Godly Model Creator Chapter 341

Gmc Chapter 341

Chapter 341    The King of Taunting

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The exclamation from several people had apparently attracted the surrounding people.

Everyone looked up in a hurry and were stunned too. To be honest, whatever name appeared at the top of the list, they wont feel strange.

Su Hao overwhelmed the audience, although he wasnt anybody in the world, for Jianghe City, taking the first spot was a normal occurrence. Even if he obtained another first rank, it was considered normal. As for Bai Xiaosheng, it was needless to say. With his strength as a level 6 esper with five years of experience, even if he had to settle for the points deduction, to temporarily obtain first place wasnt anything weird.

Zhou Wang who managed to rush up the ranking at the last minute in the previous test also had the same surprising element to the crowd.

Su Hao, Bai Xiaosheng, Zhou Wang, they had such capability.

Plus, even if it were Chen Yiran or Bai Lingfeng, they would also get shocked for a bit but not this

This made everyone stunned at a different level.

Name: Li Xin, theoretical basis: 218 points, physical fitness: 600 points, Jianghe City ranking: 1, overall ranking: 1.



600 points, full score!

How could this be?

Such result scared the hell out of everyone in Jianghe City!

Who was Li Xin?

They obviously knew about him.

This mans strength was only slightly above average. Previously, he was ranked number ten during the mock exam. But, that was all about him. This guy, whose attitude was so annoying that it could provoke a lot of enemies, was doomed to fail. Or at least, that was what the crowd was thinking. However, at this moment

This man used his own achievement and gave one huge slap to everyone!

600 points!

Full score!

Perhaps his usual attitude was just an act?

When they thought of this, they suddenly had a burst of horror.

It couldnt be


How could someone act like that?

A guy who was able to make everyone in Jianghe City who met him before think that such youth was a joke. And if that attitude were just an act, this would be too terrifying! Such patience, if he were someone who could do something bad, nobody would be able to compete with him!

When they thought of that

Everyone was scared the hell out of their pants.

Those who bullied Li Xin before were even more fearful.

As Li Xin claiming the first rank, Jianghe City became extremely excited. However, for those students and parents in the school, also those who had dealt with Li Xin before, they were extremely shocked!

Because they were clear of one thing.

So many so-called geniuses had appeared on the list without managing to score over 300 points, but Li Xin was able to achieve a perfect score during a live broadcast

This had become a global sensation!

Li Xin was on fire!

His appearance on the list not only shocked the crowd from Jianghe City but also everyone in this world who were concerned about the exam.

Because when each familys own genius was only able to achieve 500 plus points, they even comforted themselves that the exam was hard this time. Have a look yourself, almost most of the geniuses only managed to score 400 plus points. It was already something to for the familys to be proud of for having their geniuses score 500 plus points.


Li Xins appearance had shocked their face.

Did you see this? This young master is the true genius. You guys with only mere 500 plus points, do you guys have the face to see people? Even have the intention to call yourselves genius, dont you feel ashamed?

Having to say, Li Xin was someone who was naturally born with the talent to ridicule one.

That was fine in the past, but now with just a part of the exam result, he had performed his most ridiculous move to the world, causing him to be hated by everyone.

Who the heck is this Li Xin?

God knows!

F*ck! This time, we have lost a lot of our face!

Find out about his information immediately!

The whole world was busy finding information about Li Xin. However his perfect physical fitness that stunned everyone began to fade away as they found out his personal information.


They were shocked for the second time.

Jianghe City!

WTF! Jianghe City again?

What, its true. What kind of place is this!

This had truly stunned me. Are you sure that place is not a reserve place for the geniuses of the federal government? This is only the first half of the exam, and a few freaks had appeared!

Su Hao, Zhou Wang, Li Tiantian, and now with Li Xin...


It was a global sensation!

Just the second part of the exam and Jianghe City became famous again.

The people from Jianghe City had been laughing non stop that they nearly had cramp on their face. This was a global sensation, to be exposed to the world twice in such a manner, Jianghe City was now thoroughly known to the world.

Without any doubt.

From today, you might not have heard of Jinhua City, but you definitely knew about Jianghe City!

In origin ability era, what was the most valuable?


And what place was the best?

The birthplace of geniuses!

Many people wanted to attend Zhanzheng College because it is the best place to cultivate geniuses! And now, Jianghe City became a base for exporting geniuses. A remote little city which could defeat those huge cities or even capital cities was enough to show that the local education system was deserved to be emulated globally!

Almost at the same time.

Jianghe Citys mayor received a rumor from the higher-ups that it would be possible that investigators from the federal government would come to Jianghe City and investigate the issues and perhaps develop Jianghe City into a capital city ahead of Jinhua City.

When the news came out, it shocked the whole city!

Who would have thought that because of the emergence of a few geniuses, it even affected the decision making of the federal government? Now, they finally understood what it meant by being the center of attention!

One hair was enough to trigger a stormy sea!

Compared to the world, Jianghe City was indeed a small existence.

Currently, at Zhanzheng College.

A self-satisfied teacher who was laughing out loud when he looked at the result, this is no joke. To let you guys obtain a full score, then this daddy wont have any face anymore. This test, not to say the geniuses, he believed that even if Tian Zi, the abnormal freak would be unable to obtain full score!


Hmm Who wasnt a genius? I will kill all your arrogance so that when you enroll in Zhanzheng College later, you will know how to respect teachers.

Just that, when Li Xins result appeared, the teacher who came out with the question turned green.


In the conference room, the mad roar of the teacher who came up with the test echoed.

He was the one who came up with this. Of course, he knew well that the landslide would definitely kill everyone!

How could one obtain a full score?

Even when the boulder came down, and one was able to resist it with difficulty, the debris at the later stage would be more intense. It was simply impossible for one to stop it.


How long was it?

And there was already one who scored perfectly.

Full score?

The teacher was completely dumbfounded. For a long time, he thought of the possibility and then shouted out loud, Was the origin ability disabled?


The technician profusely sweated as he replied, The origin ability is indeed sealed. It is impossible for candidates to summon out even the slightest bit of energy. However, there is some strange ability which is embedded within the body, especially those passive type talent. Without any energy, they can still be used!

However, such ability talents are unusually rare. The potential for one to occur is less than one millionth. Even if it is there, it wont cause much impact during the exam. Such talent is usually a useless talent, graded F. Even the chance for taking the college entrance exam is not available.

Thus, based on the simulation data, the probability for such a situation to occur was less than a hundred millionth.


The teacher looked at the technician while revealing a dark face, So youre trying to say Im unlucky and hit the one in a hundred millionth chance, causing my face to be tarnished?

I dont dare.

The technician kept quiet out of fear.

Can you shut him out?

The teacher raged.

This this kind of one in a hundred millionth chance, even if it appeared, it would be like a normal situation. Because such a mysterious ability, once it was integrated into the body, even without energy, it could be activated. However, during the ability index test, the point naturally wont be high.

Daddy doesnt care whether he will get low points or not!

The teacher continued raging, Im not in charge of the ability index. Investigate this Li Xin; I want to see what kind of ability he has!

Yes, yes.

The technician sweated profusely.

Why are you standing here then?

The roar of the teacher echoed within the campus.

At this time, if Su Hao knew about this, he would have definitely held Li Xins hands, Li Xin, has your ability to annoy anyone been maxed out?

Forget about the incident at Zhanzheng College.

Li Xins name was still at the very top of the list for quite some time.

When it was the last ten minutes, the list refreshed.

Tian Zi, with 580 points in physical fitness, adding up the 280 points from the theoretical basis exam, a total of 860 points which immediately suppressed Li Xin!

Once Tian Zi appeared, nobody seemed able to compete with him!

For Tian Zi to obtain first place, nobody was shocked by this. It was normal for this freak to take first even if it wasnt his forte. However, everyone was curious regarding how long he could maintain his rank. Because besides him, there was one existence who was an even bigger freak

Just as everyone was thinking of this


The data refreshed.

The first rank had been refreshed!

Name: Zheng Tai, theoretical basis: 318 points, physical fitness: 546 points, Zhengping City ranking: 1, Overall ranking: 1.

Sure enough, he obtained first.

A total of 864 points! He was ahead by 4 points!

Physical fitness 546 points, so his real score should be only 455 points.

Although it was reasonable for him to be first, why do I have this feeling to curse him? He was so much lower than Tian Zi, yet he obtained first!

Zheng Tais result came out.

If there wasnt anything weird happening, he should be able to maintain his rank.