Godly Model Creator Chapter 353

Gmc Chapter 353

Chapter 353    So dazzling!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The virtual screen began to play.

Everyone was so into the broadcast and didnt want to miss a single second.

They didnt bother with what the man in green was doing. At this moment, everyones eyes were staring at Su Hao. They wanted to know how Su Hao won.


Su Hao made his move.

The speed was lowered so everyone could have a clearer look.

However, even while in slow motion, the crowd still didnt see anything until the final moment. Soon, when the man in green counterattacked, Su Hao was hit, and he landed on the mans body before delivered a punch on the man, and it became the main doubt of the public.

Why did he get close to the man?

It must be for this final attack!

Have a look. The reason Su Hao was willing to ignore his life just to get close to the man, it must be for the final blow. If Im not wrong, the mystery of Su Haos victory must be within this blow!

Slow motion!

Slow motion!

The final attack of Su Hao became everyones attention.

They could clearly see that between their confrontation, Su Hao was seriously injured. The only thing that could be done was fiercely striking his fist on the man in greens chest.



The man in greens figure shook.

Blood could be seen flowing from his mouth. One could even see a certain degree of depression on his chest, and the uncontrolled force even blasted on Su Hao who was already seriously injured.

Eruption of internal organs!

The public was stunned as they finally came to a realization.

The last blow of Su Hao instantly destroyed the man. That seemingly weak blow had entered into his inner body and shattered the internal organs!

What technique was this?

How strong was this!


The man in green died!

Su Hao died!

Although on the surface both of them disappeared at the same time. Due to the mans death earlier by 0.01 second, this then led to ultimately Su Haos victory.


This was the truth!

The whole world was in a sensation!

Those who questioned Su Hao earlier had all shut their mouth!

One hit to kill the man in green!

So Su Hao had been making the public wonder, running around for dozens of minutes. What he was waiting was this perfect final blow!

A gorgeous counterattack!

At this moment, forget about Tian Zi and Zheng Tai. Su Haos popularity once again rose! To be able to appear on the broadcast three times, he was the only one. During the final ten minutes with the grandmaster, he was the only one alive. The final playback, he was the sole one having this privilege.

Among ten of millions of candidates, how many received such treatment?


He was the only one!

No matter where one fought in the virtual world, there would always be falling leaves. The man in green could easily grab them.

But this point had been ignored by everyone.

Nobody would notice that this piece of falling leaves was the real reason why Su Hao could kill the man in green!

Flying leaves?

He couldnt do it.

Since he couldnt do so, then he would just charge forward!

Still not able to understand how to control the mysterious force? Never mind, then there is no need to control the energy. Since he couldnt throw leaves, he would just deal a final blow at close range and make the mysterious force blast the heart of the man and instantly kill him!

And this had become his perfect cover.

Was the man in green stronger than Su Hao?

That was obvious.

However, despite his strength, he was still an AI. He was an existence calculated by the system. If so, then he must have a weakness. His calculation ability was so strong that he could identify Su Haos strength and then judge based on his actions. 


This was also his weakness.

With all those calculations, it would have never imagined Su Hao to be able to understand flying leaves and the mysterious force which shouldnt exist in the first place. Thus, when Su Hao counterattacked, he was destined to win.

Su Hao only had one chance to confront this AI.

As long as he used this mysterious force once, the AI would then formulate a counterattack based on the data and logic. The next time when Su Hao tried to use the same trick again, he would definitely die in a horrifying manner.

Fortunately, he won.

Luck, strength, and mentality were all important!

The virtual screen disappeared.

The fighting technique test had ended.

All the doubt of Su Hao had been eliminated.

Tian Zi? Zheng Tai?

No, at this point, the eyes of everyone were only on Su Hao!



Much stronger!

Three consecutive full scores in the exam, this really shocked the crowd!

Would Su Hao be able to complete the next test flawlessly?

Everyone was looking forward to this.

At this moment, Su Hao was so brilliant!

Right now, when the third test was over, the result was once again sent to every candidate!

Afternoon break.

Every candidate couldnt be calm.

Su Hao

Its him again!

Full score! Sigh, the strength of the man in green, I experienced it myself. That one flying leaf was an instant kill. It was an assessment of fighting technique, yet he could use origin technique, this was simply a bug!

Indeed, only a strong esper could overcome such difficulty.

The candidates sighed.

Those who participated in the test knew the difficulty best compared to the audience.

As for Su Hao, they couldnt help but worship him!

At the same time.

When Tian Zi saw the result, he showed some color of astonishment before returning to his dull color. However, Su Haos name would be imprinted in his mind.

To be able to defeat the man in green, regardless of his true strength, Su Hao deserved to be valued by him.

Su Hao?

Zheng Tai looked at the first rank on the screen.

Those series of full score blinded his eyes. He had thought that he would be first, but he was actually third with Zhou Wang following behind him closely.


Zheng Tai clenched his fist unwillingly. For someone as arrogant as him who wanted to be first, this was something unacceptable, If if I had one more year, I could definitely obtain a full score!

Unfortunately, there were no ifs.

He might be able to participate again in the next college entrance exam, but the first batch was now!

Within the school in Jianghe City.

When the result appeared, Zhou Wang was silent.

What was rare was the old man was also silent.



The old man bitterly smiled, I had never thought that even when this old man made his move personally, I could only obtain 550 points. This man in green is really abnormal.

However, Su Hao, he...

Zhou Wang only had envy in his eyes, Full score! Su Haos strength is becoming stronger.

Su Hao

The old mans tone was doubtful, Tian Zis strength, my study on these lowly fighting techniques are not as good. Zheng Tai is a year younger, so he had the advantage of additional points. It is understandable to be lower than him. As for this Su Hao...

I cant see through him!

This master, how many times had he said so about Su Hao?

Along with his progress, from ability talent to drug usage, it could be said that the old man was very formidable. But whenever he faced Su Hao, he would be unable to see through him! And it kept repeating. This progress, how could one not be alarmed?

Dont overthink.

The old man restored back to his calm expression, The test in the evening, it should be ability index. This time, it is the decisive moment. Be well prepared!


Zhou Wang answered.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered Su Haos ability talent is model analysis. Such talent, how could he show off under so many terrifying talents? With Su Haos current achievement, as long as he managed to pass the ability index, his future would definitely be promising. However, if it is model analysis

Out of nowhere, Zhou Wang was somewhat worried.

After their lunch, the candidates went for a rest. Meanwhile, the world was still in full swing with discussions about the recently concluded fighting technique test.

The hottest topic was still Su Hao.

If one didnt have Internet access for two days, when they came back, one would definitely be stunned. Have you ever seen the top ten monthly list, eight were about the same person?


Could be seen everywhere.

Everyone was in a hot discussion regarding the scene in the fighting technique test. This sudden emergence of a dark horse had been gaining more favor to win the race. As for the current result, Su Hao definitely had a huge advantage.

This discussion kept going for more than an hour.

Could Su Hao safely claim the first rank?

This would have to depend on his ability index.

Although the final score wasnt finalized when the ability index test was finished, usually the general strength of the candidate could be determined. It wont be hard to estimate the final result.

And at this moment, a weird topic suddenly popped out.

Within ten minutes, with terrifying speed, #suhaoabilitytalent had conquered the internet.

Why is there such a topic?

Everyone was puzzled.

As long as he managed to show his ability talent well, he would then obtain an appropriate score? To be able to top the candidates, which one of them didnt have a strong ability talent?

What was so strange about Su Haos ability talent?

Curiously clicked on it, a row of information appeared in front of everyones eyes.

Su Hao, Ability talent: Model analysis, Origin Ability Associations grade: Grade E.