Godly Model Creator Chapter 354

Gmc Chapter 354

Chapter 354    The first ability talent

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Grade E?

Model analysis?

Everyone was literally stunned. What kind of unknown ability is this?

They had seen many ability talents, but not this one. This was still not a strange since there were all sorts of talents in this world but to be graded E by the Origin Ability Association?

Are you playing a prank on me?

They even thought that they had seen wrong.

But, it was right!

Su Haos ability talent was indeed model analysis, grade E. After a deep explanation regarding model analysis, they were speechless.

So this was what model analysis is all about.



Such ability, what use did it have in combat?


The crowd kept rubbing their eyes to ensure they werent mistaken. However, model analysis, these two words were still there, making everyone blind.

Su Haos supporters instantly turned depressed as if they could foresee the incoming scene.

Three consecutive full score, how dazzling was that!

Without a doubt, Su Haos popularity was definitely the highest ever recorded in history. Su Haos achievement could be even considered as a legend.

But now?

When this data was exposed, Su Haos support was bound to reach its low!

Grade E, how could he compete?

At this moment, the crowd finally came to realize how his theoretical basis and other aspects could score that high. It was all because of his ability talent!

As one said, mans time was limited.

Thus, when everyone else concentrated on their ability talent, other departments would be assigned less time. Even geniuses like Tian Zi didnt dare to waste much time on theoretical basis because the benefits it brought was too low.

And Su Hao was an exception.

1,500 points of total dominance, finally the public obtained the perfect explanation for his achievements. His ability talent was really a non-combat type! Since he didnt need to train hard on his ability talent, Su Hao could pour all energy on other areas. No wonder he kept getting first.

What was even more shocking was the news of Su Hao only using his pure physical fitness to battle was even leaked out on the internet. Many students in Jianghe Cty tried to defend Su Hao by stating the fact that his ability talent was actually powerful, but no one paid attention to them.

Because most of the times, people would only see what they wish to see.

The current rank one in college entrance exam was just one with a shitty ability talent, how great would this news be?

Thus, to win more traffic, the reporter began to spread propaganda on the internet. Su Haos model analysis had quickly become well known to all in the world.

As a result

Su Haos vote as potential winner instantly plummeted!

In this situation, who would still support Su Hao? Regardless of the 1,500 points he obtained, the ability index was the main course. If he failed at this stage, then he would be in deep trouble. With his ability index as a hurdle, his total score wouldnt increase much.

Three consecutive full score, how dignified was that.

Too bad, for the next test, Su Hao was doomed to fall here.

After some fiery discussion, Su Haos topic slowly faded away or to be more precise, the focus of many major news reporters had been placed on others.

As for Su Hao?

After his ability was exposed, everyone thought that he had lost the chance to win, and soon faded away from everyones attention.

If youre strong and can be a strong esper, without even personally voicing out, many people would voluntarily promote your publicity. However, when youre destined to be a passerby, people would disregard you.

Reality was really cruel.

Now, everyone was looking forward to the next test.

Ability index.

This was a very special segment.

Was theoretical basis important?


Was fighting technique important?


Was physical fitness important?


However, as long as you could perform extremely well in the ability index, you could make a comeback! In previous years, many candidates had made a reversal during this segment.

Even this new system of the exam would not be an exception.

Ability index was the most important test out of all!

And the most important fact was this time, it was a live broadcast.

You could be not interested in theoretical basis, physical fitness, or even fighting technique, but would you dare to miss the ability index test?


Because this was the era of origin ability!

During each ability index test, there would be many interesting abilities that appear. Therefore, those who werent interested in the outcome of the exam would even pay attention to this segment.

To explain from another perspective, the assessment of ability index was more like a performance of origin ability.

This time was no exception.

Since it was a live broadcast worldwide, this would be even more lively.

After Su Haos ability got exposed, the geniuses who would top the ranks were the next target.

Tian Zi!

Tiandu Citys number one genius!

From birth, he was destined to be a genius and his ability was no secret.

Ability talent: * Grade, Battle intent

Battle intent, this was a very strange ability talent. As for the official description, there were only four words, Stronger than strong espers! The vice president of Tiandu Citys Origin Ability Association had once mentioned that battle intent was the number one talent in an individual battle!

Many people had the honor to see Tian Zi fight, but they simply couldnt understand what was this battle intent all about.

They were simply clueless.

And today was definitely the best chance to know more. With the live stream broadcasting all over the world and countless of people watching together, his ability would soon no longer be a secret.

Zheng Tai!

Ability index: * Grade, Assassination.

Assassination, another talent in the same grade. Just like battle intent, this name was strange. Who would name ones ability as assassination?

As for the official description, it only had a sentence, an instant kill from miles away.

What is this ability?

The public was a bit confused.

Whether it was Tian Zis battle intent or Zheng Tais assassination, they were somehow unable to understand.

Unfortunately, because Zheng Tai was younger than the other top-ranked candidates, he had fewer means of attack. Moreover, each time he fought, he would be protected by his family well. For the public to gain more information from him was an impossible task.

After both, it was Zhou Wangs turn.

Compared to those two weird ability, Zhou Wangs ability was more common and familiar to the public, thunder element control!

Finally there is an element type.

Thunder element control! One of the best combat ability.

Now this is right.

Everyone was happy.

The public happily accepted this common ability.  

And at this moment, a weird data appeared.

Li Tiantian, ability index: ??

The crowd was stunned at this.


Two question marks?

What does this mean?

The first one should be the grade of the ability, and the next one should be the name of the ability. Just that, Li Tiantians ability talent is not stated?

Everyone was dazzled.

Li Tiantian, this sudden emergence of this repeater had naturally left an impression on them.

Each time, during the exam, many people would pay attention to him. This was because Li Tiantians real strength was actually strong excluding his age.

And now, when the test hadnt started yet, he had shocked the public again.

WTF, Li Tiantians ability talent is unknown?

Impossible, what kind of era is this? Dont tell me that this guy had never used his ability talent before or didnt leave single record at the Origin Ability Association?

Not sure.

Li Tiantians double question marks had attracted everyones attention.

A lot of godly hackers tried to invade the school server in Jianghe City and what could be found was a blank space on Li Tiantians ability talent.

Perhaps only by going to the Origin Ability Association could they find out his ability. However, to directly invade the association? This was an act of courting death!

Being desperate, they could only give up.

Without a doubt, Li Tiantian once again received attention from the public especially his ability talent which was filled with a mysterious aura.

A full twenty years yet his ability was not known. This was simply amazing!

The game of secret continued.

Before the test, almost everyone in the ranking was no exception. One by one, their ability talent got exposed. There were even some who volunteered to rank those abilities. Without a doubt, Tian Zi was ranked first, having the absolute advantage and the last rank

Of course, it was Su Hao.

Grade E talent, one simply couldnt go lower than that.

Not to mention the top 100, even within the top 1,000, one would not be able to find an ability lower than Su Hao.

However, this was only temporary.

Many candidates who were abnormal freaks gave up on the front segments and waited patiently to make a comeback in the ability index exam.

Tens of thousands of candidates, how many mysterious talents were there?

Nobody was sure!

And from the anticipation of the public, the ability index test

Was here.