Godly Model Creator Chapter 352

Gmc Chapter 352

Chapter 352    Global attention!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



The new fighting technique burst out in strength under the hands of Su Hao.

One punch!

Two punches!

Three punches!

All of Su Haos punches were directed at the man in green. Followed by the eruption of these three punches, his momentum suddenly had a huge increase. From the loser who escaped in embarrassment, he became a warrior who dared to charge forward. Each punch was stronger than the last, the aura emitted from him also became increasingly frightening.

The speed of this transformation caused everyone to be in shock.

Su Hao had erupted!

The crowds morale was lifted, instantly they became expectant.

The previous fight, the progress appeared to be the same. When Su Hao was abused until the final moment, he used the 10 seconds of sudden eruption to perfection, and with a strong momentum he ended the battle and caused the crowd to cheer wildly!

And this time.

When it was the very last minute before the test ended 

Su Hao erupted once again!

The perfect ending is about to repeat itself?

Many people became excited, and they put their whole attention into watching the display.

But, reality was cruel.

Although the man in green was caught off guard, his own powerful abilities caused him to react very quickly, and he quickly countered!

The new fighting technique, he also knew!



After the man in green hastily dealt with a few strokes, he completely blocked all of Su Haos attacks. Su Haos explosion of momentum actually didnt cause any harm to the man in green!

Such attack wasnt enough!

Up until the end of the chain moves, the man in green was unharmed.


The crowd fainted.

This this... was very anticlimactic.

Although they knew that it wasnt Su Haos fault, this feeling of depression caused the crowd to have no strength to complain. In the very short period used to gather such powerful momentum and with such an ultra high eruption of strength caused the blood of those who witnessed to boil.

The result?

The man in green was unharmed.

The damage he suffered remained the same at zero.

Every attack was completely blocked!

And the most frightening thing was...

Whenever experts exchange blows, the difference has always been minimum.

During the explosion of powerful chain moves, if the enemy wasnt suppressed, at the final move, during the final ending, what would be incoming was the enemys counterattack.

It was very obvious that the man in green took hold of this opportunity.


A palm caught empty air.

The man in green held a falling leaf in his hand, and a slight subtle power shook in his hands. His eyes were stern with killing intent, directly locked onto Su Hao.


It was time for the man in green to counterattack.

Flying leaves!

With the current distance between them, Su Hao didnt even have the chance to dodge. That piece of leaf that was as sharp as a blade which now had become the most powerful killing weapon.

Su Hao couldnt dodge!

This was the thought in everyones minds.

The previously countless of leaves, due to the long distance from Su Hao, he could embarrassingly escape.

But this time?

Point blank range!

Not even one meter between them!

What could he use to dodge?

Could he dodge?

At this moment, the crowd didnt have any anticipation!

The small leaf that was shot from the man in green at this time became so dazzling.

However, what everyone missed out was the moment when the man in green caught the falling leaf, Su Hao also silently stretched his hand and grabbed a leaf. When the man in green made his move, he made an unbelievable decision - he charged!

Yes, charged!

Right before the flying leaves!

The only thing that Su Hao could do was to move his body slightly, then wholly sprinted towards the man in green, instantly closing the already short gap.


The fallen leaf pierced through Su Haos chest!

Severe injury!

Su Haos slight adjustment, caused him to avoid having his heart pierced, but even so, after being directly hit by such an attack, Su Hao directly suffered a severe injury and lost his battle effectiveness.

This battle had seemed to come to an end.

Su Haos body leaned forward, and he uncontrollably fell on the mans body. Then, it seemed as if he was not satisfied with such a loss, Su Haos right hand lightly struck his body.

The crowd who saw this moment had a moment of grief.

Was this counted as the final struggle?

No matter what plans he had eventually, he still lost.

The man in green didnt dodge because he couldnt dodge. Su Hao assumed a suicide plan in exchange for this light blow.


The man in green shook.


A powerful force exploded from the mans body and directly struck unto Su Haos body. Su Hao who was already severely injured was instantly killed.


Two white flashes of light appeared, forming countless white spots and dissipated.

In the virtual world, nobody was left.

It is finished

Su Hao lost.


Its such a pity, I thought Su Hao wanted to continue running, but in the end, he actually has been preparing for that moment of eruption. Unfortunately, he was immediately killed by the man in green.

The man in green is too powerful!

Sigh, what to do, the candidates origin ability cannot be used. While the man in green freely can use, isnt this allowing him to toy with candidates as he wants? After all, the person who came up with such test has no integrity.

Correct, it looks like that to me too.

The crowd said the same as they complained to one another.

From the very beginning, for Su Hao to run the whole court, it caused everyone who saw it be unhappy.

This was human nature.

Losing was acceptable.

But if there wasnt even any courage to fight, would there be anything worth to worship? Therefore the small path that Su Hao took before him could be said as out of character. Fortunately, with the desperate counter-attack at the very last minute, it caused the pulse of everyone to surge. Although he eventually lost, there was still a fight!

At the very last minute, Su Hao has redeemed a lot of his popularity.

Unfortunately, he lost.

Since Su Hao was the very last person, so following his death, the fighting technique test completely ended. And at this moment, the final result was also announced to the public.

The results list wasnt interesting. As most people had predicted it, followed by Su Haos exit of zero points, this times result also would not have any changes. Hence, when the result was announced, almost everybody subconsciously glanced at the display screen and proceeded to leave.

But with this glance, everyone was shocked.

Wow! What is this situation?

What happened?

The the the first rank was refreshed!


In succession, everyone looked at the rankings.

After that, they were stunned at their place.

The first rank was refreshed, and along with the refreshment of the first place, every name that was originally on the list were collectively demoted a rank.

And at this moment the person who could refresh the new list was only one person!

Su Hao.

Number 1:

Su Hao, theoretical foundation: 300 points, physical fitness: 600 points, fighting technique: 600 points, total points 1500, Jianghe City rank: 1, overall rank: 1.

1500 points!

Another full score!

How is this possible?

It should be zero marks.

Wait come to think of it, earlier, when the two of them transformed into white light, I thought after Su Haos loss, the fighting technique test will completely end, then the man in green will disappear. But after seeing it now, could it be, at the final moment, both of them actually perished together?

Perished together?

Everyone thought for a moment, but they were still at a loss.

They really couldnt see that, how could Su Hao have the ability to perish together with the man in green. This exam was obviously a one-sided slaughter!

However, no matter what thoughts they had.

The exam had ended!

But, when the exam result was released, the acceptance level of ordinary people was still good. Tian Zi and Zheng Tais and also a bunch of fans of the other geniuses couldnt accept it.

Obviously, Su Hao had completely lost, why did he win?

Obviously, there was no damage dealt, so why did he get full marks?

On what basis did he become number 1!



Countless people cursed on the internet. The craze of the fanaticism wasnt something one could comprehend, especially for Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, these world renown super geniuses! Hundreds of thousands of their fans cursed and complained on the internet, the Origin Ability Association, and many other places.

For these people, even when one had no fault, they would find one.

As for, todays incomprehensible battle?

For this, the crowd could only remain silent.



Brother, what era was this!

In this era, was there still talk of cheating? You may be able to cheat on your own schools exam, but to cheat on the college entrance exam?

Since when was the college entrance exam shady?

Heh, dont expose your retarded IQ!

Everyone argued on the internet!

However, the only thing that was similar among them was their doubt of this exam. At that final moment, how did Su Hao win?

Exam center.

The small group of researchers was also at a loss. Obviously, they didnt expect such a situation. Concerning the test run of the college entrance exam, they have made N types of cases, strategies, and targeted responses, but this situation was clearly not in their expectations.

But this was the reason for the existence of experiment.

Only through experiment that problems can be found.

Playback Su Haos earlier battle!

The leader hardened his heart and issued the order.

Leader the exam has just finished. The technical staff wiped his sweat, This time is a global broadcast, with the delay of every second, what we lose are huge sums of money. Yesterday there was someone who spent 100 million wanting to do a three-second advertisement but was refused by the superiors; this order wont be passed.

They will agree.

The leader snickered, The test run of the college entrance exam, they will definitely not allow any flaws to appear no matter what. The situation before our eyes is considered to be a normal accident and still within our risk of management.

Normal accident?

The technical staff couldnt understand, accidents can be normal?

However, what the staff understood what his leader said. Hence, he immediately cut to Su Haos battle again, the escaping part of the video was removed entirely, and then...


Worldwide replay!

Those geniuses superstar fans never thought that because of their excessive resistance and reactions, would allow Su Haos battle to be replayed globally again after the exam ended! As it was a replay, the boring and meaningless battles were erased, what was showed, was Su Haos most exciting fight!

At this moment.

It was the focus of the whole world!

For those people who browsed through the results list, they suddenly discovered the screen in front of them has changed. The scenes of the virtual world and that beautiful island once again appeared on the screen.

Man in green and Su Haos figures reappeared on the screen.

The battle could happen at any moment!