Godly Model Creator Chapter 344

Gmc Chapter 344

Chapter 344    Fighting technique test

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Jianghe City.


Jin Liang and the rest, after seeing the Jin familys order, they were collectively stunned. The Jin familys order was to wait for Su Hao to finish his college entrance exam and then approach him to initiate reconciliation. What had happened in the past would be written off!

This this was the Jin familys order?

This was actually the Jin family!

The Jin family that was the leader of 100 cities!

Even with the other 90 plus cities, the Jin family dared to incite a calm confrontation, but today, facing Su Hao, the 3rd year high school student, the Jin family actually compromised.

Jin Liang and the rest were stunned.

No matter what, they never would have imagined that they would receive such an order!

They were gearing up these past few days to wait for the results of Su Haos college entrance exam. They had been drifting in Jianghe City and they naturally werent really well informed as they loitered at the nightclub everyday.

Su Hao obtained good results, and they were naturally aware of that.

But what did that have to do with them?

So what if his potential was great?

As long as he left the Origin Ability Association, just killing him would be sufficient.

Obviously, they werent clear on the true meaning of the college entrance exam this time.

Because of Jianghe Citys sudden emergence, the focal point of the whole eastern region had been placed on the city itself. As for the current situation, one who dared to have any malicious ideas about Su Haos city would absolutely die with no remains left!

The Jin family definitely wouldnt dare to touch this guys eyebrows.

What should we do?

Act according to circumstances!

Jin Liang coldly said, Wait till the end of the college entrance exam and then we will decide. Those seniors in the Jin family, it is possible that they are too afraid of the situation. The Jin family has been established for so many years, what is there for them to be afraid of? In the future I shall be the heir of the Jin family! For this matter, we shall evaluate the situation. Su Hao is able to be number one now, but that doesnt mean he will be number one in the future!

Its still okay if he continues to maintain his number one rank, but if he fell further behind

Jin Liang sneered.

The rest understood the young masters intentions.

It was late at night.

Many candidates were resting.

But at this moment, the internet was on fire!

Because at this moment, the 3 stages of the physical fitness test were announced. The public finally knew why the marks this time were generally low.

Such difficulty was incredibly unbelievable.

The tiger kept hunting!

The swordfish kept charging from the bottom of the water!


These 3 questions were even crowned by the public as of the hellish trio and the teacher who produced the questions was labeled as the devil examiner. According to the statistics, the 3 questions were successively difficult. The final question was the worst where many specialized esper seniors admitted that even they might not have been able to pass the stage.

And such questions were given to 3rd year high school students?

Was that a joke?

As for Su Hao and Li Xin who scored full marks, everyone was sincere and all the more impressed. To score full marks with such exam questions make it look like the ability of the students from Jianghe City to handle pressure was slightly higher than imagined...

The hot discussion on the internet continued overnight.

With reference to the second days exams, fighting technique was also added to the topic of discussion: #fightingtechiquesadditionalquestions. This hashtag speedily topped the monthly list of hot topics...

Thats right, the monthly list.

During this sensitive time period concerning the college entrance exam, when a topic was hyped up, it was basically calculated on a monthly basis. The trend of global attention was enough to scare everyone. But within only a days time, the hottest topic of the month was already dominated by the college entrance exam.

As for the additional question on the third test, everyone paid quite a lot of attention to it.

The two segments on the first day could be considered fundamental. But the following two segments on the second day were purely battle-related, regardless of fighting technique or ability index, both were closely related to combat. For everyone in the origin ability era, this was what everyone was most interested in!

But at the same time.

#suhaonumber1, #zhouwangnumber3, #jianghecitythebirthplaceoftalents, and #suhaofullmarks. These topics followed closely behind and tightly dominated every list of hot topics.

The internet didnt have the slightest bit of rest for a whole night.

And in the middle of this hot discussion, the next day came unexpectedly.

June 8th!

At 10 o'clock in the morning, every candidate walked into the allocated classroom as they were ready and waited for the beginning of the fighting technique assessment. The college entrance exam result list that was on everyones minds also quickly dominated the main pages of every media channel. However, at this moment, the image that was circulating around shocked everyone.

On every media channel, the data results suddenly shrunk into the top right corner and were displayed in a semi-transparent model.

Then, the scene of the exam appeared!

What is happening?

This is

Live broadcast!

The crowd was shocked, they knew that the federal government was paying attention to this college entrance exam but they never thought that this would grab their attention. The direct broadcast of the theoretical foundation and physical fitness marks were fine, but for the fighting technique test, there was actually a live broadcast during the college entrance exam!

Correct, thats right!

It was no longer the live broadcast of the results but the live broadcast of the college entrance exam itself.

Battles will forever be the main topic of the origin ability era! You could not look at the theoretical foundation but everyone anticipated the fighting technique and ability index exams. The level of attention towards todays segment compared to yesterday could possibly explode above 10 times!

Global competition!

The entire world didnt only include all of the exam candidates it included everyone!

At this moment, everyone was involved in this event.

However, for the thousands of people who entered the college entrance exam, whose information would be broadcasted? The geniuses who caught the peoples attention? Or the students who performed amazingly in the exams? They were the center of attention in the crowd. With such a direct broadcast, as long as there was a second of exposure, it was enough to be remembered by the countless number of people.

A few minutes after the live broadcast, the ratings of every media channel exploded!

The fighting technique test had officially begun!


Su Hao opened his eyes.

He looked around at his surroundings. It was a very beautiful island. One could see the waves in the sea up ahead. But according to Su Haos past experiences, whenever the system displayed beautiful scenery, it was possible for it to display brutal destruction in the next second, and totally destroy every part of the scenery.

Hence, after he looked around indifferently, he regained his focus.

Both his eyes narrowed, and he felt a short vibration.

In Su Haos mind, he was startled.

He could use his energy!

Fighting technique would definitely not forbid the usage of energy because it wasnt focused purely on physical aspects, and many fighting techniques had been developed with the aid of energy.

For example, fighting essence!

Hence, during a fight, origin ability wouldnt be forbidden, but for origin ability talent...

Su Hao tried to activate model analysis at once.


Talent was forbidden!

Of course.

Su Hao understood that this was purely a fighting technique test. Since ability talent was forbidden, all origin techniques were also completely forbidden.

Mountain crash!

Su Hao tried again, invalid.

Sure enough, for equality, even the use of origin techniques was forbidden.

But, this type of test, can it really be fair?

Su Hao frowned. Even though ability talent was forbidden, everyones physical fitnesses were different. In such a situation, how can a persons true fighting technique be reflected?


A burst of dull footsteps rang out.

Su Hao lifted his head. From afar, a shadow walked towards him a familiar face, and a familiar mold. It was fighting grandmaster Jia Kesi.

Long time no see, grandmaster.

Su Hao smiled silently.

Unfortunately, the systems android didnt recognize Su Hao. When he saw Su Hao smile at him, it naturally was taken as a provocative sign and so he directly attacked him!


Once the fighting grandmaster attacked, Su Hao felt a sense of discomfort.

Long fist! (TL: a type of martial art)


Su Hao blocked with both his arms and his whole person was knocked back a step. One could see a thoughtful expression flash across his eyes. Such power such moves...

Side kick!




The fighting grandmaster unleashed and exploded a barrage of coherent and consecutive moves. The rhythm was unbelievably quick as he didnt give Su Hao any opportunities to counterattack. However, the expression in Su Haos eyes grew brighter and brighter!

So thats what it is!


The power in Su Haos hands suddenly exploded. The fighting grandmaster who was suppressing Su Hao was suddenly blown away and killed by Su Haos one move!

It is really as I thought.

Su Haos lips curled up into a slight smile.

So it turned out that this was the way for the test system to maintain fairness?

It was the fighting technique assessment. But since the effect of physical fitness was huge, was the system setting everyones physical fitness levels to be equal?

Definitely not possible!

To give a person with 200 points in physical fitness a boost to 400 points, not mentioning the increase in his abilities, it was possible for the fighting techniques that were used smoothly before to not connect with the unfamiliar body alteration. Hence, to equate physical fitness was merely a pipe dream.

But it was all in order to maintain the fairness of the fighting techniques.

Hence, the exam system used a compromised method, which was. The fighting grandmaster that everyone faced would have the same physical fitness as the challengers themselves.

That also meant...

If you only had 100 points for physical fitness, the enemy you faced, grandmaster Jia Kesi, his physical fitness would also be at 100 points.

This method could to a large extent maintain a certain fairness.

Of course, it wasnt good for Su Hao. His physical fitness that was as high as 500 points didnt give him any advantages. Instead, it became a danger. Because a 500 point grandmaster Jia Kesi was extremely horrific!

It could be seen from the body of the fighting grandmaster earlier.

The fighting technique test this time, compared to expectations, was slightly more difficult.

Su Haos calmed his mind. He didnt let this external factor disturb himself.

The fighting grandmaster that was killed by him earlier only knew beginner fighting techniques. It should only have the beginner fighting technique standard of 100 points. If he hadnt guessed wrong, the next fighting grandmaster would definitely have the standard of 200 points and it would be a fighting grandmaster with mastery of the police fighting technique!

Thud thud!

A series of footsteps rang out.

From afar, another fighting grandmaster came forward.

Su Hao glanced with his eyes. Indeed, this fighting grandmasters aura was completely different from the one from before. His footsteps were also more firm and persistent.


The fighting grandmaster charged forth.

A light flashed in Su Haos eyes. His body flickered and with one move he instantly killed the grandmaster!


The fighting grandmaster died on the spot.

Su Haos body was resolutely unmovable that even his eyelids didnt lift for a moment because he clearly knew the fighting grandmaster who truly mastered every fighting technique had arrived!