Godly Model Creator Chapter 355

Gmc Chapter 355

Chapter 355    Extremely fast pace

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The time of the ability talent test was at 2 pm.

From 1:30 pm onwards, the viewers of the global live broadcast increased by more than ten times within half an hour. The viewers for this session were even more than the total viewer summed up from the previous three sessions. Although there was still a comprehensive assessment after that, upon the disclosure of ability talents, the final marks of the candidates were roughly similar to the final result.

Hence, this ability index segment was extremely important.

Finally, it was 2 pm.

All the candidates entered the virtual world.

Examination start!


The surrounding changed.

Su Hao could feel that he was in a new place. Right before he opened his eyes, he listened the familiar system notification sound.


Ability index test start!

Standard question for ability talent start!

Detecting origin ability talent Origin ability talent confirmed: Model Analysis Loading data for Model Analysis Creating profile Level Categorizing completed!

Standard question, no limitation for maximum points. Points will be given according to energy capacity, power, and progress of talent.

Test for Model Analysis start!

Su Hao opened up his eyes.

This was an ordinary room. Unlike the map in the previous exams, the room was filled with experimental apparatus and glasses. There was a huge mirror right in front of him.

Su Hao could see himself clearly in front of the mirror.

Is this the exam for ability index?

Su Hao frowned.

The process for this test was totally out of his expectation.

The room was empty with only a few devices inside. Su Hao felt that he was back in the training room.

He didnt feel strange with that.

Without the systems notifications, Su Hao could only figure out everything by himself. He walked towards one of the machines and put his hand on it.


Assessment of energy capacity start


A sphere came out from the device and floated in the air. It shined in blue light with some support of mysterious power from the device.

Su Hao looked at it and understood what was going on.

He had to input his energy to the machine, while the machine would convert his energy to another form and sustain the sphere on the air. By looking at the floating level of the sphere, he could assure that the rate of conversion for this machine was

Extremely low!

Perhaps they intentionally designed it this way?

Su Hao thought.

The assessment of energy capacity started, please try to sustain the sphere in the air as long as you can, the marks will be given according to the time sustained.

Oh, I see!

Su Hao finally got it.

The purpose of having such low conversion efficiency was to increase the consumption of energy and hence, increasing the exam efficiency.

However, an energy consumption test for Su Hao?

He got tons of it!

At the same time.

Everyone was doing the same thing in front of the machine by inputting their energy. Obviously, it was a test of determination!

The longer time one could sustain, the higher the marks would be!

In the screen of global live broadcast, countless spheres had attracted the sight of the crowd. They could understand the concept of the test, but wouldnt the consumption be too low for them?

To use origin ability energy to keep an object floating?

It would definitely take a really long time!

However, it was on the global live broadcast now!

By looking at these floating sphere, it was too bored.

However, people stopped thinking like that after ten seconds passed. Countless spheres fell onto the machine and the time was recorded for the candidates. The time like ten seconds, twelve seconds were shown beside the candidates.

What is going on?

What happened?

Everyone was astonished. Such circumstances were out of expectation for them. Most of the candidates who they thought could sustain this consumption failed instantly.

Look at the screen of the machine!

People looked down to the machine and discovered something different.

At the down right corner of the machine, there was a screen display. 10 seconds ago, the screen displayed a one; now it displayed a ten!

It indicated that in ten seconds, the consumption of energy increased by ten times!

That was the reason, so many candidates failed.

Oh, I see!

Everyone was excited; this was how the exam supposed to be!

Ten seconds later, the number changed again. Various candidate failed when the display on the device changed to 100.

Was this a boring war of consumption?


It was an exciting war that differed every second!

The increment of consumption changed every ten seconds. When one could sustain another second on the new increment, the marks would increase drastically! The exam which seemed to be boring at first turned out to be so exciting.

Everyone was concerned about the exam.

When the gauge changed for the third time, only 80% of the candidates remained. Obviously, the starting consumption was very low. However, as the increments increased, the rate of failure would increase exponentially.

Meanwhile, it was the time for the third change in the gauge.

Ten seconds time up.

The fourth increment

Thousand times increase in consumption!



Countless spheres fell.

The consumption in the 1st second of the fourth increment of the gauge was equal to ten seconds of consumption on the third change. Hence, many candidates failed instantly. Meanwhile, there were some who failed after sustaining for a few seconds.

Another 30% of the candidates failed.

There is still half of them!

Everyone was nervous.

It was fast!

It was the fastest examination in history, the difference of time was in the seconds! Among the 10 million candidates, tons of them failed at any second. While the gauge changed, the numbers would increase again. On the screen, the data was synchronized so people could easily see the names of the candidates who were still sustaining the sphere.

The number changed extremely fast.

Everyone was stunned.

The pace was too fast.

Meanwhile, it was another ten seconds.

The fifth increment!

Ten thousand times of consumption!



As the gauge changed, the number of candidates survived changed from eight digits to seven digits. On the screen, people could see that 90% of the candidates had failed!

10% remaining

Everyone was astonished.

One minute hadnt elapsed but more than ten millions of candidates failed?

It was too horrifying!

Meanwhile, the number was still changing on the screen. Some candidates could sustain for the moment the fifth increment, but they couldnt sustain the consumption of the fifth increment.

Ten seconds later.


Sixth increment!

Hundred thousand times of consumption!


Countless candidates used up their energy! The rate of failure was even higher at this moment. Among the 10% surviving candidates, there were 90% of them who failed! The number of candidates surviving had become five digits!

Among ten million of candidates.

There were 90 thousand of them remaining.

Meanwhile, the number was still decreasing.


Before the sixth increment ended, one of the candidates failed again. People were stunned while looking at the name of the candidate.

I heard his name before.

Peak beginner esper! This candidate was a peak beginner esper. He couldnt even sustain the sixth increment. Does it mean that the remaining candidates are all at the specialized level?

There were more than ten thousands of candidates who were at the specialized level?

Not really. The test was just about energy capacity, perhaps this guy was weak in that, as everyone has different strengths

Right before he finished his words.

There were variations of famous candidates who were a peak beginner esper failed.

The guy shut his mouth.

The number of candidates who managed to survive the sixth increment was only in the ten thousand, a number at the border of five digits.

People were astonished.

After this energy capacity examination, they could roughly estimate the level of this batch of candidates. Nonetheless, energy capacity is highly correlated to the level of a candidate. The people who failed in this round were all peak beginner espers. Some of them were even going to advance into the specialized level.

However, these people couldnt even get into the top ten thousand of the candidates.

The hypothesis was based on the current circumstances. However, people didnt know about the difference between the energy capacity and the actual level of the candidates.


They had no time for an investigation!

The pace of the examination was too fast.

Ten seconds!

How could they have time for an investigation?

Meanwhile, upon completing ten seconds of the sixth increment, people held their breaths. No matter how many candidates were at the professional level, the switch of the gauges would fail a big portion of them.

Ten seconds!


The seventh increment!

Million times of consumption!


The five digits of candidates dropped drastically!




It was continuously decreasing!

A moment later, it was in the 5,000s!

Only 5,000 candidates could sustain the first second of the seventh increment. Meanwhile, people could finally recognize these candidates.

Isnt that Li Wei? A level 2 specialized esper!

Ei, that is Zhang Jie from our city. Level 3 specialized esper!

Hey wait did you all found anyone who is a level 1 esper?

Any of them?

People looked through the list.

Yes, but they were rare.

It indicated that most of the level 1 espers were filtered in this batch. The remaining 5,000 candidates were the best of the best!

How long was it?

The gauge changed every ten seconds.

The gauge changed for the seventh time, so

It was just a minute!

What a horrifying failing rate!

As time passed, Li Wei who had been recognized by the people just failed. Meanwhile, Zhang Jie who was a level esper 3 failed in the eighth second too!

Only 2,000 candidates were remaining.

Meanwhile, it was another ten seconds passed.

The eighth increment!