Godly Model Creator Chapter 356

Gmc Chapter 356

Chapter 356    Rapid elimination!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Eighth increment!

Ten million times consumption!



After enduring hardship which seemed like a long time, a huge number of the top 2,000 candidates were eliminated! The number counter on the screen was reduced like the strong current of a river!






The change was completed.

In just a second, 1,500 elites were eliminated!

These people were different from the candidates previously. These people were truly specialized espers, but facing such a huge consumption

They were easily defeated.

The crowd looked pale at this unfolding scene.

So this was what the global competition is about?

A level 3 esper couldnt even enter the top 500?

This was too horrifying!

Even if this was a test for energy, it could also reflect the overall strength of this generation. Sure enough, only geniuses would prevail.

The clock was still ticking.

All those who were left were all above a level 3 esper!

Just that, was a level 3 esper strong?




In just 3 seconds, another 100 elites were eliminated. What was scarier was the pace of elimination seemed to accelerate. After another 3 seconds, 120 additional candidates had to tap out.

Right now, there were the final 3 seconds left!

They cant all be eliminated at the end of this round, right?

It seems likely though. This pace is too quick. Only a hundred people remain. Perhaps the next increment would eliminate everyone. Even Tian Zi and his peers would struggle too.

Another one was eliminated!

This seems familiar. Who is this? Let's have a quick check at his strength.

Know your ass. Who has the time to check! Look, more are eliminated!

The final few hundreds, most of them had at least some fame and seemed familiar. As for who they were, they had no time to check. The only thing on the screen was the fluctuating number counter.

The time was still ongoing.

Every second, many candidates would tap out which caused the audience to be terrified. As for Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, Zhou Wang, and others, they were as steady as Mountain Tai, and on the surface, their expression didnt change.

Obviously, this level of consumption did not affect them.

The final 3 seconds came to an end.

The ones who insisted on continuing totaled 102 candidates!

Top 100 in the world!

How big of an honor was that?

At this time, the virtual screen displayed the candidates avatar in addition to the counter.

102 names!

Covered the entire screen!

This was still not the time to get excited yet! This was because, with the end of the final 3 seconds, another round of ten seconds arrived!

Ninth increment!



Numerous avatars turned pale.


Countless candidates gritted their teeth, but with this level of consumption, many were at the doorstep of being eliminated.




A second had passed, leaving 20 candidates remaining!

These people more than half were well-known figures. Among them, only a few seemed to be calm.

Only 20 left?

The onlookers could feel the choking atmosphere.

As the seconds counted down, two avatars turned dark.

18 candidates left!

Damn it, are those who are left level 5 espers?

Who knows, but I have seen some level 5 espers who were eliminated just now due being unable to sustain any longer.

This is just a college entrance exam! These candidates strength...

Hey! Quickly look! Two more are gone, 16 left!



Every second, at least one or two would be eliminated. To be able to persist until here, they had proven to be among the strongest of genius espers!

However, at this moment.

Another avatar turned dull.

The crowd had a look and was shocked, this person Li Tiantian!


Even Li Tiantian is down?

Unbelievable! The 20% handicap would reduce Li Tiantian's strength, but hes a level 6 esper!

The remaining one, how formidable are they?

The crowd was apparently stunned.

Only 12 candidates remained when they glanced at the virtual screen!

Even with the strength of a level 6 esper, Li Tiantian still couldnt enter the top 10? These peoples strength, how much of a freak were they?

Without a doubt!

These people, each of them were strong!

To be able to cultivate until this stage, they deserved to be a superstar.

Because the pace of this test was too fast!

Every second, numerous avatar would dim. When the number of candidates had been reduced to this number, the crowd finally had the time to look at the avatars.

However, with just a glance.

Wait did I see it wrong? Who is the avatar in the middle?

Middle? WTF! Su Hao?

Su Hao?

The crowd quickly had a look.

Thats right!

The avatar in the middle was indeed Su Hao!

But how was this possible?

Su Haos ability talent was grade E, model analysis! To increase the rate of cultivation for this ability would be extremely difficult. Although ability talent and cultivation were not entirely similar, energy consumption did have a connection!

Such a garbage talent

Was there a need to cultivate?

From the previous leak that they all knew Su Hao put all his efforts on other segments due to his weak ability and was able to score full marks three times consecutively.

But now

Was this a joke?

To be able to secure his first rank in such a fierce elimination firmly!

Would Su Hao not cultivate his origin ability?

Because of this, everyone felt incredible. Even with such a rubbish talent, Su Hao actually cultivated it and

It was superb!

The shock from the crowd didnt last long because the time didnt allow it. After being stunned by Su Hao for 2 seconds, two more were eliminated.


The second ticked again.

Another candidate tapped out, leaving only 9 candidates remaining!


The virtual screen changed.

The screen was divided into nine parts.

These nine candidates received global attention.

Tian Zi, Zheng Tai, Su Hao and others could be seen. 

However, nobody could have guessed this scene wouldnt last long.

Another second passed.


Three were eliminated!

An uproar occurred within the crowd.

To eliminate three at once in a second?

This was too terrifying!

The screen then changed into six parts.

The final six candidates appeared on the screen! In addition to Su Hao and the other three, on the screen, there were two more names.

Hai Hun.

Ming Feng.

For the first time, these two names attracted everyones attention.

Just that, how long could they withstand?

The final second was here.

Nobody was eliminated!

Everyone was surprised. With this energy consumption during the ninth increment, these people could actually hold on. This was too incredible even for just an additional second. To be able to last till the end of ninth increment, the fame of these people would definitely be guaranteed.

At this time, 10 seconds up.

Tenth increment!



Almost instantly, Ming Fengs avatar turned dark. Soon, Hai Hun also followed along.

The tenth increment continued!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Tenth increment, what kind of concept was this?

Exactly how terrifying were these candidates energy capacity? However, this situation didnt last long. Just a second later and Zheng Tais avatar disappeared!

Eight more seconds!

Three more remaining!

Everyone was so excited and looked at the screen, Tian Zi, Zhou Wang and Su Hao!

Tian Zis strength is strong. Su Hao is seemingly not weak. Although his ability is trash, he could still insist on cultivating with hardship. But Zhou Wang shouldnt he be around a level 2 or 3 esper? How could he persist until now?

Ceh, perhaps he was hiding his strength.

Hey, you guys really believe those rumor? Perhaps they were all just click bait for you guys.


With just three people remaining, it was easy to judge.

Tian Zi was the strongest. If they didnt guess it wrong, the next one to be eliminated should be between Su Hao or Zhou Wang.

Who will be the next one?

A second has passed.


An avatar disappeared.

The crowds mind was startled. When they looked up, they were caught in surprise. The one who eliminated turned out to be Tian Zi?


Zhou Wang and Su Haos energy was even stronger than Tian Zi?


Everyone was stunned!

But, the scene in front was telling them so.

Such formidable strength. Forget about Zhou Wangs ability to control thunder, even Su Hao with his model analysis could cultivate to such a point!

These two were indeed freak!

It was an unexpected battle.

Zhou Wang and Su Hao.

At this time, seven more seconds remained.

The seconds ticked.


An avatar vanished.

Everyone looked up. There was no need to find out who disappeared because right now, the only remaining candidate instantly occupied the whole screen and obtaining the attention of everyone.

A broadcast for one single candidate!

On the screen, Su Hao was still standing there calmly which looked very domineering in the eyes of the audience.

Ability index, energy cultivation segment.

In the end, Zhou Wang was eliminated.

Su Hao won.