Godly Model Creator Chapter 345

Gmc Chapter 345

Chapter 345    You have gone overboard

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A fist accompanied by wind approached.

Su Haos mouth raised a smile. As he stepped to the side, he let this incoming attack land on empty air and then grabbed the incoming fist to launch a series of incoming counterattacks.




The battle became a fast-paced one.

Facing the attacks from Su Hao, the fighting master naturally wont dare fall behind and assumed a defensive stance. With basic, police, and military fighting techniques integrated, the application was like art. Different kind of movesets, yet they were used skillfully.



Yet another high pace confrontation. Su Hao was hit by the fighting master back and forth. Then at the final moment when the master charged at him, the energy condensed within his fist finally erupted.

Fighting points!



A stream of strong energy appeared from within his body and directly bombarded the fighting master.


The fighting masters body vanished.

If not because of my mastery in fighting essence, I would have lost to him. Somehow, I will always be a bit worse than him.

Su Hao smiled indifferently. 300 points of standard fighting technique, even if he had mastered every single of them, whenever he had a duel with the master, he always felt that he would be slightly inferior.


The scene changed.

A figure stood not far away, 400 points fighting master had appeared!

Although there were an additional 100 points in fighting essence, this masters aura was entirely different. His eyes were staring at Su Hao like electricity, yet he didnt make a single move.

Hes searching for flaws.

This idea popped into Su Haos mind. His face turned alert. One who had the same physical fitness and fighting technique with him, an AI controlled by the system, this battle would be much more difficult than what he had imagined!

Since you want a flaw, I will give you one!

Su Hao sidestepped and assumed a posture to attack. The fighting masters eyes lit up and quickly charged forward. The sound of air whistling due to high speed could be heard.



Su Haos body received a hit, and he had to step a few steps backward. Looking at the fighting master in shock, such force

It was stronger than him!

How could this be?

At first, he was only trying to bait with a flaw, but that action nearly cost him his life! This fighting master was totally different from what he imagined.


The fighting master would definitely wont give him a chance to think. Su Hao instantly counterattacked using his quick reactions. With his figure flickering, both of them left an afterimage in the air. However, when the battle lasted for only half a minute, Su Hao was already at a disadvantage.

He had been suppressed!

A total suppression!

How could this be?

Su Hao was stunned.

If this happened during the additional question portion, he could understand. However, this was still just the basic tests which definitely made the standard of the college entrance exam. The teacher who came up with this question would definitely not do anything extraordinary!

But now, even with same physical fitness and fighting technique, he was actually at a disadvantage?

Plus, it was an absolute disadvantage!


Su Hao began to ponder.

Thinking of the first confrontation, that blow which was so fast like lightning wasnt as powerful as Su Hao yet it was deep to comprehend!

To break 400 points in physical fitness was the limit.

Then what about after 400 points?

How to display the additional strength more perfectly? Under normal circumstances, physical fitness, and fighting technique were combined in balance at 400 points. However, after 400 points, the additional points had no move to show. It was like a tiger without its claws.

So, even if Su Hao had entered into another realm of physical fitness, each time he was in close combat, he still had to use the military fighting technique.

But the fighting master was different.

Once his physical fitness reached 500 points, he would then produce the best combat effectiveness accordingly. After all, the calculation of a human brain was limited. What was behind the fighting master was a legendary AI doing the calculations!

Hundreds of millions of process in a second, such feat could only be looked up by every creature!

Such a computing speed, how long would it take to calculate the best fighting technique perfectly?

Su Hao wasnt clear of this, but he knew that this AI would deduce the best action from all the data in the database.



The fighting technique under the hand of the fighting master became sharper as time passed. The movement was so natural that the additional 100 points werent wasted. Su Hao kept being forced back, but at this moment, his eyes lit up and revealed an understanding look!

Such feeling...

Oh yea!

So this is the true fighting technique for 500 points!

Su Hao became even excited.

Even under a disadvantage, he wasnt desperate at all. Slowly taking this opportunity, he began to imitate the rhythm of the fighting master, his movement

Wasnt this invented for him?

Even if the AI only temporarily generated it, it was way beyond the might of the military fighting technique.




Bloodstains could be seen on Su Haos mouth. He was now being beaten to a sorry state. Not only that, he was actually subconsciously matched up with the fighting masters moves. He must let the master show a full set move. Only through this way would he learn the fighting technique.

This was an opportunity sent from heaven; he mustnt let it be wasted!

But such scene

In the eyes of outsiders, they didnt think much about the situation.

Within the live broadcast, those who were ranked higher became the focus of the public attention and managed to live stream their fight personally for a few seconds. However, the current situation now had made everyone shocked.

Tian Zi appeared first, as four fighting masters emerged, each of them had been killed with a single move, stunning everyone. Coupled with his handsome face, he had attracted many people.

A well deserved fame for Tian Zi.

Followed by him, Zhou Wang and many other geniuses also entered the additional question segment. Such process had some surprise, for example

Li Tiantian!

When the public saw the appearance of Li Tiantian, everyone had a broken heart.


A male?

Daddy wont believe in love anymore!

Yesterday, I even dreamt of with her. Never did I except she was actually vomit.

Give me back my goddess dreammmmmmmmmmmm!

The video broadcasting staff sinisterly tagged Li Tiantian on his side. 

These days, because of his superior result, Li Tiantian had obtained a lot of fans. They especially imagined how beautiful this girl would be.


Reality was cruel.

Compared to the topic of Tian Zi, it was instantly overridden by Li Tiantian. The internet forum were all discussing about Li Tiantian. #thedaywhenlitiantianchangedsex, #nolongerbelieveinlove, #dreamofgoddessbecameajoke and several other topics had quickly risen. Li Tiantian once again was on fire in fame!

However, if it was only this, that was still acceptable.

What was even more frightening was even when his appearance was now exposed to the public, causing many dreams to die in such a truth, there were actually some who survived.

A male body with a female heart, I believe Li Tiantian is still a girl. Some fans said so seriously.

Heterosexual was just for human reproduction; homosexual is true love! Li Tiantian, take the first rank! I love you! This fan shouted out loud to support him.

The same topic popped up here and there.

If he saw these, he would definitely cry helplessly.

He had been looking forward to becoming world famous.

Just that, this name

It seemed that it was different from what expected?

Luckily, such topic didnt last long. More negative news soon covered the bad news of Li Tiantian. Everyone paid their attention to one candidate who had the qualification based on the publics opinion, and it was none other than Su Hao!

The live stream of one candidate who was a favorite to maintain his rank, then a problem arose!

Within the video, Su Hao was still struggling with basic questions. The fighting master was like a mighty tiger, suppressing Su Hao fully.

It was a completely one-sided battle.

What Su Hao could do was passively defend. Awkwardly avoiding the incoming attacks, he didnt even have the chance to counterattack. The video played for a full ten seconds before ending. What the public had of the current image was Su Hao was being beaten up horribly by the fighting master.

For a moment, this fact had shocked everyone.




The crowd had no word to utter. They were totally speechless.

When Su Hao completed theoretical basis, everyone thought that he was just a weakling. However, during physical fitness, he had come out from the reputation as a weakling and became the biggest dark horse!

They expected Su Hao to ace all four tests!

After all, when physical fitness was high, how could fighting technique be any worse? If his ability index werent weak, there would be a high probability that he would appear as the victor.


This scene in front suddenly destroyed their imagination.

If youre weak a bit, that is understandable but you couldnt even obtain 400 points in fighting technique, are you trying to be funny? Everyone was silent at the fact that Su Hao might go down at any time. Didnt this mean that Su Hao couldnt even pass the ordinary stage?


You have gone too overboard with your joke!