Godly Model Creator Chapter 346

Gmc Chapter 346

Chapter 346    How to win?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao was a topic of hot discussion.

300 plus points in fighting technique, was that bad? Of course not, that was especially true for an average student. To be able to get close to full score should be enough to enroll in any key university.


This fact was no longer valid on Su Hao.

Theoretical basis, full score.

Physical fitness, full score.

Global ranking, first!

The most favored dark horse!

Su Hao was a candidate that attracted too much attention, and he had always been showing a domineering performance. After all, to be able to trump over Tian Zi and others, such character obtaining the first rank was what the public was awaiting.

Thus, everyone was stunned when they saw Su Hao struggling with the standard test.

How to say this?

Too bad.

The gap was too huge!

Because the huge gap in performance from what they anticipated, many fans of his at this moment had jumped ship and flamed him on the internet. Once again, many people started to label him as a weak non-combatant. After all, there wasnt any excuse for this.

What was there to argue?

The live streaming just now was so clear, wasnt the situation obvious?

To explain it from another perspective, this was a real debut of Su Hao! Yet for the first time to perform in front of everyones eyes, he revealed such a poor image.

And now, Tian Zis and Zheng Tais supporters finally had room to breathe.

Compared to this grass root Su Hao, these geniuses were different. From young, they had been trained and destined to be stars of the world. Coupled with their supernatural talent, handsome looks, rich heritage, and long years of fame they had gained many fans. When Su Hao overshadowed them, naturally the fans werent happy with it.

However, Su Haos result was well displayed causing no one to defend him.

Two consecutive full scores, who still dared to say anything to defend their idol?

As Su Haos strength had been exposed, the flaming of the world began. #suhaoisanoncombatant #suhaoweak and so on began to fill the forums. At this moment, Su Haos supporters

Remained silent.

As if the test center knew what was the hot topic right now on the internet, once again, the video of Su Hao dueling with the fighting master was broadcasted for additional few seconds.

Within the video.

Su Hao and the fighting master confronted each other. Once again, he blocked the incoming attack from the master. At this moment, the master didnt retreat to reattempt his attack but took advantage of the opportunity to erupt his strength!


As the movement began with military fighting technique, followed by a series of attacks from the hand of fighting master, a violent, terrifying aura erupted. Like a mad storm, each move hit hard on Su Hao.

And what Su Hao could do was to defend himself.





Blood could be seen spurting out from his mouth as his whole body was blasted away.

Everyone couldnt bear to watch. This was a total demolish! They were on an entirely different level! Why didnt this fighting master seem strong at all while confronting Tian Zi and Zheng Tai but an entirely different story arise in Su Haos scenario?

It went without saying.

Su Hao was too weak!

As the live broadcast of him disappeared, the scene changed to the highlight of other candidates.

To be able to appear on the screen for ten seconds among tens of millions of candidates twice was something only Su Hao could enjoy.

However, everyone knew that Su Haos journey would end here.

The others supporter began to trash talk with all sort of calling labeled on Su Hao.

However, many espers, when they looked at the previous 10 seconds clip, their facial expression turned grave.

Because they felt that something wasnt right It seemed like Su Hao wasnt weak at all. The instant the fighting master made a move, they could even feel a horrifying aura! Such intensity of aura, was that something a fighting master with 400 points should have?

Those moves definitely werent the military fighting technique either.

What had happened exactly?

The one who was puzzled too were people from Jianghe City. Because they clearly knew that Su Haos strength had long advanced into a specialized esper! His fighting technique points?

Oh please!

That was something Su Hao was good in before entering his third year of high school.

Even without advancing into a specialized esper, Su Hao was still a king of close combat. However, the scene of the clip just now really made they dumbfounded.

In the end

What had exactly happened?

As for the reaction from the outside world, Su Hao was totally clueless. Even if he knew, he wouldnt bother with it either. Because he knew more than anyone that to shut people up, what he had to prove was his own strength!

An absolute strength!

Public reaction?


No matter what, in front of absolute strength, you would have to resort to kneeling!

Wiping off the blood from his mouth, Su Hao looked at the distant fighting master from a and finally laughed out loud.

This series of moves, he had been waiting for a long time!

Because only when this series of moves erupted would this new fighting technique be completed. The new fighting technique had been completely imprinted into his mind.

His counter-attack could officially begin!

Cold light flashed within Su Haos eyes. The brand new fighting technique was displayed from his fists. The moves looked awkward as he was still unfamiliar with the technique. However, Su Hao slowly grew familiar with the technique as the fight went on.

Ability talent was restricted. If he could use model analysis, this guy would have long ago been killed. Still, so what?

The method to learn a move was not only limited to one.

Su Hao still remembered during his high school days when the combat instructor was teaching him, Teacher Liu about the police fighting technique. And that fighting technique

Although he didnt use model analysis to read the technique of Teacher Liu, still under some assistance, his understanding progressed much faster! Su Haos fighting sense was strong. With just some demonstration, he would get the hang of it and quickly grasped the police fighting technique.

Previously, he was able to learn the technique and then a card of the skill was established for him within his mind.

This time?



Su Hao struck with his fists. This strange set of moves gradually displayed skillfully. The absolute advantage enjoyed by the fighting master began to gradually disappear as Su Hao became more familiar with this technique. All of a sudden, there was some change within his body.

This feeling

Su Haos eyes lit up.

At that time, when the card for the police fighting technique was completed, it seemed like this feeling too. In other words, he had fulfilled the condition to establish this card.

He had obtained complete mastery!


Su Hao smirked, Allow me to witness your might.


The new fighting technique was shown without hesitation!

Su Hao was finally not being suppressed.



A confident aura spread around Su Hao. By continuous punching with dense killing intent, he didnt stop for a single second. Su Haos eyes turned bright as he was about to activate the same ultimate move which was shown by the fighting master just a moment ago.




Su Haos body flickered, leaving a mirage behind. As his heavy aura became more compact, when he threw out his fist, the momentum produced was even more violent than the fighting master. However, the fighting master managed to defend well and negate pretty much every incoming force, but at this very second

His defense was empty!

Could Su Hao connect it?

Of course!

Fighting points, burst!

Su Hao sneered. The familiar technique was once again displayed and blasted this fighting master into the air. Instead of falling, he vanished completely.

Basic fighting technique completed!

From the start to the end, only ten seconds had passed. The fighting master who originally had the advantage in the duel had been defeated by Su Hao on the spot without even a single chance to counterattack!

Su Hao seemed to be like in a sorry state, but in fact, he did it intentionally. When he was defending, he made sure that the fighting master didnt have any chance to collect fighting points while he was in the receiving end.

Based on his understanding of the mechanics of the AI, once fighting points reached over 8 points, it would then erupt to end the duel. Thus, all this time, even if Su Hao had to be injured, he would make sure that the process of collecting fighting points was cut off.

Thus, that was why the duel lasted for more than ten minutes.

The fighting master didnt even use fighting essence a single time because he simply couldnt do so! The pace of the battle had been controlled by Su Hao from the very beginning until it was over!


Su Hao smiled indifferently.

This time, the live stream was still showing the highlight moment of the exam. The stream wasnt only emphasized on those top candidates but also everyone else. 

Thus, in addition to several close up highlights on hit candidates, the screen kept displaying the wonderful scene of other candidates which the system randomly selected. Some managed to clear the stage gracefully while some used all sort of tricks to pass.

However, at this moment, a random killing moment highlight was shown. A young man killed the fighting master in a domineering fashion on the screen!

Everyone was stunned.

It was not because of the young man killing the master but because of the young mans identity. This wasnt this Su Hao? He had actually managed to pass the stage!


Because of the time limit, only 2 seconds were shown. With a domineering aura, Su Hao was able to complete the stage which shocked the public. Su Hao how did he do it?

The two clips which showed how was he abused by the fighting master was still clear in their mind.

As of this fact, everyone turned curious.

How did he win?