Godly Model Creator Chapter 34

Gmc Chapter 34

Chapter 0034 Combat exam

It was a simple theoretical foundation exam and yet so much controversy had occurred. That was really unexpected.

In order to not affect the progress of the mock exam, only when the final exam was finished would the candidates be allowed contact with the outside world. Thus, they didnt know anything which happen outside of the exam site.

At this time, Bai Lingfeng, with his confident look, prepared for the upcoming exam. He seemed to think about his sudden emergence, which would shock everyone on the scene.

Zhou Wang was also brimming with a proud color [ED: No homo]. There was one regret though, due to not taking this examination a few years earlier, that in his eyes only Chen Yifeng and Viper were qualified to compete with him. The rest were just ants. Now, he was completely at ease sitting for the examination.

Many famous students also had confident expressions.

Within the hall of theoretical foundation test, after the test ended, Su Hao stretched his body. This time he was quite satisfied with his performance. The final question, which was full of complexity, was far beyond his imagination. Fortunately, the herbs knowledge which he prepared beforehand played their role.

Su Hao took advantage of his herb garden, and all of the herbal models there, to carry out various experiments. Such a procedure delayed him nearly half an hour, but luckily he managed to get the answer he wanted in the end.

Although he didnt manage to get full marks on this question, he was pretty close.

After the theoretical foundation exam there was a half an hour break. The following exam was none other than combat methods!

Leisurely leaving the hall, a lot of students were now gathering at the central square of the building. Each and every student were discussing the questions in the exam just now, how hard, how easy, and how popular they were.

In fact, almost every time the situation after the exam was like that.

Besides the fountain, a youngster with gray hair was standing. With both hands behind his back and an appearance of a proud heavenly son, he was emitting a very strong aura which caused nobody to dare come within 5 meters of him.

How arrogant he looked!

As if he noticed the gaze of Su Hao, the youngster looked up and saw Su Hao for a second. His eyes were endlessly cold. With a smile, Su Hao nodded at him before he turned his figure and left.

The youngster seemed to be stunned; he even nodded at him?

This student, he really didnt know who he was?

In fact, Su Hao really didnt know him. Even if he knew, he wouldnt care about it. After taking a few steps, he happened to stumble upon Chen Yiran, who was walking in his direction.

When both them caught a glimpse of each other, apparently they were startled. Never did they expect that they would meet in such way.

Su Hao was the first one who recovered from the shock. Watching that figure with a full white dress, the indifferent yet elegant Chen Yiran seemed to have quite a good time. But from her gaze, Su Hao noticed that there was something missing inside.

They hadnt met for a few days, so naturally she would miss him.

When both of them faced each other, the atmosphere between them was warm.

But it was very clear that there would be someone who would break that atmosphere. For example, the guy who was currently running towards them, Sun Yaotian.

Su Hao slightly nodded, Hi.

Hello. Chen Yiran replied with her sweet smile.

Subsequently, both of them passed each other.

When Sun Yaotian madly rushed over there, his face was bright red. Su Hao and Chen Yiran had just said hello to each other, for a total of not even 2 seconds, and had no other contact.

But something was hard to explain. Sun Yaotian once again felt his head burning.

Obviously, those two didnt even say anything to each other!

Sun Yaotian was almost driven mad by his actions. In the end, he could only blame his deep hatred of Su Hao. Noticing that Chen Yiran had walked away, he quickly followed her.

It was just that he suddenly noticed the view at his side. Turning his head while feeling annoyed, he was shocked by the sight. Looking at the youngster near the fountain, Sun Yaotian felt that it was as if his soul was about to leave his body. Quickly lowering his head, he turned around and resumed chasing Chen Yiran.

Zhou Wang!

It was really him!

That bastard, why is he here!

The number of students to be enrolled in the natural selection class was really small, why was he trying to make this more lively!

The half an hour of rest passed by in the blink of an eye. Everyone once again entered their respective rooms. This time they were completely enclosed combat rooms: one person, one combat room!

Su Hao walked into his room. It was completely empty.

No table or chair. What was inside the room was only the cold wooden floor. However, Su Hao had no doubt that this floor was extremely durable and able to withstand a huge amount of energy. As Su Hao was ready, the surrounding landscape changed.

A familiar 3D virtual environment once again appeared. His surroundings had turned into a huge desert.

A body figure covered with dark blue cloak, equipped with a stick-like weapon appeared in front of him. The cloak had even covered his head, so Su Hao simply couldnt see his appearance. His height was about 1.8 meters. Standing in front of Su Hao indifferently, he placed a tremendous pressure upon Su Hao.

Combat master Jia Kesi!

The standard combat method exam system, the virtual fighting master!

And his appearance here indicated the beginning of the combat method exam. Su Hao carefully guarded with his body muscles all tightened, slowly moving around the fighting master, waiting for the second he could bombard the master with his strongest move.

Facing such a master, basically there wasnt any hope of winning!

Therefore the main point of this test was to perfectly display the moves which you learned! It doesnt mean that after mastering police fighting technique you would be able to successfully display it.

The fighting master would interfere you in a variety of ways.

Only ignoring his interference and completely displaying perfect moves would represent that you had fully mastered the technique you learned!

Thus, often there would be students who had learned more than 100 points, but during the exam they were only able to show 50 points, which then led to them to missing the best opportunity to enter the natural selection class.

This was the significance of college entrance exam.

Many years ago, before the era of origin ability, the college entrance exam was entirely based on exam-oriented education, living the life of a total nerd. But now, the college entrance exam had become the total opposite. Instead it now put more emphasis on comprehensive mastery.

Origin ability of 8 doesnt indicate that you can fully display all the combat power!

For those who were silly and lacking in experience, there was a possibility of them only being able to display 7 points, with some even ending with 6 points. So only in the exam would you be able to test your true strength with the best standard.

Its due to the existence of college entrance examination that students were now able to get rid of relying on mechanical tools and were able to walk on their own path of fighting techniques.


Noticing that Su Hao didnt attack him after such a long time, the fighting master dashed forward, taking the initiative to start attacking.

Su Haos eyes shined. That was the moment he was waiting for!


Counter attack!

Su Haos whole body was excited. All the moves he had learned were completely thrown at the master.

The fighting master, as he was responsible for accessing performance, had very weak attacks. The meaning of his existence was just to let you display every single fighting techniques which you had learned.

Basic fighting technique!

Police fighting technique!

With one set of moves which consists of two different fighting techniques, Su Hao didnt feel any obstacle. When the fighting master tried to interrupt him, his attempt had failed to cause any obstruction to Su Hao at all.

Fighting essence!

Fusing moves!

With his body pressure, Su Hao abruptly made his moves. His fighting points had accumulated to exactly 12 points!


The endless strength which came from his hand blew the fighting master two meters away. This was the so-called terrifying strength of fighting essence. It was worth it to notice that the defence of the fighting master was at a very high level.

Su Hao had read the outline of the exam and knew how to perfectly display his full strength.

The combat method exam, didnt care about how much you had mastered. Instead, under the constant obstruction of fighting master, it cared about how much of your true strength you could display.

When the fighting essence had accumulated to over 10 points and burst, Su Hao was very clear that his examination had ended!

Looking at the still enthusiastic fighting master, a thought suddenly appeared in his mind. Could he build this guys model?

Model analysis, start!


The scene around him changed. A model of the fighting master actually appeared in his mind!

But unfortunately, it was just similar like the pencil model, the most common model. Rather than a human model, this model didnt have any benefit to Su Hao.

Unfortunately, if he was able to establish such a human model and analyze his abilities.

With some regret, Su Hao shook his head. Looking at the fighting master occasionally attack him from time to time, he suddenly thought that the training which he had done under the guidance of Teacher Yang was not efficient enough.

Although this fighting master in front of him didnt have strong attacks, the simulation was still perfect for the overall characteristic of human. Su Hao was clear that in the final round of the mock exam, he would face the same one as in the comprehensive exam: the genuine, complete state of fighting master!

Therefore, using the current opportunity to hone his skills would definitely be a great help later for the final comprehensive assessment.

Alright, I will decide so.

Licking his lips, Su Hao once again rushed forward.