Godly Model Creator Chapter 348

Gmc Chapter 348

GMC 348    Inner force

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Fighting technique?


To be more precise, martial arts would be the better term.

Flying leaves, this skill had appeared in the ancient martial art novels. This skill had been worshipped by many and regarded as a godly skill. However, even in the origin ability era when one had reached the limit of physical fitness, people still found that it was impossible to master this skill.

Flying knives?

They could do that!

It was possible because a flying knife was built using metal. With the current physical fitness, extremely quick reaction, and powerful force to hit a target wasnt difficult. However, to make it into a one-hit kill weapon was just a myth.


Dead leaves?

Leaves themselves were unusually fragile. Just a little force and they would be destroyed. If they were thrown at full force, most of the leaves would probably have been destroyed before they hit their target.

To perform this flying leaf skill perfectly

There was only one possibility.

The legendary inner force.

Thus, after some research, they concluded that in the martial arts world, the reason leaves could hurt one was because of the usage of inner force.

Only by using this mysterious force could this legendary move be emulated.

However, what was inner force?

The strength from within a human body!

One needs to cultivate themselves to gather inner force. This was a form which was completely different from origin energy. It was derived from the mysterious energy which appeared between Heaven and Earth which could be integrated into one's body to use. Inner force was entirely dependent on special cultivation methods.

This was the bodys true force!

This was the written conclusion of the research on inner force.

Although the results were stated, whether the existence of inner force is true or not was still under discussion.

Nobody knew the truth.

There was indeed some mysterious force within the human body.

Whether it was body forging training, the electric like power which traveled in the body, the forbidden technique which unlocked the secret of human body, people could understand the concept.

Humans, after all, had immense potential.

Although it was a known fact that there was some mysterious force within the human body, it was still under scientific research. During the chaotic era of origin ability, a huge amount of ancient documents and records had been destroyed. A large amount of time for cultivating and experimenting would be needed to break through in this field.

Thus, whether or not this mysterious force was inner force had become a cold topic.

The research on inner force had always existed.

However, the previous research didnt have much progress. Nowadays, with all sorts of machines for origin ability, this research was no longer being paid any attention.

After all, it was a different era now.

Regarding the rumor of inner force and the legendary martial art, almost everyone had heard of it before. Too bad, with the change of time, the research on this power still didnt have much progress. Eventually, inner force turned into a legend.

Have to say, humans were smart.

Even without inner force, there was origin ability. This was an era of origin ability! As the world changed, were they that dumb that they couldn't make flying leaves? Thus, someone started to study based on this direction and soon, the puzzle was solved. By integrating energy into the leaves, this new technique emerged.

Universal origin technique: Flying leaves.

By using energy to wrap around leaves and attack with them.

By using ancient martial arts as a base, it evolved into an origin technique. Because leaves were used as weapons, the lethality was limited. This was all to meet the dream of many who had always been dreaming of becoming a martial artist.

Inner force had become a legend.

Martial arts also turned into a legend.

As for the research group, whether they continued their study was unknown. Soon, in recent years, this topic had gradually faded away from everyones attention.

Su Hao vaguely recalled.

Previously in mock exam, Su Hao had no hope regarding origin ability since he had made no progress. At that time, he was eyeing on the legendary inner force and the ancient martial art. Trying to search for more information in school, hoping to find someone who had learned inner force and martial arts

However, nothing bare fruit.

A full three days, Su Hao saw no such person. The so-called masters in private appeared to be just a con in Su Haos eyes.

Since then, Su Hao no longer believe in whatever inner force!

But at this moment

The man in greens flying leaves was like a bolt out of the blue, completely awakening him!

Origin technique had been disabled. Nobody would be able to use origin ability in this place. This move, was it really the legendary inner force?

Flying leaves werent strong, but it had a significant meaning.

Inner force

Did it really exist?

Su Hao was ecstatic!

Right now, Su Hao wasnt the only one who was shocked. As more and more candidates took the bonus questions, nobody was interested in the standard test anymore. Therefore the live broadcasting began to show the scene for the bonus segment.

However, it only took a minute to shock everyone.

Flying leaves?

Everyone saw this scene and was stunned.

As the audience, they saw the scene even clearer.

As the video clip replayed, there were a lot of amazing one hit kills. Wrong, when it reached the bonus segment, it should be amazingly being killed.


Two flying leaves flashed, killing a candidate.


Yet another two flying leaves charged at another candidate who couldnt evade in time and was killed, leaving behind white particles dissipating in the virtual world.



The same scenario, the same old story.

These two flying leaves seemed to become the nightmare of countless candidates.

Just a few seconds into the bonus segment, many candidates were killed by the man in green without even a chance to react.

The public was truly stunned by the similar scene being broadcasted.

Flying leaves?

They were dumbfounded.

If flying leaves appeared in the ability index, nobody would be shocked. But this was a test for fighting technique! Origin technique, ability talent, they were all banned! The only usage of energy within the body was fighting essence.

After all, fighting essence would only work the best when aided by energy.

As for using an origin ability?

What joke was this! When you play a game, when youre given a mage with full mana but without any skills, would your mana bar move at all? Thus, every candidate was the same as the mage.

Yet how did the flying leaves appear?

As the public began to think carefully, an absurd idea was realized. Could it be the legendary inner force?


The public quickly wrote it off.

With the crowds understanding of the federal government, once the study of the humans mysterious force had a breakthrough, there would definitely be many tests. Once the human body was proved to be without any side effect, the government would then promote it to everyone to enhance humanitys overall strength.

After all, survival was the most important thing.

But looking at the technique used by the man in green, everyone was unsure what was happening. What was going on?

Was it really inner force?

This was everyones doubt.

However, it wasnt only the candidates and people around the world, even the staff of the exam center were dumbfounded too.

Whats happening here?

Is it inner force?

I dont know!

Perhaps the mysterious force in human body had achieved a breakthrough?

Breakthrough your ass! That group of researchers had done their study for over a decade, yet there is no progress! Again, even if there is really a breakthrough, to perform it in virtual reality, all sort of logical calculations need to be carried out for the system to show!

Then whats going on?

Everyone couldnt figure out the exact situation now.

Looking at the scene in front, the head of the exam center raged, Such a huge incident happened, yet you all are clueless? Then why were you hired? Who is the one who came up with this question?


The voice of the teacher who came up with the question came from the corner of the room, and everyone turned their head toward that direction. He was a young man with glasses, a new scientist who joined the group this year and said to have made some achievement in the logical calculation field. One could label him as a rising star in the exam department.

This man in green is designed by you?

The leader asked.


The young man was a little nervous and didnt confront his leader directly. Instead, he quickly explained, My idea was to use a super high difficulty test to assess the candidates. It was the same idea as the basic fighting technique, by refining the best part of fighting techniques to have a thorough assessment.

The man in green, he had the standard of a grandmaster. Has the same physical fitness as the candidates, but it must be at a minimum of 400 points. Those who managed to pass the standard test through luck would all be killed at this stage. As a grandmaster, the AI of this man in green naturally has a better performance.

Plus, to highlight the strength of the man in green, I have designed four logics which didnt exist. Using the computer to calculate and deduce from all currently available fighting techniques. Coupled with all sort of fighting techniques, he would then disrupt the candidates pace.


Everyone looked up at the sky. His action was simply courting his own death.

At this moment, the leader finally understood, In other words, the strength of this man in greens little tricks are designed by you?


Then, can you explain how the flying leaves are designed? You have to know even as a designer; you might have violated the rules of the test. Origin ability and origin techniques are forbidden to be used! In this case, how did you manage to get it done?

I dont know.

The young man gave a simple reply.

Everyone vomited blood!

Brother, youre the designer!

Yet you dont know. Could it be there is a bug in the exam system?