Godly Model Creator Chapter 35

Gmc Chapter 35

Chapter 0035 Strong like a storm

In another room.

Zhou Wangs eyes were glowing coldly. In a neat and comfortable way, he displayed the fighting techniques he had taught himself at home.

Basic fighting techniques!

Police fighting techniques!

In the span of 3 minutes he actually finished showing all the moves in his arsenal. After completing everything, he chose to end the exam.

Not coming out for a few years, once he showed himself, Zhou Wang wanted to shock everyone just like that year with Chen Yifeng and Viper. What he was trying to achieve naturally was to be the legend of the generation!

As for the fighting masters style?

His tutor had already told him multiple times.

Inside another room.

A random student was suffering. Most of the time the students ability was stagnant at the stage of beginner basic fighting techniques.

Imagine this, Su Ling who was approaching 9 points in origin ability only managed to master intermediate basic fighting techniques. Not to mention other people, even that Sun Yaotian, if not for Viper spending quite a sum of money to get him fighting essence, he would probably just be at the level of intermediate basic fighting techniques.

Not everyone was abnormal like that freak Su Hao. Fighting skills for most people was learned to increase their own response and fighting to assist their origin ability.

In front of the teaching building, the huge light screen once again refreshed.

That long list of rankings that was originally a four column list had turned into five columns.

Ranking based on theoretical foundation and combat exam in total

1 Su Hao 190


2 Zhou Wang 186


3 Bai Lingfeng 182



Combat exam ranking was impressively added with the total score of theoretical foundation. This implied that their fighting skills were being tested now.

The combat exam only had a duration of half an hour, which was much shorter.

What was interesting here was that in less than 30 seconds, a large number of students fighting skill increase from 0 to 10 points. Obviously, such individuals were being kicked out with one foot during exam.

Perhaps they might not understand much about basic fighting techniques. Although they might just randomly hit, there will be at least one or two moves which are right. After all, they had seen these many times.

Of course, there must be some who were kicked out with 0 points. It was just that the screen didnt display them.

All of the students loved to watch the seniors jumping scores. As for the parents, perhaps they could only see this through a live Internet broadcast.

Such a simple ranking list contained the hope of the parents.

Especially those students with high hopes of entering the natural selection class.

1 minute had passed. The name list once again changed. One by one, the score began to appear in the name list. In the top 20, at least half of the names werent the same anymore.

100 points!

The three digits, 100 points!

All students with a score of 100 points had kicked down a few names at the top and temporarily occupied the number 1 position. However, the crowd wasnt surprised at this as everyone knew that the fighting skill score hadnt come out yet for the original top 3.

Yue Qing and Su Ling glanced at each other for a second. None of them opened their mouths. These students were not qualified to compete in fighting skills. Just during the battle between Su Hao and Sun Yaotian, there was already the appearance of primary police fighting techniques. Just that alone already worth 150 points, their gap with these students was too large.

Only those whose points hadnt changed yet were being suppressed by Su Hao.


The name list once again refreshed. An unexpected name surprisingly snatched the first rank, which left everyone stunned.

Sun Yaotian?

It was that bastard?

How could this be?

Regardless of how the crowd thought, they couldnt imagine how Sun Yaotian rushed all the way up, but the moment when they saw his fighting skill points, the score of 200 points left people unable to blink, an uproar resounded.

200 points!

Such a fighting skill score actually exceeded the scope of crowds understanding.

Although Sun Yaotians theoretical foundation was not that strong, but with the total points now, it didnt seem that bad. With his fighting skill points, he was able to push himself all the way up to first place with a total of more than 300 points.

Just that.. 200 points in fighting skill, doesnt that mean that he had fully mastered police fighting technique?

When others were still trying to familiarise with beginner basic fighting techniques, this guy had skipped grades and went ahead to master advanced police fighting techniques? Recalling that time when Su Hao had mastered beginner police fighting technique and yet was beaten to near death, perhaps Sun Yaotian at that time was already that inhumane.

When everyone was busy discussing among themselves, the name list refreshed!

The remaining of the top 20 name list finally changed too. After refreshing, a row of students with 170 points directly kicked Sun Yaotian out. This time, besides Bai Lingfeng, Zhou Wang and Su Hao, other students score had all come out.

Sun Yaotian lead the name list for not even more than 10 seconds and he had already been kicked out.

However, that score of 200 points, which opened the crowds eyes, was still a highlight on the screen. Being the top in one category was still a rare glory.

Did you see?

Yue Qing said indifferently, Do you think that only your brother knows police fighting techniques?

Yue Qing pointed at those rows of 170 points above, These people had all mastered intermediate police fighting technique, let alone those few people who still havent appeared yet.

Su Ling glanced at her, Dont say anything when it still hasnt end. Otherwise, dont be like just now being slapped until face swollen.

Yue Qing coldly snorted and no longer spoke out. She then paid her attention to the name list again.

Bai Lingfengs score had appeared, 170 points!

Intermediate police fighting technique!

Yet another terrifying student. Shua, without any mistake, with the sum of theoretical foundation and fighting techniques, Bai Linefeng directly rushed to the very top, occupying the first rank.

Su Haos name was now out of the top 30.

At this point, in contrast to what the crowd expected, the top 10 were all occupied by students with 170 points in fighting techniques. The number of students mastering intermediate police fighting technique, how could it be that many?

The majority of the teachers were not feeling proud of this. Each and every of them felt depressed as they themselves only mastered beginner police fighting techniques. As for a few teachers who are better, still only managed to reach intermediate police fighting techniques.

Without doubt, all of those students were self tutored.

The only one who wasnt turned out to be was Sun Yaotian!

Sun Yaotian, with his mind blowing 200 points in fighting technique, at the very least his result pleased everyone on the scene. Top 10, there was finally one who was a true student from the school.

When they didnt even have the chance yet to be happy, the name list changed again this time.

Zhou Wangs name appeared.

Not surprising, Zhou Wang directly jumped to the first rank. All other names had been kicked one place off. That poor 10th position of Sun Yaotian immediately dropped to 11th.

Zhou Wang!

Fighting skill technique 200 points!

Total score 386 points!

The shining top 1, illuminating at the highest place which made the crowd admire him more.

F*ck, this is just mock exam and not real college entrance exam and yet there are so many abnormal freaks?

Yea, this time the genius students are indeed a lot.

This is abnormal to a different level. That is police fighting technique, the standard for main universities to graduate from. These people have already mastered it during high school.

Heh, what is there to be afraid of? As long as we have the ability to keep up.


Everyone was busy discussing among themselves and worshipped those few abnormal freaks.

Yue Qing finally laughed out loud, Yes, this is the true Big Brother Zhou Wang.

200 points. Xiao Yezi stared blankly, Two people with 200 points..oh my God.

Hua Chi pondered for a moment and softly whispered to Su Ling, I remember your brother had mastered beginner police fighting technique. Although it is high, but compared to those few people, the difference is quite huge.

Yea, youre right. Xiao Yezi was a bit depressed, Look behind, one whole row of people with 350 points or more. This is too terrifying.

If you are to beg for mercy now, perhaps I might let you off this time. Yue Qing proudly looked at Su Ling. The money from the victory, she didnt care about it at all. All she wanted was a psychological blow on her foe which would make her feel good.

Su Ling glanced at her indifferently, The test still hasnt ended yet.


Yue Qing sneered, Ill wait for the exam to end then. Lets see what you are going to say later.

The time slowly ticked. The name list kept refreshing non stop. All the students results once again changed. But the top 20 remained the same, not much difference.

After all, almost all students fighting technique scores had came out.

Those who were still entangled within the fighting room were the ones who mastered some fighting techniques but were easily interrupted by the fighting master.

Fortunately, as time passed, more students either gave up or struggled until they succeed. Finally, the results were out, one by one their score were displayed on the screen.

And what left everyone puzzled was that Su Haos fighting skill was still 0 points.

At this moment, Su Haos name had already disappeared from the name list in the screen. Countless students who mastered intermediate basic fighting techniques with their more than 100 points of theoretical foundation had kicked Su Hao off the name list. Until the exam ended, the name list seemed to have been completely fixed.