Godly Model Creator Chapter 347

Gmc Chapter 347

Chapter 347    Man in green

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

How did he win?

Nobody knew!

What could one deduce from a two-second video?

The topic about Su Hao that already slowly faded from the public suddenly became the hottest topic again. The attention of the people around the world was on Su Hao again, the top candidate for the exam.

How did he win?

Some people analyzed the two-second video. However, what they could see from the video was just the moment Su Hao killed the fighting master. What had happened before that?

Nobody knew!

While everyone was discussing online, the examination center had extracted the scene of Su Hao defeating the master from the virtual world and uploaded it online.


The dim light shined.

The screen changed into the scene where Su Hao was fighting with the master. Everyone held their breath and focused on the screen.

Without the need for explanation, everyone could look at that clearly.

Su Hao seemed to be a mess while the fighting master was steady as usual. Obviously, the master was the winning side, but suddenly

Su Hao moved.


He rushed against the martial arts master. Unlike the previous battling style, he was really into the battle this time.

He was like a sharp knife that struck towards the heart of enemy!




Su Hao used a series of moves against the fighting master. However, as expected, the fighting master easily stopped all the attack.

What was Su Hao doing?

I dont know.

Such consecutive attacks would be counterattacked by the master a moment later.

Indeed, with the capability of the master, once he got the chance, Su Hao would be dead. However, Su Hao won! Perhaps

Soon, someone thought of something that was unbelievable.

As expected, Su Haos attacks paused, and the fighting master grabbed the opportunity to counter-attack. However, the pause didnt even last for 0.1 seconds, before he unleashed an even stronger series of moves!


He could link it!

How could he link it?

Everyone was confused. They all knew how the high-frequency combat work, its cons were obvious too. Once the attack was paused, the enemy could easily counter-attack, and there was a big possibility that one would be defeated in such circumstance.

As Su Haos attacks were all blocked by the master, what he would be facing was supposed to be the powerful counter-attack.

However, it was out of the expectation that Su Hao could easily link another round of attacks!

How is this possible?

These high-frequency attacks werent able to be stopped once it was released.

To link these attacks, it had to be faster and more accurate than the initial attack. How could such skill exist? Meanwhile, they realized that the attack of Su Hao was similar to the move the fighting master had used earlier.

It seemed to be

Su Hao was under such an attack previously?

However, right now

The one who was under attack switched to the fighting master!



Su Haos attacks were getting faster!

Each of his attacks perfectly struck on the master. Meanwhile, the capability shown by Su Hao had astonished all people!

Was this really a test of 400 points in fighting technique?

There were at least hundreds of battle scenes that were shown on the screen today. However, there wasnt even a battle which could be compared with Su Haos battle!



Su Hao never stopped his action.

However, what surprised the people was the reaction of the fighting master. Even under such combat attack, he was able to defend steadily as usual.

The fighting master was so strong!

It was what everyone felt.

They tried to recall the previous battle of others. Was that the same fighting master?




The fighting master finally faced difficulty in defending, but Su Haos attack slowed down as well. By using the fastest speed possible, he used all the possible remaining attacks on the master. The master unbelievably defended all the attacks.

At this moment

The attacks stopped!

It couldnt be linked up!

The advantage that Su Hao accumulated for so long was fully destroyed! Without a doubt, Su Hao had to face the furious counter-attack from the martial arts master after that. However, Su Hao sneered and used a skill that he had been not used for a long time, Fighting points, burst!


A large explosion.

The fighting master was destroyed.

Everyone went completely silent!

Only after the replay disappeared did everyone come to and pondered about the battle just now. The battle only lasted for ten seconds! An astonishing ten seconds!

They felt like they experienced the battle for a few minutes.

Such a fast pace battle!

Such an excellent fighting technique!

At the moment, even a fool realized the fact. The fighting master that Su Hao faced was much stronger than what the others faced. Moreover, such a strong fighting master was still defeated by Su Hao!

Within 10 seconds of battle.

A prompt assault!

How powerful was that?

Su Haos supporters were extremely excited and furiously shouted their support. Su Haos popularity drastically increased!

However, there were always haters.

Soon, some people questioned why the fighting master didnt use fighting essence as Su Hao did? Was Su Hao taking advantage of this bug to get his victory? When the question was asked, everyone played back on Su Haos battle scene. They were shocked once they carefully went through it.

They realized a shocking fact.

It wasnt because of a system setting that the fighting master wasnt using fighting essence. In fact, he didnt have the chance to use fighting essence. In the playback, people clearly saw that everytime the martial arts master accumulated a certain number of fighting points, Su Hao would stop his combo!

Stopped with a punch!

Stopped with a sidekick!

There were at least six times where Su Hao stopped the masters combo. Su Haos skill in defending astonished everybody.

Such capability

Was this the real capability of Su Hao?

The people who questioned Su Haos victory shut their mouths.

If they continued to question Su Haos capability, it would just show that they were stupid.

The strong tend to be strong.

Su Hao never worried about the opinions of others.

As long as he was strong enough, all those things were just jokes.

No matter how hard they were trying to bring Su Hao down, Su Hao had completed all the basic part of the session and got the chance to take the bonus questions.

He wasn't worried at all.

Basic fighting technique test completed, full 400 points!


You scored a full 400 points on the basic fighting technique test; you have fulfilled the requirement to activate the bonus questions. Now, you will be entering the bonus questions session!

Fighting technique bonus questions: The Great Grandmaster!

Fight with the grandmaster. Your marks will be given according to the damage you give to the grandmaster, from 0 to 200 points accordingly.

Test begin!

The system notification had awakened Su Hao.

The Great Grandmaster?

Su Hao felt nervous.

From the name itself, it was obvious that the fighting master and the great grandmaster were on different levels. Theoretically, 400 points were the maximum limit for fighting techniques. Although the new fighting technique Su Hao learned was powerful, it was just a slight improvement from 400 points!

Hence, even if his battle scene were exposed, no one would discover that Su Hao was using a new fighting technique. They would just feel that he was good at fighting techniques.


Fighting technique grandmaster?

Did it mean that his fighting techniques were on another level? If fighting techniques could break the limit and advance to another level, how strong it could be?

Su Hao was interested in that.


From far away, the light shined.

An illusion started to solidify. A man in green clothes walked towards Su Hao from far away. That man was slim compared to the fighting master, giving a totally different feeling to Su Hao.

The view of the islands remained.

The man in green clothes stood by the beach, and Su Hao could feel a sense of peacefulness from him.

It was like a man who fished beside the green lake.

Is this the feel of a grandmaster?

Su Hao was very cautious. Obviously, this was a powerful enemy, but he couldnt feel any danger from the enemy. Although he knew that the man in front of him was an AI created by the system, he felt that the man was alive.

It was the most horrifying fact.

They were ten meters apart.

The man in green clothes stopped and looked at Su Hao from far away.

Come on!

Su Hao had a deep breath, Show me what the fighting technique that is beyond the limit is. Lets see how powerful it can be!


Wind blew.

Countless leaves fell.

The man in green clothes clipped a few leaves between his index finger and middle finger of his right hand. He seemed to be elegant and smart. All of a sudden, Su Haos pupils contracted.

This action


The man in green clothes waved his right hand, and the leaves disappeared. When Su Hao reacted, the leaves were already in front of him.


Su Hao avoided them by moving aside.

Su Hao looked at the man in green clothes stunned. There were two scars on his face which was bleeding; however, it couldnt hide the astonishment on his face!

Flying leaves!

The technique that only existed in legends had appeared!