Godly Model Creator Chapter 343

Gmc Chapter 343

Chapter 343    You are your own brother-in-law

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Tiandu City.

Upon walking out from the examination center, Tian Zi looked on the list on his device. He smiled and said, Su Hao? He seemed to be an interesting opponent.

Interesting thats all.

For Tian Zi, such an opponent could only be considered as interesting.

People who knew Tian Zi would know that he was relatively weaker in his theoretical basis. However, when it came to fighting technique and ability index?

Nobody could compete with him among his peers!

He didnt intend to learn deeply regarding theoretical basis, thats the reason he was relatively weak on that. For him, 200 points were more than enough. Although the bonus questions session was out of his expectation, he still managed to score 80 points.

Other than training, he wasnt actually interested in anything else. It was impossible for him to put efforts in other talents; however, by hearing a few things, he managed to score 80 points for that, what a genius.

Theoretical basis was just fundamental for him.

What made Tian Zi feel that Su Hao was interesting was his score of 600 points in physical fitness. He agreed the landslide stage was extremely difficult.

Su Hao was absolutely not an easy opponent as he could score 600 points in that test.

Tian Zi smiled confidently and closed the screen.

The college entrance exam this time does not seem boring.

Zhengping City.

A short and handsome young teen was looking at the screen on his hand. He frowned and said, There is someone who could score better than me?

Zheng Tai was unhappy with that.

Su Hao?


Zheng Tai humphed.

Unlike the introvert behavior of Su Hao and Tian Zi, this 16-years-old teen was egotistic and arrogant!

Because he was young, he was fearless!

Because he was young, he was egotistic!

If it was for my body not being fully developed and I couldnt consume an advanced body strengthening drug

Zheng Tai was very unsatisfied with his failure. If he could be two years older, no, perhaps one year older, he had the confidence to overwhelm Tian Zi and Su Hao!

He couldnt estimate Su Haos capability, and he didnt care too. Usually, people who could score full points in the first two sessions would perform badly on the following tests. He believed that everyone had limited energy and time. Only people who managed to rank at the top in the two later battle-related sessions could earn his respect.

However, he knew well about the capability of Tian Zi.

In fact, Tian Zi was his biggest opponent.

He thought he could make a huge gap in marks from Tian Zi by getting an advantage from the age factor, but he didnt expect it was just such a minor difference!

Even though he had a 20% bonus on the exam, he didnt have the confidence to fight against Tian Zi in the later tests!


No matter what, I must win!

Tian Zi, you must die!

Zheng Tai had a great battle spirit with his strong arrogance. Although he wasnt tall, people could feel his strong motivation! If one were observant enough, he would realize that Zheng Tai was trying to extend both of his legs.

However, he was still short


A small white hand slapped Zheng Tais head.

Who dares

Zheng Hao was angry.


The hand pulled Zheng Tais ear, Little brother Zheng Tai, who do you want to kill? Are your hairs fully growth yet? Do you need help in handling them?

A gentle voice said, but it horrified Zheng Tai!

Sister Hu Die

Zheng Tais face turned red.

Aiya, Little brother Zheng Tai is shy. The girl smiled and tapped Zheng Tais head and said, Why must you be so murderous? You are still a kid, stop acting like an adult.

I am not a kid!

Zheng Tai was trying to stand straight to show that he was tall. However, he only managed to reach the girls chest. That girl tapped his head as if she was comforting a little kitten and couldnt control herself from bursting out in laughter.

Zheng Tai felt unhappy with that and kicked hard on the tree beside him.


An old willow was knocked down by Zheng Tai.


The girl smiled and looked at him, Alright, its my fault okay? Next time I will erm not talk to you like this. But who is always asking you to kill Tian Zi? Dont you know he is your brother-in-law to be?

He is not my brother-in-law!

Zheng Tai went furious.

Alright, he is not my fiance.

The girl tried to comfort him.

I dont want you to marry him.


The girl laughed, Who can I marry with if I dont marry him?


Zheng Tai raised his chest and said, I will marry you!


The girl laughed out loud.

I am serious!

Zheng Tai stood straight to make himself look serious.

Alright, no more jokes from you. Lets go rest; you should get ready for your exam tomorrow. The girl smiled while holding Zheng Tais hand and walked out of the room.

You better stop thinking of killing others all the day, especially Tian Zi, he is your brother-in-law.

The girl said clearly again.

No! He is not my brother-in-law!

Then who is your brother-in-law?

I am my own brother-in-law!

Zheng Tai said stubbornly.

Alright, you are your own brother-in-law.

From somewhere far away, the laughing sound of the girl echoed through the air. The siblings were so beautiful under the sunset.

A young man stood somewhere and looked at both of them leaving with a sign of deep sadness in his eyes.

Tian Zi Zheng Tai Zhanzheng College Hu Die, was it worth for you to do so? Getting involved in such a fight will only make the decrease of your life faster.

What exactly are you searching for?

Jianghe City.

The school campus was extremely excited.

Among the global top ten ranking, they managed to occupy two spots. Moreover, it was the number 1 and number 4, how could it not be exciting for everyone?

It was the honor of the school!

It was the honor of the entire Jianghe City!

Meanwhile, only the students in natural selection class realized how big of a difference was between them and Su Hao and Zhou Wang.

At the moment, everyone wished all the best for them.

It was realistic.

When the difference was little, people tended to be jealous. If the difference was moderate, people might be envious. However, if the gap were huge, people would only worship!

It was the worship of the strong!

Su Hao deserved that!

He won again.

Zhou Wang looked at the result; he was happy for Su Haos achievement. At the same time, he felt disappointed for not getting number one himself, Teacher, 600 points of physical fitness, is it possible? If I considered Li Xins talent, I might believe it. However, Su Hao Perhaps, there was really a way to get beyond the maximum of the human bodys capability?

I am not sure.

The old guy sounded disappointed too.

He initially thought it would be easy for Zhou Wang to get rank 1 with the resources from him and Zhou Wang's talent. However, he didnt expect that there were so many geniuses! Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, and out of his expectation, Su Hao!

He never felt that even after dealing with him a few times, Su Hao was so powerful!

400 points is the maximum for physical fitness, the only way to improve is to train your body consecutively step by step. However, some people trained themself for ten years and improved from 400 points to 410 points. The effect was almost nil; hence, 400 points were listed as the maximum points.

The old man continued, I had used the special method with the help of hundred types of beasts blood before I managed to improve your physical fitness further. However, you only managed to get 560 points, still not able to ace the test. Meanwhile, for Su Hao, I have no idea.

Zhou Wang didnt reply.

It was already a few times that his teacher mentioned about that.

His teacher was experienced and powerful. Without his help, Zhou Wang might have ended up as a normal talent like Bai Lingfeng. In fact, he was able to get rank four in the global rankings!

However, such an experienced teacher still had no idea of how Su Hao achieved it!

He has his own luck.

The old man shook his head, It is hard for you to get the number one. Not mentioning Su Hao, even the other two geniuses could easily overwhelm you. If you wished to fight for the first rank, you have to unleash your potential in battle, advancing to a new level!

I will!

Zhou Wang nodded and said firmly.

The first day of the exam had ended.

At night, for sure there were countless of people who couldnt sleep well.

The college entrance exam had gained the concern from the students and their parents.

Some people were happy, and some people were sad.

Luckily, the federal government had taken the lesson of the college entrance exam before the era of origin ability. Before the exam ended, the candidates were quarantined.

Moreover, this was the first change made on the exam, where it meant a lot to the society.

The exam was just to test ones own ability.

Whether it was testing ones capability or the stress management of the candidate, it was all on the candidate himself. They wouldnt allow any external factor to affect the candidate, resulting in a huge drop in performance.

Ones capability could only depend on himself.

The list of the college entrance exam kept being updated in various publicity media. Everyone could easily see the results of the exam as long as a device is connected.

Su Hao was shining as the candidate who ranked number 1 globally.

Meanwhile, in the Jinhua City, people from the Jin family were looking at the ranking and remained silent.

No matter what their plans to deal with Su Hao before, at this moment, all the plans had to be stopped! Obviously, such circumstances were totally out of their expectation. The Jin family had a family meeting. Finally, they came to a hard decision.