speed?


A dull sound could be heard.

Almost at the same time, Su Hao felt a strong killing intent locking on him. Numbness could be felt on his scalp. This feeling

His eyes glanced around quickly.

He saw no sign of an enemy.

The lake area was so open that there was only a distant stone, two meters in radius. But, it couldnt serve as a hiding spot. Since he didnt see any enemy, then nobody could be attacking him from above. Such a strong sense of crisis could only be from the below the surface of the lake!

His eyes turned cold as Su Hao dived in.


Su Hao was shocked.


A shadow scrapped past his head. That sharp edge caused Su Haos scalp tingling non-stop. If not because of him dodging in time, he would definitely die!

At that moment, no matter how he dodges, he would definitely be hit by the incoming attack.

So, the only way Su Hao could right now was to dive!

However, after diving in

Su Haos figure became slow from the water resistance.

At this time, countless of shadow appeared at the bottom of the lake.

Su Hao opened his eyes wide and then clearly saw these shadows turned out to be swordfish! Swordfish, its body was like a long bar with a sharp mouth. The terrifying fact was they werent affected while in water. Right now, pairs of fisheyes stared at Su Hao.

This clueless man actually dared to appear in the lake!