Godly Model Creator Chapter 342

Gmc Chapter 342

Chapter 342    Cant blame the society for being unlucky

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First rank!

Zheng Tai!

Although his actual score was lower, that didnt prevent someone young like him. Sixteen years old, still in development stage, and able to score 455 points, that was quite a feat to be proud of!

Lets think about what were you doing when you were sixteen years old?

Owh? Perhaps still trying to flirt with girls online?


When they thought of this, everyone humbly accepted the fact of Zheng Tai being ranked first.

Since the result had come to this stage, there seemed to not be much surprise. After all, many who managed to appear on top of the list was because their results came out earlier than others.

As of now, the true two geniuses of the exam

Zheng Tai and Tian Zi already appeared. It seemed like an impossible task for others to grab first.

Sure enough, in the last few minutes, nobody was able to appear on the list in style. Whoever was supposed to appear already did. The top ten rankings didnt change at all.

What made everyone feel some shock was the emergence of Li Tiantian.

In the last few minutes, Li Xianxian appeared as the data refreshed!

He obtained 476 points in physical fitness. Such a figure stunned everyone because his actual score was 595 points! If it was added to his 300 points in theoretical basis, he would have a total score of 895 points. He was the true first rank!

However, compared to Zheng Tais age

This Li Tiantian was much more accepted by the public. After all, you trained for two more years.

However, no matter what, Li Tiantian had already obtained his fame, known by the world! It was just that Li Tiantian wasnt as happy as others imagined him to be.

He had repeated for 5 years in order to enroll in Zhanzheng College and also to maximize the benefits and be famous worldwide! Although he did obtain fame, it was a different scenario. He had taken every step well but he had overlooked one fact which made his heart ache the most: his name on the exam

Was Li Tiantian and not Bai Xiaosheng!

When he thought of this, he wanted to go on a rampage in madness. His fame had been destroyed now!

The test of physical fitness would soon be over!

The global ranking gradually settled down. As for Su Hao and Zhou Wang who obtained second and third in theoretical basis had long been forgotten by everyone

Although theoretical basis was important, the overall score mattered the most.

Eventually, those who were able to stay on top of the list were the truly strong espers. Su Hao and Zhou Wang not appearing would indicate that their physical fitness was too weak to be compared as they did not even manage to reach top ten. Of course, nobody would bother about them. The people of Jianghe City only stared at the names of Zhou Wang and Su Hao.

Because they were the only ones who knew that these two guys results hadnt appeared yet!

At this moment, the data refreshed!

Name: Zhou Wang, theoretical basis: 290 points, physical fitness: 560 points, Jianghe City rank: 1, Overall ranking: 3.


Everyone was shocked.

Wasnt this the guy who obtained second in theoretical basis?

A total score of 850 points, he was only ten points away from Tian Zi, ranked third in the world!

Jianghe City was indeed a place full of geniuses.

At this time, everyone who had been stunned by Jianghe City again and again soon began to accept the fact. For this city to have an emergence of geniuses wasnt a strange thing.

Zhou Wangs 850 points, ranked third!

When everyone wasnt able to calm down yet, the test time ended and the final result was refreshed. However at this time


Data refreshed.

Name: Su Hao, theoretical basis: 300 points, physical fitness: 600 points, Jianghe Citys rank: 1, Overall rank: 1.


Su Hao?

Full score again!

First rank!


Yet another global sensation!

Zhou Wangs third rank was already enough to shock everyone in the world but when the true first rank appeared, everyone was stunned on the spot.

Tian Zi and Zheng Tai were completely overtaken!

Two geniuses. When they were young, their names were well known. Due to their supernatural talents since youth, they began integrating their origin abilities and became freaks. When both of them appeared at once, everyone had thought that this battle would be between them both.

However, when the real exam began

They then only realized that they had underestimated the world. This was a global exam, and in an era of origin ability, something unexpected would always.

And now

Su Hao and Zhou Wang had amazed everyone!

If both of them continued their current momentum, who would eventually obtain top two in the end?

It was still unknown!

Now, everyone was so excited.

In the everyones minds, countless martial art movies were playing but these were not enough to describe the current competition. Ultimately, only two words could be used to describe it.

Global battle!

Different from the previous theory of being a noncombatant, everyone had paid attention to Su Hao and Zhou Wang and they became the dark horses of the college entrance exam!

Among them, the most dazzling one was Su Hao.

Theoretical basis, full score!

Physical fitness, full score!

This meant that from the start till now, Su Hao had not made a single mistake yet. Even Tian Zi himself could only obtain 580 points in physical fitness. But Su Hao obtained full score; this was an unbelievable fact. From the current performance so far, Su Hao had indeed stepped over Tian Zi brutally!

Instantly, Su Hao became the hottest candidate to have won!

Zhanzheng College.

The technician finally worked hard on the full report and submitted it. The teacher who came up with the test had a look and could only accept it helplessly.

You cant blame the society for being unlucky.

Sighing, the teacher accepted his bad luck, Luckily, besides this accident, there was nobody else who managed to obtain a full score.

Even Tian Zi only managed to score 580 points.

The teacher continued, Zheng Tai only obtained 455 points. En When they reach here, after some fine tuning, they would definitely have a bright future.


The teacher looked up proudly and saw the latest data. His whole person was stunned there.



The technician could see the blue veins on the teachers forehead being exposed as if something bad had happened. When he looked up, he instantly scared. Damn it!

It couldnt be!

When such a character appeared, that nearly made him lose his life. If one more appeared, he couldnt imagine what would happen to him. Moreover, what was the probability for two to appear consecutively? The technician looked at the full 10 digits behind the decimal points in tears.

Was there such a chance for one to hit it?

Are you sure there is no technical problem?

The teachers low voice could be heard. It exuded a terrifying aura.

The technician was so scared that he quickly investigated it. However, this time, when he saw Su Haos battle record, he looked amazed. Showing the record to the teacher, the technicians face looked calm.

This is the combat data for Su Hao. Have a look.

The teacher had a quick glance and was dumbfounded.

The record clearly showed how Su Hao destroyed the huge boulder and passed the final stage! Looking at the virtual screen, Su Hao could be seen standing firm in front of the boulder with bruises all over his body. Then he broke it with his own might!

The teacher was more or less completely stunned.

Because only he himself knew how hard was this boulder was!

He had looked at Li Xins record. However, it was all because of his special origin ability. For Li Xins case, it was entirely because of luck!

But as for Su Hao

It was totally different!

Such strength...

The teacher mumbled to himself. Ordinary people would only train to 400 points. If one kept training, there would only be a slight increment but that terrifying power of Su Haos was absolutely not in the same realm! To be able to crush the boulder, what kind of strength was that?


Perhaps he had some way of breaking the limit of the human body?

The teacher turned excited. Looking at Su Haos eyes, he was filled with joy. If a human really could break that limit.

How honored would it be!

This symbolized the progression of humanity!

In contrast, what was there to be sad about concerning that little accident?

Even so, Su Hao was a real genius!

Pay attention to him!

The teachers eyes lit up, Every other data of Su Haos, you must report them to me!


After seeing the teachers mood stabilize, he was finally able to relax and then sent over all the data regarding Su Hao.

Physical fitness test had ended.

All data had been released.

June 7th, the first day of the college entrance exam ended!

The result was soon sent out to all candidates.

Su Haos name had been inscribed in the memory of all candidates in the world! As for Jianghe City, it became even more well-known.

Li Xin?

Su Hao noticed Li Xins 600 points and didnt know whether to cry or laugh.

Li Xins strength had been integrated into his body. Su Hao was well aware of this fact. That was why he guessed what had happened when he saw the result. If he guessed right, when the huge boulder appeared, he must have punched it.

And then

A ten-fold critical hit happened!

The boulder was destroyed!

This brat his luck was so good.

Su Hao smiled helplessly. Looking at his 900 points, he was satisfied. Such a result should be enough to scare Jin family.

Its just that he wasnt sure how long he could maintain it for.

Tomorrow should be fighting technique and ability index tests. He hoped that he would be able to endure one more day!

Jin family!

Su Hao tightly clenched his fists. The feeling of being under a hanging knife wasnt really a good one.