Godly Model Creator Chapter 339

Gmc Chapter 339

Chapter 339    Every kind of skill

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Damn it!

Su Hao cursed for a second.

If he were on land, the situation would definitely be better. But right now he was underwater! He tried to move his body for a bit. However, the more force he used, the greater the resistance he had to face! To be able to avoid the incoming attacks from the swordfishes perfectly, it was simply a dream! Not to mention

How many swordfishes were there?



Dark shadows flashed.

The swordfishes bodies began to race forward.

Each swordfish was like an arrow being shot. That sharp mouth of theirs became a deadly weapon to face.


Su Hao quickly rushed to the surface without hesitation.

However, there was this old saying: it is easy to enter, but hard to exit. When Su Hao dived down, he could move at his maximum speed due to the gravitational force and the strong momentum. However, if he wanted to flee to the surface, he simply had no means to dash forward. In addition to the resistance that he had to face was huge.


Su Hao swam within the water, causing his body to float up slowly.

Too bad, while he was still halfway, the swordfishes attacks had arrived! After the first swordfishs attack, numerous others also tagged along.

Su Hao did not doubt that if the first swordfish hit him, his body would definitely be skewered by the following fishes.

What to do now?

Su Haos mind was thinking as hard as he could.

Suddenly, he realized how powerful his ability was.

If he had model analysis here, he could easily predict the attacks from the numerous swordfishes. Even in water, he would be able to dodge the incoming attacks. However, when his ability was sealed, the only thing he could rely on was himself!

Analyze the weakness?

Su Hao glanced at these swordfishes.

Since there were a bunch of them, without the aid of model analysis, to be able to determine their number, attacking angles, and pattern in a short period was impossible! This was like the difference between a i7 processor and a single core Celeron!

Su Hao needed time.

However, what he lacked the most right now was time!

So, this idea of trying to analyze was given up without hesitation. Su Haos mind focused when he noticed a gap between the first swordfish and others. His eyes revealed a hint of a mad look and recalled the scene which he saw just now. If it was as he imagined it to be


Su Haos eyes lit up.

Allowing the swordfish to approach in front of Su Hao, that chill almost touched Su Haos skin. Su Haos figure floated up and adjusted his figure for a bit. Just as he was above the right side of the fish, he began to make his move.


Su Hao stretched out both hands and actually grabbed the sharp mouth of the swordfish.

With both hands grabbing the sharp mouth of the fish as if his life depended on it, the swordfishs bill was only about 2 cm away from his nose. Although Su Haos swordfish was holding onto the swordfish, the school of fish pushed him upward with their momentum!

With the veins on his arms exposed, Su Hao still held on the sharp mouth of the swordfish!

The powerful force caused his body to suffer internal injuries. Traces of blood could be seen coming out from his mouth. 


The resistance on the water surface broke, causing Su Haos body to be blasted up to the sky. Feeling all the resistance on his body vanishing, the mighty strength which he had returned for him to use.


Su Hao punched the swordfish in front of him. Borrowing the force of the punch, he pushed himself towards the small rock before standing on it.


Su Hao sighed in relief.

Around the stone, dark shadows could be seen under the water. It seemed like the swordfishes could attack at any moment but right now, Su Hao had no fear.


A swordfish jumped out from the water. However, Su Haos body just tilted slightly, and the fish landed on the opposite side of the water.

After losing their biggest advantage of being underwater, how could they use their mighty power?



One by one, dark shadows charged at him with killing intent.

Su Hao easily evaded them. After attacking a few times in failure, the swordfishes finally admitted that they were helpless against Su Hao. They shyly disappeared from the top surface of the water into the bottom of the lake.

Finally, it ended!

Su Hao took a deep breath.

He didnt even have the strength to curse. Each time he completed a test, this idea would appear in his mind. How perverted was the teacher who came up with these tests?

And this time, Su Hao didnt know that his situation was already considered a good one.

As long as one achieved 400 points in physical fitness, they would then attempt the additional tests. While facing the first stage, many people were killed by the paw of the tiger while being chased. 

To achieve full marks in physical fitness didnt mean that one is talented.

However, with only a single speed test, another large number of people had been eliminated! As for the second stage to test reaction speed, there were even more who failed.

Can you imagine it?

While youre in the water, how would you feel when being surrounded by a school of swordfish? This was the expression of every candidate in the exam!

Just when they managed to escape from the tiger with much difficulty, just when they entered the lake, they were already being surrounded by the fishes!

Regarding this, they could only complain to themselves.

There were very few people who could obtain full marks during the theoretical basis exam.

But for the physical fitness exam, almost everyone achieved full marks. Moreover, this world was still mutating; there were many mysterious methods which allowed humans to break the physical limit. However, the number was very few too. Thus, Su Hao was definitely not the only one who could complete the test.

The first stage of being chased by the blade tiger had ended.

Bai Xiaosheng who was escaping from the tiger noticed the lake. With his maximum speed, he ran towards the lake and jump to the rock! Allowing him to easily pass the second test!

In another place.

A handsome young man leisurely entered the water. He dived into the water while being attacked by the swordfish, and then began to fight underwater!

This young man actually killed the incoming swordfishes with his absolute strength. A moment later, the entire lake turned red! As the blood drew attention from more swordfishes, the young man kept attacking non-stop!

The fishes no longer dare to swim near him!

At the same time, various places had all sort of unusual scenes. Under the attack of the swordfishes, the real strength of these people was finally exposed.

Even without any assistance from their origin ability, real espers wont have fear!


Splashes of water could be seen.

Su Hao frowned because he hadnt heard the completion of the test from the system yet.


A wave of water began to form. The originally calm lake suddenly turned turbulent. The stone under Su Haos feet actually moved.

Su Hao squatted down and followed along the rock.


The rock moved faster and faster as time passed, drifting towards the other side. A few minutes later, the rock reached the shore and rammed into it hard. Su Hao frowned as he jumped to the shore gently.


The rock cracked and was destroyed. As waves formed within the lake, signs of numerous water berserk beasts could be seen. The originally calm lake had become a nest of berserk beasts!

For sure, if he was to fall at that time

He would definitely die without a corpse left.

Fortunately, at this moment, the awaiting notification from the test system finally echoed.

Reaction limit test completed!

Candidate obtained an additional 50 points!


Strength limit test begins!

Body limit begins!

Strength and body limit?

Su Haos pupil contracted. No matter what, he would never imagine that two tests would occur at once. Plus, this 100 points from the current test should be the final one!

Just that

Su Hao looked behind him, the rampaging beasts in the lake. As for his front, there was an endless mountain range.

At the top, one could see they were covered in clouds.


What is the test?

Su Hao had some slight doubt.

A roaring sound came.

And it was getting louder.

Su Haos became alert. When he looked up, he then realized that the mountain in front of him collapsed!



Numerous of huge rocks rolled down, causing one to be unable to escape!

Su Hao had thought of it many things, but the test which the teacher came up with for the so-called body and strength test was actually. a landslide!

This wasnt a joke!

In front of the huge rocks, Su Hao was no more than a small ant. Each stone was filled with devastating momentum. Su Haos face turned pale facing such tyrannical force.


Su Hao evaded an incoming rock by a thin margin. However, the falling stones became denser as time went on. The space for Su Hao to dodge was getting narrower and narrower.

At this moment.


Su Hao looked up abruptly and immediately saw a huge boulder charging at him rapidly.

This boulder destroyed all the rocks that blocked its path with an unmatched momentum.

This simply didnt give him a chance to dodge!