Godly Model Creator Chapter 351

Gmc Chapter 351

Chapter 351    Something lacking

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao was still alive!

It was outside of everyones expectations.

There was actually someone who managed to survive under the explosive attack of the man in green?

Flying leaves?

No! It was high-density leaf blades! The high-density leaf blades instantly killed all the candidates, and looked so impactful!

How did he survive such circumstances?

The scene was replayed.

Yes, a replay.

They even made the replay in slow motion. When Su Hao was the only globally surviving candidate, the exam center could cut and edit the replay in whatever way they like, presenting the most exciting scene to the public.

Right at the moment, the people all around the world were watching.

Supposedly it should be the moment of honor for Su Hao to have millions of people become his fans. He would be the most shining star in this college entrance exam.

However, the fact was cruel. It was totally opposed to what people expected.

The battling map was in a beautiful island.

The island was huge with a large part of empty space in the middle. Trees were surrounding the island, making it a fabulous view. The leaves that the man in green used were from the trees. As long as there were trees around, he could cast his powerful attack anytime.


Su Hao didnt plan to fight with him from the beginning.

He was running away all the time. When there were still nine candidates surviving, he was still escaping. Whenever the flying leaves attack was cast, he would avoid it by rolling on the ground.

Such circumstances had lasted for very long.

Su Hao led the man in green running around the island for countless rounds. He was familiar with the environment by then. When the man in green sent an explosive storm of leaves, Su Hao jumped into the sea.

The leaves hit on the surface of the sea and fell softly.

What the heck?

Everyone was stunned.

The virtual environment was extremely real. Unless there was a border limitation on the map, else one can go anywhere on the map, including the sea. However, the radius of the island was at least 1000 meters!

The place of battle was in the middle of the island!

Other than Su Hao, there werent other candidates who brought the man in green to run around shamelessly. When the storm of leaves was cast, only Su Hao could escape with the help of environment.

If they thought that way, Su Haos strategy seemed to be wise.

Perhaps Su Hao had foreseen that in the beginning?

However, they realized that the act was actually meaningless.

What was he expecting?

In this session, candidates are evaluated by the amount of damage made on the grandmaster. The range of points is from 0 to 200.

This was the judgemental standard for the exam.

Hence, the only factor of the points was the damage!

The points were only depending on the damage made. Hence, even though Su Hao was the last survivor, he would get the lowest marks among the candidates.

The damage that he had made to the man in green was zero.

Yes, zero.

He was running all the way, how could he make damage?

What was Su Hao planning to do?

Everyone was confused.

The replay was still ongoing. Su Hao calmly got out from the water and continued to run again while the man in green followed him closely. Unlike previously, the man in green was furious and continuously strike the flying leaves towards Su Hao.

Countless of leaves struck towards Su Hao swiftly.

Su Haos escaping journey turned out to be difficult. However, after avoiding the attack from the man in green, he continued to run away.

This time, everyone was totally confused.

If he continued to run around, even if he could survive until the end, his points would end up to be 0.

What was he trying to do?

Perhaps he was channeling some special skill?

Everyone was watching seriously.

5 minutes later.

Everyone couldnt believe it! Su Hao was still running around!

Oh my gosh!

The live broadcast was still ongoing. However, the exam center didnt expect this to happen. As all the other candidates were dead, there werent other scenes that could be played. However, it was too boring to play only the running scene of Su Hao. Hence, something new went onto the screen.


Upright corner of the screen there was a half-transparent list scrolled down.

It grabbed attention from everyone.

It was the final result!

The result was announced!

While Su Hao was still running around, the exam center finally decided to announce the exam result for this session of examination.

No. 1:

Tian Zi, Theoretical foundation: 280 points, physical fitness: 580 points, fighting technique: 580 points, total: 1440 points, rank in Tiandu City: 1, overall rank: 1.

No. 2:

Zheng Tai, Theoretical foundation: 318 points, physical fitness: 546 points, fighting technique: 570 points, total: 1434 points, rank in Zhengping City: 1, overall rank: 2.

No. 3:

Zhou Wang, Theoretical foundation: 290 points, physical fitness: 560 points, fighting technique: 550 points, total: 1400 points, rank in Jianghe City: 1, Overall rank: 3.

Indeed he is the number 1!

Everyone didnt feel surprised by Tian Zis achievement.

From his capability and battle performance with the man in green, everybody agreed with his achievement. People like Tian Zi seemed like born to be the number 1. He lost to Zheng Tai by 4 points difference in the last session. Meanwhile, now he managed to override Zheng Tai with 6 points higher!

The exam became the war between two of them.

Zhou Wang performed well and stable. As usual, he was just right behind Tian Zi and Zheng Tai. Everyone agreed that he was in the category of super genius as well, except for those who were in Jianghe city. They knew about the capability of Zhou Wang, and it was so abnormal for him to be so strong.

Perhaps, Zhou Wang hid his capability?

The exam result was announced.

It was almost the same with what people expected. The only result which hadnt been announced was Su Hao. After looked through the result list, people came back to the screen again.

At the moment, there was still 3 minutes left before the exam ended.

The damage that Su Hao made to the man in green was still zero.

However, if someone observed closely, he would notice that Su Hao was holding a piece of leaf in his right hand and trying to copy the movements of the man in green.

He tried again and again without giving up!

3 more minutes.

Su Hao thought.

It was out of his expectation to sustain up to this stage.

The first time he learned police fighting technique with the teacher, he managed to learn it after watching once. In the previous battle, while he was trying to learn the new fighting technique from the fighting master, he managed to learn it after watching twice! However, while he was trying to learn the skill from the man in green, he had watched the move performed countless times, but he still didnt manage to learn flying leaves.

He didnt manage to understand how it worked.

His moving steps, his swift punch, and the flying leaves. He didnt even manage to learn one of them. Hence, he gave up on the other skills and focused on the skill that the man in green clothes used most frequently flying leaves.

Hence, the battle of chase and run began.

One time

Two times

Three times

Ten times

Su Hao tried to learn the skill from the man in green while he was running around. He felt that he was improving slowly. Finally, he kind of figured out the secret behind it. However, there was still a lack of something.

What am I am lacking?

Su Hao began to think again and again.


A light sound of striking could be heard again. Su Hao suddenly focused on the hand of the man in green. An unobvious light circulated around the surface of the leaf. Su Hao was excited and changed his analyzing target.

That energy


Su Hao could feel a light sound in his body which was similar to that when he learned the new fighting technique. After trying for more than ten times, finally

He got it!

Unconsciously, Su Hao moved his finger and caught a piece of leaf.


A weak impulse flew through his body. That weird feeling made Su Hao feel extremely clear.

So that was how it was done!

No wonder he couldnt succeed in casting flying leaves. What mattered wasn't the method of throwing the leaves. In fact, it was the method of launching the mysterious force in the body. After trying so many times, he was finally able to activate the force.


Su Hao was excited.


The leaf on his hand broke into pieces.

Still couldnt make it?

Su Haos mind was somewhat dazzled.

Finally, he was able to activate the mysterious force. However, the flying leaves required a very precise control on the force. In other words, a lot of practice was needed.

As he was still a beginner, the success rate was too low.

He wouldnt have a chance to use it in todays exam.

What to do now?

Su Hao looked up, and he realized there was a minute remaining before the exam ended.

Perhaps I could try in another direction!

Su Hao thought for a while and came out with a way which he wasnt sure whether it would work.

However, he got no time now.

Might as well YOLO!

He held his fist tight and stimulated his body. Then, he felt a very weak mysterious force surrounding his hand. The method to activate flying leaves was to gather up the mysterious force and strike using the leaves. However, if he was trying to use it through his own body

How powerful could it be?


Su Hao stopped himself from escaping. He turned his body back and attacked the man in green. The stress which had been accumulating for more than ten minutes...

At this moment, his anger exploded!