Godly Model Creator Chapter 340

Gmc Chapter 340

Chapter 340    New Name

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No, I cant!

Su Hao looked at the berserk beasts in the lake behind him. He finally understood what this extreme test was all about! Unlike the previous two sessions which tested the students' creativity, this test of strength and physical intensity was extremely simple and harsh.

No doubt about it!

If Su Hao went down, he would definitely die and get zero marks on this test. That wasnt something he was wishing for.

Since that is the case

Su Haos eyes turned sharp and he moved forward!



Su Hao unleashed his strength and advanced.

He moved swiftly towards the huge boulder that was rolling down. With his swift steps, he finally was under the boulder. Adjusting his body position while channeling his strength within his body, he then hit the huge boulder with his body.


The boulder ruptured!

The area that Su Hao had hit cracked into pieces. However, the huge boulder was extremely thick. It still continued to push Su Hao down.


Su Hao felt a strike in his inner organ and vomited a mouthful of blood.


The force from the huge boulder was so large that it unexpectedly also pushed Su Hao along.

Su Hao could hardly get a hold of himself on the ground, causing him to leave a deep footprint on the ground for a few meters. Finally, the huge boulder stopped.

Such a strong force!

Su Hao breathed in deeply without a second of relaxation.

He had to admit.

This test...

Was too damn cruel!

He tried to check his body status, at least 30% of his inner organs were destroyed by that strike.

He successfully stopped the huge boulder and it didnt knock him off.

He guessed that he had passed the first level. However, by listening to the sounds of rockfall, he knew that the test was far from over. Although his vision was totally blocked by the huge boulder, his intuition told him that something bad was going to happen.

With such a huge boulder blocking him in front, if there were more stones falling down...

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Various pieces of broken stone fell down again. Some of the stones rained down beside the huge boulder; however, there were some that struck the huge boulder in front of Su Hao.


The huge boulder shook!


Su Hai groaned in pain as he endured the shock of the momentum. Such momentum was really troublesome for him in such a circumstance. Not to mention that the landslide was still continuing!



Countless stones fell down.

The huge boulder kept shaking in response to the stone pieces that were continuously striking it. The momentum repeatedly hit the huge boulder down the mountain. However, Su Hao insisted on stopping the boulder, and he was as stable as Mountain Tai.

Blood could be seen dripping down from the corner of Su Haos mouth.

However, Su Hao remained calm.

Although it was a virtual world, in order to perfectly simulate the experience, senses would be transferred at 100% in the simulation. Hence, Su Hao was actually suffering from such damage in reality.

It is just an exam!

Su Haos arms were shaking vigorously. He was trying to encourage himself as he didnt know how long he could last. He couldnt believe that he was not able to sustain it even with 500 points of physical fitness.

It was already 100 points more than the limits of the human body!

Such a level of physical fitness couldnt even pass the bonus tests?

How tough were the bonus tests this time?

There must be something wrong!

No matter how hard it was, it was supposed to have a limit.

Su Hao was confident that by excluding the help of origin ability talent, even a professional esper might not be that powerful!

The exam this time...

It was definitely an impossible feat for the students who were peak beginner espers or newly advanced specialized espers.

Meanwhile, he thought of one possibility.

The teacher who came up with the question perhaps didnt expect anyone to pass this exam at all!

In fact, Su Hao had guessed it right.

The teacher who came up with the question never thought of allowing the students to complete the exam. Or else, it would be a shame to the teacher if there were too many students who got full marks. Hence, this strength and physical intensity test was hard from the very beginning.

There were more than 10 millions of candidates, so what?

Most of them were filtered by the entry requirement of full points in physical fitness, then most of the survivors were filtered by the tiger escaping session too. Meanwhile, the murderous lake had eliminated almost 99% of the candidates. The 1% who managed to survive were going to face the biggest challenge in this bonus question session.


It was a test of just strength itself.

There was no shortcut!

There was no strategy!

The only thing they could do was face it!

I dont believe that! Su Hao said. He had an extra 100 points more than what the human body could take, wasnt that enough?

It was without the help of origin ability.

I am the strongest!

The small stones continued to strike the huge boulder. Su Hao felt that he almost couldnt stand it any longer. With such high momentum, one needed to have the explosive strength instead of endurance. Such a long attack duration was a torture for anyone.

Cannot sustain it anymore?

Su Hao coldly stared at the huge boulder.

He split the huge boulder into a chess board map in his mind. Without the help of model analyzing talent, he could only depend on himself.

Without the aid of his model analysis, he couldnt foresee the overall shape of the huge stone.

However, it was alright. When the stone fell from the mountain, he had already seen it. He closed his eyes and modeled it inside his mind. The various stress point coordinates were identified. Those were the holes that he created when the boulder hit him the first time.

Meanwhile, at this moment...

Su Hao let go his hand that had been holding the boulder for all this time. He turned his body over and tried to support the boulder using his body while his body was assuming the gesture of performing mountain crash.

Hong! Long!

The boulder started to shake and slowly moved down.

Su Hao tried to stop it but he failed. His body was brought along by the boulder down slowly towards the lake that was full of berserk beasts.

Su Hao stayed calm and laid his body on the boulder. He raised his elbow and smashed the hole that he had created in the first place.


Stone pieces flew everywhere.

Su Hao hit it again.




Su Hao hit the hole continuously again and again. The small hole started to become bigger and deeper. Meanwhile, the falling speed of the boulder was getting faster as well.


The huge boulder fell down to the lake.

The berserk beasts inside the lake were excited and were waiting for Su Hao to be pushed down by the boulder. Meanwhile, the huge boulder didnt disappoint them and pushed Su Hao to the side of the lake, just a few meters away!


Su Hao could even smell the fishy odor from the beasts mouths.


At this moment, he finally heard a very soft cracking sound. Although it was soft, it brought a great hope for Su Hao at this moment.

Right now!


Su Hao pushed his leg deeply into the ground.


His legs were 3 inches into the ground.

He contracted all the muscles in his body and unleashed all of his remaining strength on the big hole in the boulder.


The huge boulder was hit!

Su Hao stopped and turned his body to unleash an even larger momentum towards the boulder!


Su Hao vomited blood again as he was almost killed by the boulder. Right at this moment, after the strong collision, the loud cracking sound finally erupted.



Cracks appeared inside the boulder.

After so many hits, the boulder finally cracked from its center and broke into two!


The boulder broke completely.

Two parts of the huge boulder fell into the river on both sides of Su Hao. The berserk beasts who were waiting for Su Hao in the water were hit by the two pieces of stone.

It was terrible.


Su Hao finally smiled.

He won!

The biggest challenge was settled. The remaining stones were just small cases. Without the boulder, what could these small stones do to him?

As long as he was cautious enough, he would be able to win this match.

What would the teacher who conjured this question feel like when the result was announced?

Su Hao sneered.

There werent many candidates who were still completing their examinations. Most of the people had finished and the global ranking was changing continuously. Most of the names only managed to appear on the scoreboard for a really short moment before it was overtaken by the others.

There werent many who were able to hold out!

The list from Jianghe City was updating continuously. However, there werent many changes when the exam was coming to an end. The famous candidates occupied the top ranks on the list. The results for Chen Yiran, Lin Wei, and Zhao Feng were released, and they were all in the top ranking.

Chen Yiran: 260 points in physical fitness.

Lin Wei: 280 points in physical fitness.

Zhao Feng: 286 points in physical fitness.

Although Zhao Feng was relatively weak overall, he put much more effort into his body than others did. In this part, he scored well. Meanwhile, Su Hao, Bai Xiaosheng, and Zhou Wang werent on the list yet. It indicated that they were still doing their exams!

They were the hope of Jianghe City.

Meanwhile, a shining new name appeared on the list where he managed to rank first in the global ranking.

Someone got first rank!

People from Jianghe City looked down at the list excitingly. However, the name shocked all of them.


This is

Are you kidding me?