Godly Model Creator Chapter 349

Gmc Chapter 349

Chapter 349    If we say yes, then it is so!

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You dont know?

The leader was stunned.


The young man finally managed to get his grip and quickly continued his explanation, Im just coming up with the questions. As regarding the technology of virtual reality, Im clueless.

Everyone: ...

College entrance exam questions were indeed done in this manner.

Under normal circumstances, there wouldnt be a difference for how the questions were supposed to be presented in virtual reality. Now it seemed that there seemed to be some technical issue?

Under the guidance of the leader, they went ahead and confronted the technicians department. After showing all the data, they finally managed to find the underlying problem.

The problem was on the four logic processes designed by the young man.

User-defined selection?

Self-system deduction?

Since when did the exam system have such processes?

Forget about the others; it was clear when Su Hao faced the fighting master previously, the system itself deduced the move which he learned. Such design could be seen everywhere.

Thus, the young mans design was still reasonable.


When it reached the bonus segment, an unexpected problem arose.

To meet the requirement of the exam reformation, the core of this exam system was run by the latest quantum computer developed by the federal government.

It ran faster than before by millions of times!

Under such terrifying speed in calculation and deduction, the system began to come up with the best fighting techniques, and among them, the legendary flying leaves were included.


The intelligent system began to deduce!

Why wasnt the condition to use the flying leaves met? Why was it not enough?

Within the system

Origin ability, inner force, human mysterious force, all these factors were researched and analyzed. Soon, the system obtained the answer. Within the human body, there was indeed some mysterious force!

But was this force sufficient to create flying leaves?

The system repeated the cycle over and over again, the systems multiple trials and errors came up with a conclusion

For ordinary researchers, they would require many years to carry out this study, but for the quantum computer, all these were just a mere task.

Soon, an advancement was achieved!

This mysterious force was able to produce flying leaves. Next was how to guide the force or to be more accurate, how to perform flying leaves?

The intelligent system continued researching

After repeated calculations and analysis, the problem was solved!

The system was able to solve this problem perfectly. That was why the AI grandmaster in the bonus segment had such strength.


Everyone was stunned.

It turned out that this was the truth?

Was it a coincidence?

Indeed, without the logic processes coming from this young man, the system wont be able to come up with this. However, if not because of this latest quantum computer, the problem wouldnt have a solution, and the system would automatically ignore it!

Two coincidence at once and this shocking scene appeared.

What to do now?

Everyone was speechless.

This was after all a global problem. For the exam to have such an accident, if this werent resolved on time, they would all have to go back and retire. Now, under the watch of the world, sooner or later, they would have to give a good explanation to the officials.

How do we explain this?

The leader was stressing out.

Is it alright to cancel all four logic processes? Right now there is still a chance to save the situation.

No, we cant! If we do, it wont be fair for those who got killed.

But if we dont cancel it, is it still alright with just the flying leaves. What if there is another new move, then we will be in deep shit!

They looked at the battle live on the virtual screen with a terrified face.

Fortunately, there was still nobody who could trigger any second move from the man in green. However, with how the battle went on, such an incident would happen sooner or later.

They must race against time!

Why must we cancel it?

The young man who came up with these questions were puzzled, causing the leader to be mad, Of course we must cancel it! If not, this matter gets exposed, and the public knows there is an accident in the exam center! Then who would believe us anymore? Would the federal government be willing to hire us again?


The young man pointed at the combat data, The mysterious force within human body has been solved.


Everyone was silent for a moment before they came to understand.

Because of their own responsibility, everyone had misunderstood and wanted to save the situation now. However, was that really necessary? At this point was the accident during the college entrance exam important?

It was not important!

The real point here was they had solved a problem which the research team was unable to after more than a decade!  If everyone could use this mysterious force, the humanity will reach another milestone!

The leader was in ecstasy. The first thing he had to do was to stabilize the exam and then make a report! This matter wasnt something they could intervene. As long as they reported this matter and obeyed the following order, that should be fine.

Global Research Center.

The team which research on human potential, once they saw the report, they quickly made a simulation based on this data and the result was successful.

The mysterious force within human body finally had been successfully researched!

They even determined how to guide the force. Was there still any further studies that needed to be carried out? With the latest quantum computer, a huge success had been obtained.

As for the name of this force, it was a big question mark too. Everyone was in a heated debate.

This force is inner force?

Of course, its not. The so-called inner force was just fiction in martial arts. Researching on inner force was just a name. Our aim was to find whether there is a way to stimulate the energy. Were a team researching on human potential. You cant be considering yourself researching about inner force, right?

Haha of course not.

Great. This force was indeed the mysterious force which flows during body forging. Once humans can grasp this energy, the human body would once again ascend to another realm. Of course, it is still quite a distance away from origin ability.

If you say so, then suggest a name for it.

What about mysterious force?

Stop exposing your low IQ.

I have a suggestion. The team leader said, Why not we just settle with inner force?


The staffs were at a loss, However, this energy isnt inner force.

If we say yes, then it is so.

The deputy leader said indifferently and others instantly understood!

True, if they say it is inner force, then it will be inner force! Inner force didnt exist, but since human body contained this mysterious force and it acts pretty similar to inner force, why not label it as inner force?

No matter what, when a new thing was introduced, obstacles would be encountered.

During the early days, when body strengthening drug was introduced, it had nearly been labeled as inhumane. If this force was named with another name, one could imagine how could it survive in the era dominated by origin ability.

However inner force would be different.

Although it was a legend, this inner force had been spread all over the world for many years. With its own backstory, it would be easy for the public to accept!

Even if the news were leaked for a bit, countless people would then flock to their laboratory.

This was something for the future to decide.


Everyone had a common view. This force would be officially named as inner force in the files.

This news must not be leaked out for now. Before we figure out the method, we mustnt let anyone know. Too bad, we dont have the opportunity to use the latest quantum computer or else...

If we dont announce it, then about the exam? Flying leaves, the public had seen it. We cant conceal it.

This isnt easy.

Soon, an official announcement from the exam center was released. To let candidates show their true potential in fighting technique, this grandmaster had been equipped with a simple origin technique.

When the news came out, everyone knew the truth.

Now this is right.

I have already said. How could there be inner force?

Origin technique It seems it is to test those candidates with extremely godly fighting techniques. For the exam allowing the AI to use an origin technique, I guess the candidates could only resort to being played by the exam center.

The confusion had been solved.

The public once again stared at the virtual screen.

This bonus segment was just an extra element. What questions to ask, how to ask the questions, how many points, the exam center had the final say. Look at the previous landslide test for example. How many candidates were played to death by the freaking teacher who came up with that test?

Nine out of ten died there.

But then, so what?

For most candidates, the standard test was their main concern because they simply were hopeless in the bonus segment. The ones relying on the bonus segment were the top geniuses and what was needed to test them were difficult tests!

The harder, the better!

At this point, many had been killed. The ones who were still alive and facing the man in green were those geniuses. To be able to stand out from tens of millions of candidates, that was something satisfying.

The screen changed and switched between them.

Right now, the final stage of the test arrived!